Some lovely quotes from Jack’s drunk video.

The video.

“Never trust someone who has two first names.”

“I used my computer…TO CHEAT!”

“’cuz it hazza filange!”


“I spilled that all down my face…you didn’t see anything, that was sexy as shit.”

“Can’t trick me, game! I have the power of Jack and Daniels on my side! I have..hemorrhoids.”

“*checks pulse, twice* …AM I DEAD?!”

“What state is this?….I don’t fuckin’ know…Alaska??”

“Texas is the ‘fuck you’ state because it looks like this. *flips off camera*”

“Jaysus, I dunno if I’m seein’ Jack and Daniels at the same time.”

“*blows raspberry* I turned into a fuckin’ weed whacker for a minute there. *rants about the naming of the weed whacker for the next twenty seconds*”

“See, the trick with this game, is that I wanted to lose.”

“Fuckin’ Samantha, she’s a bitch.”

“*said completely seriously* I would like an eggplant emoji, because I like that dick.”

*random French lesson in the middle of the video*


“I’m gonna tell you a story about my grandpappy. My grandpappy, Desmond…dead before I was born.”

“4. 4. It’s still 4. It’s still 4!”

“I’m a smart boy. I went to college…twice!”

“Y’know what, I’mma break this down for you right now. Kinda drunk, because before Cuphead, I took a Jack and Coke. So…kinda drunk.”

“31…because that’s Halloween.”

“Did that ask how many days have 31 days?”

“My friend Jack plus Daniels…never trust anybody with a first first name.”

“Well that does it from me…for this video.” *slurred outro*


Finally getting around to posting my nearly full raccoon. I think I’m missing two vertebrae, a whole bunch of filanges, the entire sternum, and a tooth or two.
This was my first major VC project, and I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. I know I made some mistakes because I had no books to go by (only Google Images…), but it’s fairly accurate :D

You can see from the image of his skull that he has a weird thing going on with one of his canines. I had the grad student I help out take a look at it, and she says it looks like he was attacked by another carnivore (based on the scrapes) and it led to him permanently losing his canine. It’s healed over, so he didn’t die from this, or at least not immediately.

Found this badass dude in the park with the help of Big Super Bone Hunter Pupper.