reminder to all the PoC starting school:

white academia schemes to convince u ur free when
it’s just routine. they seek to be seen as
mentors. and they center
       us in ~theory~
but not in practice.
this is their praxis: denial of access.
the world spins on their axis.
white scholars maxin out the
blue collars in action.
mere fractions of curriculum in color,
history washed in white makes the whole world duller.

- plantainfried

*zine deadline*

hey pin@y / pilipinx mutuals and followers–
ive talked a bit about the zine i am conducting about the pilipino diaspora, cultural identity and pride, and the burden to americanize.

i want to give a quick reminder that the deadline is fast approaching: 9/1.

keep sending me emails and ask me anything you have in mind.

this zine is going to be very important, not just for me personally, but hopefully for the young, conscious pilipinx generation that is still in search of ways to uphold resistance.

thanks for everyone that’s been following the zine’s development thus far.

zine blog: whitemansburdenzine

filipinxs are having a v important conversation

on colorism, colonization, anti-Filipinx sentiment, anti-Blackness & intra-Asian racism within the Asian community. & we are getting such a disgusting response from anons because of it. why don’t u listen to us when we say we don’t feel safe or welcome in ‘Asian solidarity’ spaces? this hate mail is the online manifestation of these long-held offline attitudes. so don’t dare try to come for the Filipinxs, SE Asians & Black Asians who criticize or don’t want to be a part of an ‘Asian solidarity’ movement that remains inherently violent & harmful toward us. u can’t force us to engage in that.

also a reminder that a lot of Asian umbrella/mainstream orgs use statistics for SE Asians that conflate the statistics for the Asian community as a whole as supporting evidence for their claims which actually leads to the erasure of the unique struggles faced by SE & darker-skinned Asians & hinders our progress in particular. js.

[Description: two dorky brown children smile in their black and white fancy clothes on a floral covered chair. to the left, a brown child with long side ponytail, glasses, polka dots & pink bowtie clad outfit. to the right, a big cheeked shorthaired kid has puffy sleeves.] queer from the get! #FBF: to Chicago in the 90’s. yes, you are correct that is indeed a side #ponytail. yes, correct again I am donning polka dots AND not one #bowtie, but three that are hot pink, which if my memory serves, was my favorite color. I advocated for that outfit as soon as I saw it. realistically, for many of you this would be an outfit you would wear now, if you haven’t already. my #glasses are the same as my current, just pink hued. my little cousin was quite the performer in her day. I miss you old school #albanypark & #logansquare. i miss this house. I miss this kid. I miss having family alive. I miss… #brownqueerkids #youthofcolor #filam #chicago #nineties #nerdsofcolorunite #qtpoc #diasporahair #qapi

nanay insists that i skip the sun’s kiss so my skin doesn’t tint.                                                                       “you’re getting too dark,” she says with a glimpse at her own dark brown limbs.

- plantainfried

The first time we collaborated with the ZZyZx WriterZ for #Poetrypalooza was in 2011 for a writing workshop. We performed the following year. We also hosted stops at Kapistahan in 2013 and Tribal Cafe in 2014. This year, we are honored to be invited to perform and share space with the folks of Village Poets and Los Angeles Poets Society. Thank you for having us and we are positive that we will collaborate soon! #SundayJump #WriteSteady #OpenMic #LosAngeles #LA #VillagePoets #ZzyzxWriterz #SlamPoety #Community #Solidarity #Poetry #SpokenWord #Sunland #TheValley #Filipino #FilAm (at McGroarty Arts Center)

Shout out to Nathan from Leesburg Virginia for shopping AiReal!


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Received this care package from amazing folks in Hawaii. Thank you @09jojavi @jollibeekid and of course @tekniqlingz for all that you do for the #808 #filam community. I look foreword to seeing you guys again soon!