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Robert Storr, Nan Goldin, Space Invader, Dave Muller, Martin Parr, Chad Moore, David Bellemere, Arnaud Pyvka, Sausan Lacy, Toilet Paper, Stan Neumann, Robert Motherwell…

Filaf Annual presents exclusive interviews, essays and portfolios by significant personalities from the art world (artists, specialists, authors, directors…) with a new eye and a strong personality.

It focuses on their interest in books and films on art by exploring personal libraries and works and private collections. 

Turned to books and films that come out every year, Filaf Annual, published once a year, is the reflect, within its 320 pages, of the energy of contemporary publishing on art. 


At the end of the month, we will be in London to interview the great artist and fashion photographer Miles Aldridge for Filaf Annual 3.

His work is filled with glamorous women, whose perfect appearance and blank expression could be interpreted as passivity and ambivalence. Aldridge, however, prefers to define his women as in a state of contemplation, so that we are asked to imagine their inner lives. And the technicolour dream-like worlds he creates aren’t as perfect as they seem. There is silent screaming, broken glass, a head pushed down on a bed, the blood red of ketchup against a black and white floor. It’s a dream that could just as easily turn into a nightmare.

The Great & Intimate International Festival of Books and Films on Art.

Los Angeles based artist Dave Muller designed the poster this year.
More drawings by Dave will be published in the Filaf Annual, our annual publication about art seen through movies and books !

Dave Muller is represented by Gladstone Gallery, New York and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles