I am a Hufflepuff

I am a Hufflepuff,
Wearing some Hufflestuff,
Doing the Hufflething,
Every day I’m Huffling.

I am a Hufflepuff,
I’m kind yet Huffletough,
Not just Gryffindors are brave,
Hufflepuffs will save the day.

I am a Hufflepuff,
A diamond in the rough,
While Ravenclaws are smart,
Being patient is an art.

I am a Hufflepuff,
I’m always up to snuff,
Against cunning Slytherin,
Hufflepuffs will always win.

I am a Hufflepuff,
Through and through sure enough,
I am kind, patient, loyal,
True and Unafraid of toil.


Sans titre par Friandisesss
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