fil am war

some fun facts about manuel luis quezon

before the quezon movie comes along and kicks ass

  • quezon is a huge-ass nerd okay
  • there was this one time where he hired a bunch of people to go to baler just to serenade his crush aurora aragon what a nerd
  • LIKE 24/7
  • if you think luna curses too much you have no idea
  • his favorite expletive is “punyales”
  • there was this other time where he was in the province and he greeted this cross-eyed man with such familiarity that everyone thought they were friends but when he was asked later who the man was quezon just said ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he was really funny
  • also involved in like 80% of historical events in the country
  • he was 21 during the Fil-Am war and was reportedly an aide-de-camp of aguinaldo 
  • imagine the 1935 presidential elections against Aguinaldo
  • wOWhwhh
  • according to a lot of writers and journalists during that time, he was apparently very attractive
  • “as handsome as a Roman god”
  • as handsome 
  • as a 
  • roman 
  • god
  • which would explain why they would cast ben/ja/min al/ves as quezon
  • it’s his dream
  • did you also know that the reason why we celebrate buwan ng wika on august was because quezon was born on august
  • he’s known as “the father of the national language”
  • interesting to know

if you’re still not convinced I have this picture of him