fijian masi


Fijian Masi. Tapa, made from the bark of the paper mulberry tree (Broussentia papyrifera), is found across the Pacific. In Fiji, it is known as masi and is made exclusively by women. Masi is made by stripping the bark from theplant, separating the inner bark, and beating it with a wooden mallet, usually on a wooden anvil. The method of decoration differs from place to place, and has changed over the years. The different kinds of masi include masi kesa (stencilled), masi kuvui (brown or smoked), seyavu (white or plain), gatu toga (lau masi; very close to Tongan Ngatu) and masi vakarerega (yellow). The different colours reflect a person’s rank in society, with white or brown masi used by those of chiefly blood.