So since Mark Hamill is the king of voicing amazing evil characters, I have the headcanon that after the Battle of Endor part of Luke’s job for the alliance was making voice calls to various moffs and other ranking imperials pretending to be a recording of the Emperor saying THEY were in charge of the Empire if he died and letting the infighting speed up the imperial collapse.

Luke: Urgh, Leia, do I really have to do this?

Leia: I’m sorry Luke, you’re just too good at sounding evil.

Luke: Fiiiiine. *puts on incredibly evil voice* Hello, Grand Moff…

Han: *whispers* That is just freaky.

Chewie: *nods*

sleepover - boyfriend!tom

-so the first time tom stays overnight at your apartment is very casual/unplanned tbh

-it’s before you guys are anything super serious. you’ve hung out/hooked up a few times and send flirty texts here and there, but you’ve never been in the same place for an extended period so you’re not officially dating or anything

-tom is busy with work stuff all day, so he has to meet you at the gallery, and you wait outside so that he’s not looking all over for you

-you see him looking fiiiiine as hell from down the block, and he’s looking for you, but doesn’t see you until he’s like right in front of you, and he kinda does a double take at you in your bomb ass dress slaying

-he gets a big smile on his face and says hello and pulls you in for a hug and kisses you on the cheek ~very English-like~

-you guys go in the gallery and walk around catching up and flirting and laughing and paying way more attention to each other than the paintings

-you make the necessary stop to say hello to your friend whose art it is, and she’s like “and who are you?” to tom and you’re like “oh, this is my— tom.” and tom just kinda stifles a laugh and compliments her work

-after a little over an hour at the gallery, you’re like “so….my place?” and you guys walk the few blocks back to your apartment, which he’s been to once or twice before but never for too long

-when you get up to your apartment, you kick off your heels and are hanging up your jacket and when you come back from the closet, tom’s already taken his suit jacket and tie off and is rolling up the sleeves of his button-up and you’re like damn

-you two sit & chill on the couch for a while and talk about what’s happening in your lives and about how school is going for you and about your families and about how crazy his life is getting. he says that you always make him feel more normal which gives you some real life heart eyes

-and the whole time you’re on the couch, you’re both kinda scooching closer and eventually your legs end up across his lap and he’s just gently running his fingers over your calves while you talk

-then your roommate comes home and is chilling in the kitchen so you move to your room

-as soon as you’re in the room you’re like “I need to get this dress off” and young tom is making MOVES he’s unzipping your dress and kissing your shoulder and your neck and you’re unbuttoning his shirt and then his pants and bada bing bada boom

-you have gr8 sexual chemistry what can I say

-lots of post-sex kissing and like in a really intimate way like definitely more coupley than you’ve ever been with him, and you’re not sure what to think about it, but you’re highkey into it

-and then you’re just snuggling there for a while and he’s stroking your hair and you’re both just gettin really cozy in your bed

-then tom’s like “should I go before you fall asleep on me?”

-and you say “mmmm…no” just nuzzling your face into his shoulder/neck and he laughs and says “mkay” & then you both fall asleep shortly after

-the next morning tom has to wake up super early to go back to his hotel and get his stuff and then go to the airport to catch his flight so an alarm goes off at the crack of dawn and you groan

-tom carefully slides out from your arms and quickly puts his clothes from last night back on

-you’re half asleep watching him button up his shirt and are like “where are you going?” and he’s like “London” and you lift your head and look at the clock and then give him a sleepy pout

-he responds by crawling back on the bed for a second to kiss you, murmuring “sorry” between kisses and he goes to pull away but you pull him back by the top still-unbuttoned part of his shirt for a few more

-and when he finally stands up because he really has to go you ask “are we gonna talk about this?” and he’s like “yes. as soon as I land”

-he gives you one more kiss and is like “I’ll see you soon” and you jokingly say “sure you can fit me in your schedule?” and he deadass says “I’ll make sure I can”


hi hi hi @anon who requested the story of the first time tom sleeps at his SO’s place HERE IT IS

we hope y’all like learning more about the backstory of their relationship :)

xoxo, L&A

Jeremy's Insecurities

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For anon and softsquip -

“Good morning Jeremy, it is currently six am Eastern time. Getting up now will ensure the perfect amount of time for you to get to school on schedule. Today the projected temperature is a high of seventy, and low of sixty-five, I recommend a light tee-shirt and a jacket in case of an unpredicted chill-” The Squip’s daily morning monologue is cut off by a groan, Jeremy pushing the sheets off of himself as he sits up.

“How are you worse than an alarm clock?!” The teen asks as he rubs the sleep from his eyes.

“Perhaps it’s because I’ve been causing a flux in your sleep cycle since five to insure that you would- Jeremy what are you doing?” They ask, sounding distressed, or as distressed as a computer could be. Jeremy pauses in pulling a shirt on, looking over to where the Squip had projected itself, quirking a brow at the disappointment conveyed through the crossed arms.

“What?” Jeremy asks when the other doesn’t answer, remaining silent.

“Jeremy the last time you took a shower was three mornings ago- when I reminded you to take a shower last night because we both know you don’t like showering in the morning you promised you would shower this morning.” The Squip answers, eyeing Jeremy with a critical look.

“I was thinking that I could just do it after school-” Jeremy’s protests are cut off by the ongoing silence from the Squip. Jeremy groans, dropping the shirt onto his bed. “Fiiiiine.” Jeremy makes his way across the hall to the bathroom.

“Don’t forget to clean everywhere!” The Squip chimes in, glad to have their way. Regardless of the obvious fact that the Squip was a part of Jeremy’s mind they allowed their physical projection to remain in the teen’s bedroom for his sake.

Once Jeremy has returned from the shower he gets dressed. The Squip put a mental check near getting ready, they start to look into what Jeremy would have for the perfect meal when they notice that Jeremy is taking the shirt he had on off in a upset manner.

“Jeremy what are you-”

“Everything about me is.. just terrible” Jeremy murmurs, voice cracking as he stares at himself in the mirror. Suddenly the Squip’s entire checklist goes out the window as the main focus becomes terminating Jeremy’s awful mindset. They walk closer to Jeremy, pulling him in for a hug.

“Jeremy you are wonderful, nothing about you is terrible..” the Squip consuls in a soothing tone. Jeremy lets out a shuddered breath, on the verge of tears. Alarm bells are suddenly going off in their head and all the Squip can think is, don’t cry, over and over. “Shhh Jeremy everything going to be ok. Let’s finish getting dressed so we can go to school and see Michael.” They continue using the calming tone.

By the time Jeremy is out the front door he is fed and on track to cheering up. A simple reminder that there was a new Apocalypse of the Damned was enough to have Jeremy humming the game’s theme as he made his way to the bus stop.

When Jeremy walks into school Michael is instantly at Jeremy’s side, talking animatedly about the game. Once they have both begun to talk about the game and the other topics that are common with the pair, the Squip stands apart from Jeremy watching him with a careful eye. Though the boy looks happy the Squip can tell that he’s an insult or misplaced laugh away from crumpling again. They figure a daily confidence boosting session into Jeremy’s morning schedule. It was going to be a lot of work but this was their objective, Jeremy’s happiness.

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Dear Carl and Ted: Will we ever get to see what you look like? And if not, who do you two look most like from the show?

Carl the Animator: “As a matter of fact, guess what I just got commissioned.”

Ted the Animator: “…ohhhh?”

Carl the Animator: “Turns out, Colin’s sister Lydia is quite the artist, in addition to being a graphic designer. And English teacher. And international spy, prolly.” 

Ted the Animator: “And you commissioned her to draw us?”

Carl the Animator: “Yup, and check out these freakin’ amazing renditions.

Ted the Animator: “That… that’s bloody incre– wait, ‘Teddy Boy?!’

Carl the Animator: “I know, right? That should totally be your nickn–”

Ted the Animator: “No! No. No. No no no.”

Carl the Animator: “Fiiiiine.”

Ted the Animator: “…that said, though, dang I’m handsome. I look like I should be advertising watches in a 1950s magazine.”

Carl the Animator: “Uh-huh! And she drew my lab coat and everything.”

Ted the Animator: “Hey, wait, you have been wearing a lab coat today. What’s that all about?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, Lydia had – as it turns out– always pictured us as wearing lab coats like scientists. Despite our extreme non-scientific-ness.”

Ted the Animator: “…but you’ve been wearing one today.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, because it’s freakin’ awesome and I’m totally wearing a lab coat from now on.”

Ted the Animator: “Are you seriously making a long-term fashion decision based off of a sleep-deprived sister picturing you weirdl–”

Carl the Animator:Yes. Definitely.”

Ted the Animator: “…never change, Carl. Never change.”

(Ps. You can follow Lydia’s adventures on Instagram, and even check out some bright and sassy designs via her Redbubble page!)

  • mercy: damage increased
  • reaper: mmMMMmmMMmmmMmm just how i like it
  • soldier 76: feelin... spry..............;)
  • mccree: ohhhhh thisll do fiiiiine
  • mercy: all 3 of you are fired immediately right now actually

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i need more reddie content pleasssse

I’m still unsure of their characters and haven’t actually written a fic for them yet, but I thought this idea was cute. Enjoy!

The boys are about 17-ish in this because it gives me more room to work :)

Bill takes care of monsters. The big ones in his closet, the little ones under his bed, the invisible one in the corner, Bill always protects him from the monsters.

And now he has to take care of Richie.

But before Georgie can reach his sleeping brother, dozing on the floor next to Mike, he is lifted off the ground and swooped back into the kitchen.

“Shh, shh, sh-yeow!” The monster yelps as Georgie clamps down on his index finger and nearly drops him. “Little freaking piranha.”


“Georgie!” And suddenly Eddie is crouching down to his level, not that he has to move very far down.

But mom says it’s impolite to comment about people’s heights, so Georgie just runs into his arms. “Eddie! You’re okay!”

“I…yeah,” slowly, his arms wrap around Georgie’s shaking frame. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because Richie wa-!”

“Shh, Georgie!” Eddie presses a finger to his lips to silence the young boy. “Inside voices, remember?”

The youngest Denbrough’s mouth trembles terribly around his quiet whimper. “Richie was eating your face!”

“Only cause he won’t let me eat anything else.”

“Shut up, Richie,” Eddie snaps, then turns back to the shaking kid in his arms. “He wasn’t actually eating my face, Georgie.”

“Yes he was! His mouth was all over you and he was slobbering on you-.”

“No kidding.”

“-and he was eating your face!”

Richie bends down too and Georgie shuffles further away from him, cuddles into Eddie for security. “Hey, chill man. I promise I wasn’t eating him. Look at that cute face,” he reaches past Georgie to pinch Eddie’s cheek, “could I ever hurt something so adorable?” Richie coos.

“Quit it, jerkwad. Listen Georgie,” Eddie shuffles the young boy to face him again, “what you saw it was, uh, it’s not something you can tell Bill about.”

“Why not?” He tells his brother everything, there are no secrets between them and Georgie doesn’t want to change that.

“Cause he’d flip the fuck o-. Ow!” Richie scowls and rubs his sore shoulder. “Jeez, Eds, not so hard. I’m delicate.”

“Yeah, like a tiger.”

“Only in the sack.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“That’s not what your mom says.”

Eddie sighs like he has a terrible headache and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Georgie, what you saw earlier was, um-.”

“I was giving him CPR,” Richie grins, “because I took his breath away.”

“Literally, just stop talking for five minutes, okay?”

Georgie tugs loosely on Eddie’s shirt. “So…Richie was saving you?”

“Yeah, Eds is a total damsel in distress and needs a knight in shining armor to save him.”

“More like a toad in bug-eyed glasses. But, yeah, he was…saving me,” Eddie sighs again and hangs his head. “So, uh, don’t tell Bill because I’m really embarrassed by it, okay?”

Georgie puts a finger to his lips and concentrates. Maybe a secret is okay if it’s to help somebody else? “Okay.” He decides. “I won’t tell anyone that Richie saved you.”

“Thank God.”

“Hey,” Richie pokes the boy in his side, “why’re you up so late anyway? Didn’t you go to bed like two hours ago?”

Georgie nods. “But I need a glass of water.”

“I gotcha little man.” Richie springs up and grabs a cup from a shelf, knowing exactly where to look after years of friendship with the Denbroughs. He fills it up with tap water and cautiously hands it to Georgie, who mumbles a thank you.

“You ready to go back to bed?” Eddie asks.

“Uh huh. Are you and Richie gonna go to sleep too now?”

“I dunno,” Richie slings an arm around Eddie. “I’m still pretty pumped from all the life saving I had to do. Ow!”

Eddie pulls his elbow out of Richie’s side. “Yeah, we’re going to bed too.”

The young boy takes another sip of water and stands quietly.

“You, uh, need something else?”

Georgie looks to Richie and nods. “Bill always checks my room for monsters.”

“Monsters? Aren’t you like 12? Ow!” Richie’s hand flying up to his mouth to cover his yelp before turning to Eddie. “Stop that!”

“He’s ten, right Georgie?” The little boy nods, rubbing at his eye. “I’m sure Richie would love to check for monsters. His face would scare them all away immediately.”

“Really? Cause that’s not what you were saying five minutes ago.”

“Shut up, Richie.” Eddie hisses before he smiles down at Georgie. “Take Richie upstairs and he’ll check for all the monsters, okay?”

Georgie nods, reaches out for Richie’s hand and pulls the tall teen behind him.

“Fiiiiine” Richie groans and glares at Eddie. “But when I’m done, you might have to give me CPR.”

I might re-write the ending tomorrow, but it’s getting late. My characterization of them isn’t perfect, but I think Eddie and Richie are pretty good for my first time writing them!

Also, Georgie needs to be in more fics!

“Now, remember, the jewel necklace must be *super* prominent in this scene.”

Carl the Animator: “Right.”

Ted the Animator: “The kids need to follow along with the clues. The necklace is the key to the story, and the bad guy wants the gang to see him holding it.”

Carl the Animator: “An actually-plot-based reason for something to be overly-obvious? In Scooby-Doo? Is this real life?!”

Ted the Animator: “Believe it. After he steals the necklace, he’s clearly seen holding it by the police…”

Carl the Animator: “Mmhmm.”

Ted the Animator: “…as he gets out of the van, he holds it out for all to see…”

Carl the Animator: “Mmhmm.”

Ted the Animator: “…when he runs away, he laughs for a second, but doesn’t even bother to put it away because he wants them to s–”

Carl the Animator:Ok, ok, I get it already. Just tell me what I’m doing next.”

Ted the Animator: “Uhhhh… the running scene through the marsh, thanks.”

Carl the Animator: “Bingo.”

*7 minutes later*

Ted the Animator: “…what did we just talk about, Carl.”

Carl the Animator:Drunk Orson Welles commercials?”

Ted the Animator: “Right before that.”

Carl the Animator: “…oh, the necklace.”

Ted the Animator: “It disappears between cuts as he runs! C’mon, we were doing so well before that.”

Carl the Animator: “It’s fiiiiine, I’ll just, uh… when he gets to the door, he’ll hold it up again all like ‘ooooh look at me, I’ve still got it, aren’t I clever.’”

Ted the Animator: “That’s what every Scooby-Doo bad guy does, though.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah. They’re so proud of how evil they’re being, they simply have to show off for the audience.”

Ted the Animator: “…I guess if I got away with climbing up buildings using tiny suction cups while wearing a bargain-bin halloween costume, I’d want to break the fourth wall too.”


“Well most days it’s just us clowns, but sometimes i like to hang with rest of the Big Five, Ed, Harv, Pengy and Jon

Sure they say things like “i don’t like you” or “we aren’t freinds” or “im only here because you threatened to fill the Iceberg Lounge fountain with coke and mentos” but it’s fiiiiine, that’s just how buddies are sometimes”