Happy Holidays from the (initial) cast of The Fire in Her Eyes! This was originally a traditional work but was moved to digital. Despite the time I saved with doing the sketch traditionally, I still feel like I’m a little slow digitally, but thats partially due to the fact that I can fix my mistakes.

 As of the time I post this, you won’t recognize most of the cast minus from the FIHE cover, but I can’t wait for you to get to know them all in due time!

(Yes that is an ornamental paper staff. it just kills me they weaponized a roll of wrapping paper)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Favorite TV channels

Jyn: Food Network

When she was traveling and hiding, Jyn never had the time or resources to actually cook. It was always whatever meal she could salvage. She’ll have it playing and will carefully write out each step to do it herself. She takes little tastes as she follows the recipe and does those happy little food dances when no ones looking.

Cassian: The Spanish Channel

It’s something very exclusive to him in the rebellion, and not much is. Spanish was Cassian’sfirst language as well, so it is refreshing to not have to take the time to translate. The Spanish Channel is something he for sure can have some alone time with when he’s watching. No one really watches something they can’t understand so Cassian gets to relax. 

Chirrut: History Channel

It’s the reenactments that get him. Chirrut would totally larp the story of the discovery of kyber he is such a nerd about it. He will comment all the way through the program to add all the extra details. Of course, if you comment you will get shushed so quick.

Baze: The News

Baze likes to be updated and in/ahead of the loop. He is 100% the person who likes to predict what’ll happen next in the world. Though the news frustrates him, it also makes him feel smart because he has all of the theories of how bad news could have been prevented. Describing Baze watching the news can only be said as “smh”

Bodhi: Sci-Fi

He is obviously a huge nerd so he watches things he can hugely nerd out to. Bodhi is mesmerized by the characters and loves the idea of heroes. He watches it like a wide-eyed little boy, clapping, and gasping, and keeping up with the story lines. He’s a fanboy wholeheartedly. 

K-2S0- Lifetime

K2 will say that it’s “too sappy” and ‘”predictable” but will never stop watching. 

“YOU LOVE HIM VERONICA YOU KNOW YOU DO….. not like I care though. I’m a droid”


So in my other side of nerd life I’m a theatre nerd and was booked with a show. I miss posting about my babies and will be posting regularly again now. I missed you guys and all the requests and etc.