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She's Not You [j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which she acts completely normal.


(Y/N) (L/N) liked Jughead Jones. That was a fact.

Jughead Jones liked Betty Cooper. That was also a fact.

Another (very) known fact was that Betty Cooper liked Archie Andrews, yet Archie liked Valerie Brown.

It was a huge mess and there was no way to fix it.


“Are you ever going to tell him you like him?”

(Y/N) looked up from her book to see Kevin Keller and Veronica Lodge slide into the booth she was sitting in. “No.”

“But why?” complained Veronica. She was the biggest (Y/N)/Jughead shipper there was.

“Because he likes Betty,” (Y/N) replied smoothly. “I’m not gonna waste my time.”

“Oh c’mon,” Kevin exclaimed. “That boy is taken with you, he just hasn’t realized it yet.”

“And he probably never will. I’m completely happy just being friends with him Keller, I’m not going to jeopardize that friendship because of my feelings.”

“Whatever (Y/N),” Veronica scoffed. “But he’s going to find out sooner or later.”

The trio of friends turned to the door when they heard the jingling of a bell, alerting the patrons in Pop’s that someone had entered. Jughead looked around the diner, his eyes settling on the (H/C) girl and making his way over.

“Hey guys,” he greeted. “What are we talking about?”

“Oh nothing,” Veronica said.

“Yeah, we were just leaving,” Kevin added as they both got up from their seats.  “Remember what we talked about (Y/N/N)!”

You simply nodded as you waved at them, too engrossed in your book to notice the looks they exchanged with each other.

“So, what were you talking about?” Jughead asked as he sat next to you.

(Y/N) looked up at him and gave him a smile, “Don’t worry about it.”


Jughead couldn’t help but worry. He was too curious for his own good, everybody knew that. He wanted to know what his best friend had been talking about with Veronica and Kevin before he had arrived, but she wasn’t telling.

He followed her around for the whole week, bugging and begging her to tell him. She’d always laugh and give him a ridiculous response.

“We were talking about how my cat got diabetes.”

“Veronica was telling me that Reggie is actually very gay for Chuck.”

“Kevin and Veronica were trying to convince me to go skinny dipping in the river with them.”

Jughead was pretty tired of her excuses.


Later that week, Jughead had managed to corner Veronica in the hallway and was pestering her trying to figure out the topic of the conversation Pop’s.

“Fine!” Veronica cried out in exasperation. Noticing that (Y/N) was rounding the corner and approaching them, the Lodge girl quickly came up with a plan. Pushing Jughead into an empty classroom next to them, she motioned for him to stay put. Curious, Jughead decided to listen to her and watched as (Y/N) was stopped by Veronica.

“So (Y/N), I assume you’re on your way to meet Jughead at Pop’s?” Veronica had a sly smile on her face.

“Of course not,” (Y/N) replied. “Why follow my daily schedule when I can be spontaneous.”

Noticing the heavy sarcasm in her tone, Veronica gave her an irritated look. “Well little Miss Sarcasm, sorry for asking.”

The (H/C) haired girl flashed a smile at Veronica, “Where else would I be going Ronnie?”

Jughead smiled at his best friends words. It was indeed a daily ritual to sit at Pop’s until closing time every day, just enjoying each others company as they drank some milkshakes.

“So have you thought about what we told you?”

Jughead was snapped out of his thoughts by Veronica’s question. ‘What is she talking about?’ he though to himself.

“Yeah, I have actually,” he heard (Y/N) reply. “I’m not doing it.”

“You have to,” Veronica said.

“No Ronnie, I am not telling my best friend that I like him!”

Jughead felt his breathing stop. (Y/N) liked him? His (Y/N)? He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice (Y/N) and Veronica walking away. He quickly gathered his thoughts and rushed off to Pop’s, determined to get some answers from his best friend.

“You’re late,” (Y/N) said, not looking up from her book as Jughead approached her booth.

“Yeah, I got caught up with some stuff for the Blue & Gold. Betty needed my help,” Jughead mentally cursed himself for his shitty excuse. (Y/N) simply looked up at him over her book, raising an eyebrow at him, before going back to her story.

Jughead didn’t know what to do. He wanted to ask her about what she had said to Veronica back at school but he couldn’t seem to find the words to speak.

“You alright there Juggie?” (Y/N) asked. “You seem very conflicted.”

“Do you like me?” Jughead blurted out. He mentally face palmed. ‘Way to be subtle’ he mentally reprimanded himself.

(Y/N)’s eyes widened briefly before going back to her book. “Dammit Ronnie,” she muttered under her breath.

“So it’s true?” Jughead asked nervously.

“Yeah,” (Y/N) replied nonchalantly, still reading.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). I really am, but I like Betty,” Jughead’s voice almost trailed off at the end as he braced himself for her reaction. He didn’t know what she’d do. He was expecting anger, sadness, a melancholic response. He got none of those.

“Ok,” the girl simply replied. Jughead’s head shot up.

“I’m sorry (Y/N/N), I truly am.”

(Y/N) finally looked up at him, setting her book down after she marked her page.

“Why?” she questioned. Jughead looked at her in confusion.

“Why are you sorry Juggie?” she said. “I knew you liked Betty. That’s why I didn’t say anything”

“Yeah but, it’s just that you like me, and I uh- I feel really bad and uh…” Jughead stumbled over his words, not knowing how to reply.

His best friend leaned back in her seat and chuckled. “Juggie. You have no reason to be sorry. We can’t control our feelings. I like you, you like Betty, that’s the way it is. We can’t change it.”

“Yeah, but I feel kind of shitty,” Jughead breathed.

“Don’t,” his best friend replied. “Just because you don’t like me back doesn’t mean we’re not friends Jug. You’re my best friend, and our friendship is more important than some stupid feelings.”

And with those words, Jughead felt reassured as they ordered their milkshakes, drinking the night away, knowing that their friendship wasn’t ruined.


“You have to come along guys!” Veronica exclaimed. “Last time it was only me, Josie, Kevin, and Reggie but we all need a stress reliever.”

It was a Friday, and Veronica was trying to get her friends to go clubbing with her. Reluctantly, and with a lot of encouragement, they all agreed. Even Jughead.

It was eight at night when they all stepped into the club. Veronica, fearless and confident, dragged Josie and Kevin off to dance,with Archie tagging along. (Y/N) chose to sit down for awhile and Jughead and Betty joined her. (Y/N) felt really out of place as Betty and Jughead struck up a conversation and she decided to wander around. Just as she got up, she bumped into Reggie (who she had forgotten was there to be honest) and stumbled. She felt hands wrap around her waist as she put her hands out to steady herself.

“Whoa there,” Reggie said, smirking. “Don’t go falling for me (Y/N)”

(Y/N) couldn’t help but groan and chuckle at his lame pick-up line. Her and Reggie had once been friends, best friends actually, up until high school. He had instantly become popular and she hadn’t. They had simply grown apart.

“I had honestly forgotten you had come,” the girl stated.

“You wound me (Y/N/N),” Reggie smiled, placing a hand upon his heart. “And here I was thinking that you loved me.”

“Yea yea, long time no see huh?” the girl replied.

“Yeah,” Reggie muttered awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. “I miss our friendship and I’m honestly sorry that we stopped talking.”

“Buy me a milkshake and you’ll be forgiven,” (Y/N) told him.

“Deal,” Reggie said. “Let’s go.”

“What? Now?”

“Yea, we have a lot of catching up to do.”


“Jug, why is (Y/N) leaving with Reggie?” Betty questioned.

Snapping his head to look for his best friend, Jughead immediately stood up and walked over to the pair that was making their way out of the club.

“(Y/N/N)!” Jughead called out. The pair stopped and turned around. “Where are you going?”

“Oh, Reggie here is gonna buy me milkshakes,” (Y/N) answered happily.

“Uh, I believe I said one  milkshake,” Reggie said in a teasing tone, bumping his shoulder against the girl’s.

“Uh, I believe I never said how many milkshakes you owe me,” (Y/N) shot back in an equally teasing tone. Jughead looked back and forth between them, an uneasy feeling creeping up on him.

“Yeah, okay,” he mumbled. “See you around I guess.”

(Y/N) frowned slightly at his response before being pulled away by Reggie, the smile reappearing on her face. Jughead made his way back to Betty.


“…and then we also have to start working on next week’s spread,” Betty said as Jughead glanced at the club’s entrance.

“And I also kissed Veronica at cheer tryouts,” Betty said, trying to get Jughead’s attention.

“Uh huh,” Jughead replied absentmindedly, still looking at the entrance.

“And I also found a unicorn and named it Sparkles. He’s currently in my attic.”

“Yeah, that sounds great Betty.”

“Jughead!” Betty shouted. He turned to her, nearly knocking over his drink.

“Go after her Juggie,” Betty said. “I know you’re worried.”

“It’s just…its Reggie,” Jughead started. “I don’t know why she left with him.”

“Well, they are friends,” Betty replied. “Go Jughead. We all know you like her. Go after her.”

Jughead looked at her in surprise. “You think I like her?”

“Jug,” she said. “I know you like her. We all do.”

“But I like you,” he mumbled, surprised when Betty giggled.

“That’s sweet Jug, really, but come on, you really don’t like her? She’s in love with you y’know. She always has been.”

“I know…” Jughead trailed off.

“Go talk to her,” Betty encouraged,

Jughead left the club.


As he approached Pop’s, Jughead couldn’t feel the small pang of jealously that he felt as he saw (Y/N) sitting at their usual booth with Reggie, as they both drank a milkshake. He watched as she tilted her head back, laughing as Reggie told her a story, gesticulating wildly with his hands.

He couldn’t help but think over Betty’s words. Yes, he always did think that (Y/N) was beautiful, and yes, he always did love receiving a hug from her. But that was normal with best friends…right?

But as he stood outside, watching (Y/N) sitting at their booth with Reggie Mantle, he couldn’t help but agree with Betty. He definitely felt something for his best friend. He always had, he had just ignored those feelings. He wouldn’t have left Betty if he didn’t feel something for (Y/N).

He watched as (Y/N)’s gaze traveled to the window, spotting him and instantly smiling at him. Reggie’s eyes followed soon after and he got up/ Jughead watched as he gave (Y/N) a quick hug and paid for their milkshakes before leaving the diner.

“Don’t fuck this up freak,” Reggie muttered as he passed Jughead. Reggie was right, Jughead couldn’t mess any of this up.

He made his way inside and took his usual seat next to (Y/n).

“What are you doing here Jug? You were having such a nice time at the club with Betty!” the (H/C) girl exclaimed.

Gathering up all the courage he had, Jughead quietly replied, “But she’s not you.”

(Y/N) froze before looking up at Jughead. “What?”

“She’s not you (Y/N),” Jughead continued, feeling confident. He had nothing to lose and he knew that she liked him back. “Betty’s great and all, but she’s not you. You’re the one that’s always been there for me. You helped me after my dad went off the rails and mom left with Jellybean. You were there to support me when I began my novel and you were there for me when the drive-in closed down. You offered me a place to stay when I had nothing. It’s always been you (Y/N),I just never thought that we could be anything more than friends.”

(Y/N) threw her head back and laughed. “Oh Juggie. Of course I’ve always been there for you. You’re my best friend. I love you.”

“Go out with me? Please,” Jughead awaited her reply.

Smiling up at him, (Y/N) replied, “This can be our first date Jug.”

Jughead smiled at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into him. And they spent their night there, like they usually did, just talking and sharing milkshakes. Only now, things had changed. They were happy, and it was quite obvious to anyone who saw them sitting together, exchanging shy kisses as the night dragged on.

“I love you too (Y/N/N).”


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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 12.5

A/N: Thanks to the help of someone, this chapter is more plot based than bringing the story forward. I just wanted to explain some things much more clearly. Thank you!

WARNING: Sensitive subjects will be addressed ahead. Please do not read if you are not in a well state of mind.

Previous Chapter  // Next Chapter

“Wait, Tom?” You asked, looking at him eat the instant macaroni and cheese. He glanced up from the pasta, chewing slowly, “How did you and James get here in the first place?” He shrugged.

“I just followed along. James was the one who…wow, this is really delicious. How did you possibly make this?” He questioned, pointing his fork at you. The pasta flung off the metal, almost hitting you. You dodged the flying shells, frowning at him.

“Thomas, you didn’t even answer the questi-“

“Oh, yes. Ask Madison, he knows more about it than I,” he chuckled, “This is the first time I gave the honor to him. He must be happy.”

“Not quite,” James said, walking in, “You did help, you mean. And Burr almost came too, but he was too late.” James said, sitting next to you.

“What do you mean? And who’s Burr?” You requested. He stretched out his arms.

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softrobertsugden  asked:

“You can’t just keep pretending things are fine!” (do you worst lorna i'm excited)

wrap me up, unfold me.

robert and aaron (finally) talk about robert’s bisexuality and aaron’s insecurities. post ons reveal.

2,674 words

Robert watched as Aaron shuffled around the kitchen, his focus on making himself something for tea. The silence between them wasn’t exactly comfortable, there was an underlying tension there that Robert couldn’t stand.

They’d been having a lot of days like this, lately. The first few months, things had been okay - they’re really done their best to work through their problems, for Robert to earn back Aaron’s trust, for Aaron to deal with his insecurities, but five months down the line from the day he told Aaron he’d slept with her, and well, it felt like there was more cracks in their relationship than ever.

It was because of that new girl, working in the cafe part time. He’d smiled at her, maybe, when they’d gotten coffee one morning, and he’d felt Aaron stiffen instantly beside him.

They’d mostly been siting around in silence since, Aaron sleeping with his back to Robert and his body stiff, even going as far as skulking off to the Woolpack for his dinner twice that week alone.

Robert hated it. Robert hated that their marriage was like this, hated that it was his fault, hated the way Aaron barely even acknowledged him as he made a sandwich, Robert sitting at the kitchen table, watching him to and fro between the cupboards and the fridge.

“Aaron, are you okay?” he asked, hugging his half cold mug of tea to his chest as he spoke, waiting for Aaron to reply.

“Fine,” Aaron grunted in response, his focus still on his sandwich, the kettle boiling in the background, breaking the silence of the flat. Liv was in Ireland with her mum, spending the last of the summer holidays with her mum.

“Are we okay?” Robert asked quietly, sounding unsure of himself as he spoke. He hated how he suddenly needed to hear Aaron say those words aloud now, that he didn’t just know.

“We’re fine, Robert.” Aaron said, the plate clattering against the wood of the table as he set it down, sliding into the further chair from Robert. He didn’t add to his sentence, taking a generous bite of his overflowing sandwich.

“You can’t keep pretending things are fine,” Robert blurted, his heart pounding as he waited for Aaron to respond.

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “You what?”

“You can’t keep pretending things are fine.” Robert repeated, more firm in his words now. “We can’t keep pretending things are fine, Aaron. We’re falling apart, and I know - I know it’s my fault, I know it’s because of what I did, but we can’t live the rest of our lives like this.”

Aaron set his sandwich down, sitting back in his chair. “It’s not your fault, Robert,” he began, trailing off mid-sentence.

“It is. I know it is,” Robert said, feeling sick to the stomach as he spoke. He knew it’d been his fault that they were like this - if he hadn’t gone and slept with Rebecca, of all people, maybe they’d have had less to get through.

Maybe they could have been happier.

“Robert -“

“If you can’t forgive me for what I did, I get it. I just, I need you to tell me now, so I can just go, and let you move on.”

“That easy, eh?”

Robert shook his head. “You know it wouldn’t be, but I just want you to be happy, Aaron, and - we’re not very happy right now, are we? I’ve barely seen you this week, and when I have, you’ve ignored me. Even Jimmy’s noticed we’re barely speaking, what does that say about us?”

“Did he say something to ya?” Aaron was imeadiately on the defensive, Robert knowing he hated the idea anyone else was butting into their relationship. He’d been like that a lot, since they’d decided to make their marriage work - Chas hadn’t been impressed, and neither had Paddy, and Aaron was more than frustrated at his parents interference.

Jimmy would just be another person on a long list of nosey neighbours waiting to see when Aaron and Robert would finally crash and burn, and prove everyone who’d ever told Aaron he was wrong to give Robert chance after chance right.

“No.” Robert shook his head, remembering the face Jimmy had pulled at him, trying to make a joke out of the tense silence in the portacabin that day. “But would he be wrong if he had, Aaron?”

Aaron sighed, quiet for a few minutes before he spoke. “I have forgiven you for what happened with her.”

Robert looked at Aaron, looked at his husband’s earnest face, and his heart ached. Aaron had always worn his heart on his sleeve, for better or for worse, the love, or hurt always clear on his face.

The honesty clear on his face.

Robert didn’t know what he’d done to deserve Aaron’s forgiveness, he really didn’t. It hadn’t be instantaneous, it had been bloody hard work, Aaron bringing Robert to counselling more than a few times so he could try and explain how hurt he was, both of them working through it with Aaron’s counsellor.

But Aaron had forgiven him, somehow.

“Then what’s wrong? What have I done?” Robert asked, leaning forward slightly. He just wanted to know, so he could fix it. “Was it what happened in the cafe? Because I swear to you, Aaron, I was just being polite, I don’t fancy her or owt.”

Aaron looked uncomfortable, twisting his ring around his finger as he spoke. “What’s to stop you cheating on me with a woman again? Clearly - clearly a woman can give you something I can’t, or you wouldn’t have slept with Rebecca.”

“I told you why I slept with her.” Robert shook his head. “She was easy to manipulate, Aaron. Her - her being a woman, that had nothing to do with it.”

“But it does.” Aaron sighed. “It always does, with you. Being with a woman’s more normal for you, and I don’t know how to deal with that.”

Robert’s stomach clenched. “It’s not more normal for me,” he said firmly, shaking his head. He hated that Aaron thought like that, hated that all he’d done to persuade him otherwise had been undone with one drunken, anger fueled mistake.

Aaron stayed silent.

“You have a problem with me being bisexual, don’t you?” Robert said bluntly, asking the one question he’d wanted to ask for months now, since that day in the car, before the crash, and a thousand times over ever since.

His husband had a problem with his sexuality.

“I guess I don’t understand it,” Aaron shrugged. “It’d be easier if you could decide one way or another, I guess.”

It’d be easier if you could decide one way or another, I guess.

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Blame it on the Alcohol

Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 4k

Genre: Smut

Request: Hi! Can I request a Jungkook smut where you are friends and he is all shy, literally just being his typical self. One day you go out clubbing/partying together and he gets really drunk and turns into the complete opposite, suddenly full of confidence . Somehow that night you end up sleeping together ;) Thanks in advance!!

Other Parts: 1 2 3 4

I just stared at him, willing him to speak. Just one word, that’s all I wanted. He tapped his pencil on the table and stared at the empty space in front of him.

Knowing that I was watching him, his eyes flickered toward me, his pencil froze in its actions, then his gaze quickly turned back to the space in front of him and the pencil started hitting the wood on the table as it had done before.

I sighed, I hate partner projects.

I looked to my professor who was leaned far back in his desk chair and his legs crossed on the table. His thin framed glasses were balanced on the tip of his nose as he blankly looked at an old newspaper. I silently cursed him for partnering me up with the shyest person in the class. No, the shyest person on the planet.

I side glanced my partner again, “Sooo, we need to come up with a topic for our presentation,” I tried to encourage him to come up with something. Every idea I came up with had been met with a meek shrug of his shoulders.

“Mhm,” he hummed as he was now twirling his pencil in between his long, thin fingers.

I pursed my lips and squinted at him, “Got any ideas?”

He chewed on his lip and shook his head.

I sighed and slumped back in my chair. Every other group had come up with their topic and started their projects yesterday. We were already behind the other groups and I couldn’t figure out how to get through to him so we could catch up.

You know, he’s lucky he’s gorgeous because if he just looked like every other Joe Shmoe in this school, I’d be furious with him right now. Every time I felt myself losing my temper, I would look at his profile and would suddenly feel calm, entranced even. His name was Jungkook. His features were soft and silky. His had a faint hint of a scar below his eye and I wondered how he managed to get it. His deep, inviting dark brown eyes were surrounded by thick, long black eyelashes.

“I was thinking we could—” just as I was about to pitch another idea, the bell rang.

“Pick up from here on Monday,” I finished my sentence.

“Okay,” he said without looking at me, gathering his belongings and standing up from his chair.

I followed his actions and grabbed my stuff, then walked toward the door. I just wanted to get out of this class and temporarily avoid the stress that this project had brought to me.

“Hey Y/N!” a girl shouted my name before I could get through the door.

I turned around to a girl who I’d spoken to a few times calling for my attention.

“Are you going to the party at the bar tonight?” she asked.

I cocked my head to the side, “I didn’t know there was a party at the bar tonight?”

“Oh, well… you should come! It’s gonna be a blast!”

I debated her offer inside my head then my eyes found Jungkook who was stood close to me and I was reminded of the stress of our project and my desperation to get my mind off of it.

I turned back to the girl, “Yeah, okay, I’ll be there! I’ll bring a friend too,” I told her with a smile.

She clapped happily, “Great! It starts at 8,” then she turned to Jungkook, “You should come too!”

He looked at her with wide eyes like a deer, surprised that she was addressing him directly. He let out a long breath then nodded, “a party could be fun,” he muttered, quickly looking down at the ground as he addressed her.

So he’ll speak to her but not me? 

His eyes flickered in my direction once more before he bowed his head and ducked out of the classroom.

I took my time getting home. I decided to grab a coffee from the campus’s cafe and take a stroll through a nearby park. I walked until I naturally headed down the path to my apartment and unlocked the door. I called my best friend and asked her to come to the party with me tonight. Of course, she obliged because that girl loved a good party. By the time I got back to my apartment, I only had a couple hours until the party started.

I went into the kitchen and made myself a bowl of ramen and slowly slurped small mouthfuls of noodles. After I finished my pre-party meal, I put the dish in the sink and filled it with water to soak. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, waiting until the bathroom was filled with steam to peel off my day clothes then slipped into the shower. I lazily lathered my body with soap and scrubbed my scalp with shampoo, not being in any rush to get to the party. I stood in the shower, letting the water run down my body until it went cold. I turned off the water then wrapped myself in a towel and walked into my bedroom.

I jumped with I walked through the door and was welcomed by my best friend sitting on my bed, fully dressed and ready to go.

“Why aren’t you ready yet?! It’s already 8:30!” she spoke shrilly while flapping her hands around. She wore a tight sparkly strapless red dress that perfectly accentuated her womanly curves and voluptuous breasts which I had always been slightly jealous of.

I shrugged, “Just taking my time. No one shows up to parties on time anyway.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes, “Well hurry up.”

Brushing off her bitterness, I walked over to the closet to find an outfit. I dug through my underwear until I found what I was looking for: a padded black lacey bra with underwear to match. I always put on my prettiest pair of underwear before a party, not because I was looking to get lucky, but because it gave me confidence. I picked out a pair of skin tight black skinny jeans and paired them with a black sparkly top with straps that crisscrossed in the back.

“Aren’t you a little dressed down?” my friend asked me, looking at her outfit, then mine.

“It’s just a bar, I think this is fine,” I gestured to my appearance, “come do my hair while I do my makeup,” I ordered and walked down the hall to the bathroom. My hair was curled and left down to frame my face. I stuck with fairly tame eyeshadow colors— just a few shades of brown which was dark enough to make my eyes look bigger and more defined but not dark enough to make me look like I just got out of a fist fight and lost. I applied a soft pink lip color and a pair of black high heels which made my ass look fantastic. Then, at 9:30, I was ready to go.

The bar was just a short walk from my apartment. My friend was already complaining about her feet hurting and her dress riding up and I just rolled my eyes and laughed at her. I could hear the bass of the music blasting from the bar from a block away. When we got to the entrance, there were lights of various colors strobing through the windows. The music was deafeningly loud and pulsed through my body, filling me with excitement as we walked through the doors into the pool of people.

I turned to speak to my best friend but found her already attached butt to crotch with a smitten stranger. His hands were on her thighs as she ground herself onto his hips sexily. My gaze wandered from her to a man leaning against a support beam with a half drank beer in his hand. He had a sleazy smirk on his face as he raised his glass to me and winked. I groaned and my stomach churned at his hungry expression.

I need a drink.

I struggled to make my way through the crowd to the end of the building where the bar was. When I finally reached it, I slumped against the cool wood of the long bar and took a seat on one of the open bar stools. The music was significantly less intense over here, now I could actually hear lyrics and some sort of tune rather than just bass.

Just as the song was ending, the bartender began to walk over to me. Just as I was about to tell him my order, the sound of a guy laughing loudly caught my attention. I turned my head to where the laughter was coming from and my stomach lurched in surprise.

On the bend of the bar counter, my partner in class, Jungkook was smiling hugely with his hand on a girl’s shoulder. He was wearing a black leather jacket which he paired with a white v neck shirt that showed off a bit of his muscular smooth chest. He leaned in close to her and whispered seductively which made her melt into a fit of giggles and playfully push him away, letting her hand linger on his chest much longer than it needed to.

Just as the opening chords to a new song blasted through the speakers, Jungkook’s eyes found mine across the bar. I froze unsure of what to do next. Should I look away? Wave?

His already dark brown eyes grew even darker as he turned his head to the side and rolled his tongue across the inside of his cheek, a devilish smile grew on his face. He leaned in close to whisper something in the girl’s ear, never breaking eye contact with me. He stepped away from her and he head snapped in my direction. She shot me a glare as Jungkook moved around the bend toward me.

Before I could react, Jungkook was standing extremely close to me, looking my body up and down, “Hellooo,” he drew out the the “o”, “you look ravishing,” he flirted.

I stood there stunned, there’s no way this was the same boy that refused to even make eye contact with me in class today.

“I–I didn’t think you’d show up to this,” I admitted in a fluster.

He turned his head to the side, “Why not? I said I would in class today.”

I shrugged, “You just don’t seem like the party type.”

He smirked, “I only came on the off-chance that I’d get to see you.”

His bold confession made his current state obvious to me, “Are you drunk?” I asked him, brushing off what he had just said. There’s no way he meant it if he was drunk, right?

He looked off to the side like he was debating his answer, then he looked back at me with a single raised eyebrow, “I’m not sober.”

I nodded. Shit, maybe he did mean it. I turned away from him and tried to let my curls fall over my face and block my blushing cheeks from his line of sight.

“Do you want a drink? How about a beer?” Jungkook asked and before I could respond was shouting at the bartender to get him two beers on tap.

I was going to interject but I couldn’t find anything wrong with letting a cute boy buy me a drink, so I said nothing. Especially after this cute boy basically put me through hell during class by refusing to work with me on our project. If anything, he owed me this drink.

“Are you here alone?” he asked before taking a long drink from the golden frothy liquid that the bartender had just put in front of him.

I grabbed my glass and turned my body so I could see the dance floor. I scanned the crowd until I spotted my best friend, who was now grinding on a different guy than she had been earlier, “That one,” I pointed to her, “I brought her,” I also chugged half of my beer.

He leaned closer to me to see who I was pointing at, “Red dress?”


He laughed and took another huge drink, essentially emptying his glass, “She looks like she’s having fun.”

I scoffed, “You could say that.”

Jungkook put his empty glass on the counter then tapped the table with his fingertips as he thought through something.

“Can you take shots?” he questioned playfully.

One corner of my mouth raised, “I don’t mean to brag but, I am excellent at taking shots,” I found myself sending out flirtatious vibes without meaning to.

He raised his eyebrow again, “Oh really? Prove it,” he baited.

I leaned back and put my hand over my chest, pretending to be hurt that he would ever doubt me, “Maybe I will,” I called the bartender over and ordered two rounds of shots of tequila for both of us. He poured the poison into shot glasses in front of us. Jungkook and I both grabbed one glass out of the four sat in front of us and clinked them together before downing the liquid and feeling as if it was burning a hole in my throat since I had no chaser.

I tried to play it off cool and pretend that the shot was nothing but I lost it when Jungkook became a laughing and coughing mess in front of me. I followed him quickly after as my body tried to reject what I had just consumed. Without pausing, we did the second round, having the same reaction as the first. Jungkook called for yet another round of shots, which we both did easily since the damage had already been done from the first two.

“You’re right,” he commented, “you are good at taking shots.

I shrugged smugly. Just then, a particularly loud song started playing.

“I can’t believe this,” I screamed over the blaring music.

“Can’t believe what?” he shouted back.

“You’re actually fun!”

He laughed and held up his shot glass, which the bartender had kindly refilled, “Blame the alcohol,” then the poured the shot down this throat.

I grabbed my glass and held it still for a moment, knowing I needed to slow down before the drunkenness hit me like a ton of bricks, “You’re just so quiet normally, I’m surprised,” I said before opening my throat and allowing the liquor to pass through without touching my tongue.     

He shrugged, putting his mouth to my ear so he didn’t need to yell as much, “I like to think that tipsiness shows my true colors.”

We continued talking about nothing for about thirty minutes until I felt the five shots and half a beer beginning to set in. Just as my mind started to get loopy, I heard the opening to my favorite song.

I gasped and aggressively tugged on Jungkook’s arm, “Oo! Oo! I love this song!”

He looked around at the very full dance floor then looked at me suggestively, “Let’s go dance!”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the bar, onto the dance floor. We both began to move our bodies to the rhythm of the music. The alcohol that was tracing through my veins allowed me to forget about any insecurities or embarrassment that I may have had if I were sober.

This song wasn’t exactly classy. It was definitely a booty shaking, boob bouncing song and I did just that right in front of Jungkook. A huge smile grew on his face as he watched my body move and swayed his body left and right.

He put a hand on my hip and helped guide me to the beat of the song. His hand moved from my hip to the curve of my lower back, pulling me closer to him. Adrenaline coursed through my body alongside the alcohol. I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed the gap between us. Our hips rocked against each other as Jungkook looked into my eyes and smiled seductively. I had no idea he had this sexy and smooth side to him and it was making my body get very warm and my breathing heavy.

I wasn’t sure how this dancing was making him feel but I knew I was started to get very turned on at the feeling of having my hips pressed to someone else. His hands were skimming up and down my back, getting very close to my butt but never actually resting there.

The song faded to its end and Jungkook and I just stood there, hips still pressed together, just looking at each other. His eyes were dark and hypnotic, making me yearn for him even more.

A new song started playing and Jungkook leaned his mouth to my ear, “It’s loud in here, let’s go somewhere else,” he grabbed my hand and started pulling me toward the exit of the bar. I frantically looked around for my friend and found her making out with the guy she had been grinding with, in the corner of the dance floor. She seemed occupied, I’d just text her to let her know where I went later.

Jungkook lead me outside into the cold, bitter air. He aggressively pushed me up against the brick wall of the bar and crashed his lips to mine. Drunk and extremely turned on, I immediately began kissing him back and spastically rubbing my hands all over his body. He grabbed at my upper thighs and ass, not being shy about grabbing it anymore. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I tangled my hands into his hair. I ground my hips on his just as I had done on the dance floor and he reciprocated the action.

“Hey, take that somewhere else!” the bouncer shouted at us, causing me to jump in fright and push Jungkook back.

He looked at me and smirk through his panting breath, “My apartment,” he said simply then grabbed my hand and pulled me down the road away from the bar. This is definitely not how I saw my night going.

We walked quickly down the deserted street to a tall apartment building. Jungkook led me through the lobby and into the elevator. He pushed the button for his floor, then pressed me against the side of the elevator and kissed me again, this time less harshly but still just as urgently as outside the bar.

We made out until the elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Jungkook grabbed me again and led me to his front door, opening it with a shaky hand then pulling me through the doorway.

I was once again shoved against the wall and Jungkook firmly pressed his lips to mine, unable to contain his desire for me. Our bodies pressed together and I could feel his hardening dick against me. I ground against the bulge and his breath hitched at the contact.

I grabbed the collar of his leather jacket and pulled the piece of clothing off of his body. He helped by pulling his arms out of the sleeves and cupped my face with his hands and shoved his tongue deep into my mouth. He kicked off his shoes and hiked up the bottom of my shirt and his hot hands grasped my bare waist. I also took off my shoes without breaking the kiss and grappled at his belt and tugging it open.

He broke the kiss and led me to his bedroom where everything was neatly lined up on shelves but the bed was unmade. He pushed me onto his bed and I landed on my back. He jumped onto of me and leaned in to reconnect our lips.

I put my hand on his chest to make him halt, “I don’t normally do this with people,” I informed him.

He smiled, “I don’t either,” then crashed his lips to mine. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt again and this time he pushed it up my body, breaking our kiss only long enough to pull it over my head. His hands grabbed my breasts and I silently thanked myself for wearing my nice bra.

He popped open my jeans and slid them down off of my hips, enough to have easy access to the hem of my underwear. As his fingers played with the top of my underwear, I pulled open his jeans and slid them down his body with my feet. His hand dipped into my underwear and let his middle finger run over my wet fold.

I hummed in pleasure at the feeling of his long fingers on me. He brought his finger up from my opening to circle my clit. I jolted, feeling relief from the pent up desire and moaned into his mouth. My hand cupped the bulge in his underwear, rubbing it. He ground his hips into my hand and rubbed my clit harder.

Sweat gathered at my hairline and I panted, already feeling overwhelmed with pleasure. He pulled his hand away from my center and tugged his underwear off, letting his dick spring free. He pulled my underwear off too as well as his shirt and my bra. His mouth left open kisses all over my chest as he lined himself up with my entrance.

He easily slid himself into me and didn’t hesitate to start rocking his hips. I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to go deeper into me. He thrusted roughly and quickly, desperate to reach his release. I clenched around him, increasing the pleasure for both of us as he pounded into my g spot. He had me whimpering and moaning his name, knowing exactly what to do to make me unravel under him. He grunted and looked into my eyes, his brow furrowing and his mouth hanging open.

We both reached our highs quickly, the desperation for each other made it easy for both of us to cum. With one last grunt, he rolled off of me and laid on his back on the bed next to me. I rolled onto my stomach and looked at his sweat drenched face. He lazily brushed his fingers through my hair and looked at me through half lidded eyes.

It was then that I remember that this was the boy from class who was so incredibly shy that he couldn’t even look at me. How was it possible that I was now lying naked in bed with him.

“I honestly had no idea that you were like this,” I admitted, “you’re usually so shy.”

He chuckled, “I’d like to blame the alcohol but the truth is… The desire, the attraction for you, is real. The alcohol just brought out the confidence for me to act on it.”

“I didn’t even realize we had the same attraction for each other,” I shook my head in disbelief.

He smirked mischiefly, “Does that mean we can do this again sometime?”

I laughed and nodded.

“Good, I’ve got a lot more I want to do with you,” he told me and pulled me close to his body, wrapping his strong arm around me.

I sat silent for a moment, savoring the feeling, “Hey, you know something that you could do with me?” I lifted my head to look at his face.

He looked at me curiously.

“Our project,” I said.

He threw his head back and laughed loudly, his eyes scrunching closed, “Oh yeah, sorry about that.”

“It’s due in a week. I’m begging you to help me with it,” I jokingly begged.

He rubbed the back of my head with a smile, “should we work on it right now?” he suggested.

I contemplated his suggestion and shook my head, “Let’s just do this right now,” I rested my head on his chest and snuggled into him.

He hummed in agreement and pulled me close to him.

We ended up falling asleep wrapped in each other’s arms and come Monday, we finally made headway on our project.  

I changed it a bit and made it a College Au, I hope that’s okay?

I’d love feedback on this! Also, requests are open but you’ll have to forgive me for writing SUPER slow.

Thanks for Reading! xx

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do you have any tips/advice about writing essays? I seem to always get stuck and discouraged

*puts on nerd glasses* okay, this is going to be a pretty lengthy help/advice (??) post (⌒▽⌒) basically, I outlined the general essay writing process, tips on coming up and collecting ideas + links to some posts. hopefully, that’ll help you on your essays (cmon let’s do this anON I’M CHEERING FOR YOU)


1. keep a working inventory of articles/sources: it’s hard to figure out how you want to tackle a certain topic, but it helps if you’ve already got some inspiration

  • I do a lot of readings over the school break (for fun, but we usually have 2-3 research-intensive essays over the school year so I have a general idea of what I need), so every time I find an interesting bit, I upload the article in my Pocket app
  • if I have time, I do index cards — each card has a citation and a summary of the source, then I organize them based on how cool/useful the topic seems; once the teacher tells us to write about so-and-so, I just flip back through the articles I’ve collected and handpick a few relevant ones that I think I can work with

2. write about something you’re PASSIONATE about: always try to relate the essay prompt to something you enjoy ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ you’ll sound fantastic bc you’re genuinely invested in the topic and it’ll be hard to run out of things to say

ex. movie lover + Austen essay due Monday? then maybe you can:

  • talk about the re-emergence of Austen fandom through Hollywood
  • use a comparison of Emma and Cher from Clueless to discuss the transformation of feminine achievement and class in 20th century America

3. LIMIT, LIMIT, LIMIT: if the topic of your essay’s too extensive (aka the meaning of life omG DON’T EVEN), it’ll be too hard to find a concrete answer

  • believe me, it gets unreasonably complicated once you’re going through the archives for something that dates farther back than the 1300s?? especially if there’s a page limit/word limit/‘not an official academic professor so they won’t let me check out these manuscripts’ limit


1. MAKE CONNECTIONS: find a way to connect the topic of your essay to other literary works, personal experiences or real world issues

  • like in english class, we had to write about the cultural losses that come with being raised in a foreign country (using Santha Rama Rau’s “On Learning to be an Indian” as a reference point), so our teacher suggested that we draw from our own experiences as third-gen immigrants
  • it's also a great way to increase word count and shows that you  have deeper insights into the material, other than classroom-based knowledge

2. make an outline: planning out the direction of your essay will give you a better idea on the progression of arguments and how to defend them

standard format:

introductory paragraph (hook + thesis statement)
3 body paragraphs (1 topic sentence + 2-3 evidences each)
conclusion (restatement of thesis + optional call for action)

  • your hook can be an anecdote or a surprising statistic — use of emotive/inclusive language is highly encouraged
  • don’t use encyclopedia or dictionary definitions that much (if you need to define something, use relevant words or quotes from well-known philosophers or something)


  • haha don’t do it the day before like me
  • you won’t have time to edit properly if you start late
  • if you find out most of your arguments/evidences are wrong (and biased) HAHA ALSO LIKE ME it’s really, really hard to change your thesis last minute


for EACH and EVERY claim you make, you HAVE to find credible evidence to prove that you have a valid argument (from non-biased sites):

  • find other academic/scientific papers on the topic
  • pencil in some quotes from the book (especially if it’s a literary analysis) and include interpretations from other recognized scholars who’ll back up YOUR interpretation
  • take quotes (said directly by the author) or pieces from the author’s other works
  • use passages from widely-distributed, official newspapers (especially if it concerns modern events)
  • contrary to popular opinion, I like Wikipedia and its ‘free-for-anyone-to-update’ feature, but I KNOW teachers hate that, so just double-check and get sources from the bibliography section of the page
  • GOOGLE BOOKS IS A BLESSING (that’s actually where I read ‘Romantic Austen: Sexual Politics and Literary Canon’ which you should really check out yAS I AM THAT WEIRD KID)

5. always remember to CREDIT your source

  • if you’re going to quote, don’t forget to say “according to Aristotle/Plato/random Greek dude”
  • always use your teacher’s preferred format for citations
  • RefMe is great, yeah? You can search book/journal articles, input websites, scan barcodes, etc. and it’ll just format the whole thing for you


1. you should read it. again.
2. let your friends read it.
3. let your family read it.
4. check your transitions. they must be smooth. like butter.


check out these great posts (made by much, much more qualified people):

just remembered a phase I went through around the age of six, where I’d stop people in the middle of long conversations and make them trace it backwards to figure out how we got to the current topic. I did this to my parents constantly; I can’t believe they put up with it.  


Aca-Wedding: Chapter 4

Summary: Two years since graduation, the Trebles and Bellas are reunited again in Tasmania for the aca-wedding they never thought would happen and let’s just say a lot has changed, and yet maybe everything is still the same.

[1] [2] [3] FF.NET Link coming soon.

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Collide Prt. 9

Part [1] Part [2] Part [3] Part [4] Part [5] Part [6] Part [7] Part [8]
Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans. Lucas Friar is a rich kid from Texas who’s lost his way. One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide.
A/N: Chapter 8 left off with Lucas’ POV and the advice he was getting from his older sister so this chapter I wanted to be completely in Riley’s POV where she gets advice. This part is Riley centric. It’s basically a filler part before the final chapter 10. I hope this is okay. 

Word Count: 1,884 (short one)

Part 9 - “Courage & Fear.”

♡ ♡ ♡

The last 24 hrs. haven’t exactly been my favorite. Somehow in a days’ worth of time, I’ve managed to embarrass myself in front of a bunch of wealthy strangers, lost my boyfriend and to top it all off, I’m pretty much homeless now. My roommate is finally moving in with her boyfriend and while I was expecting, waiting even, for this day to come, it still hit me like a ton of bricks.

After Isadora and Farkle broke the news to me about moving out, I just wanted some time alone. For the past few months Lucas had become my safe haven, whenever I was having an off day I’d call him up or ask him to come over but I couldn’t do that this time. I had to find a new safe haven.

I know if I go home, my parents will pressure me into moving back in with them which is the last thing I want to do. I still wasn’t comfortable enough to turn to Maya and I knew Zay would be there with her, so he was out of the picture too. Josh was busy crashing on mom and dad’s couch and Uncle Eric lived too far away to visit; but there was one person left.

I snuck back into my apartment when I knew Farkle and Izzy would be sleeping, grabbed a bag with spare clothes, my toiletries, purposely left my phone, grabbed my wallet and headed off into the night.

The three hour car journey from Brooklyn to Boston wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Driving offered a clear mind which was exactly what I needed. Once I arrive, I do my best to find my destination based on memory. Eventually I see it.

The Museum of Fine Arts.

I quickly check my appearance in the car mirror, making sure I actually still look human and nervously shuffle out the car.

The museum is different from what I remembered. I used to come up here in middle school to visit my aunt and in my mind it was a lot bigger. But still just as intimidating.

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How does a couple grow together and not apart?

Such a good question. I have a few thoughts, but I’m sure there is so much more that could be added to this discussion.

The underlying thought in your question is this: We are both growing. How do we do that freely without drifting in opposite directions and without scaring one another?

I think the saddest reason I’ve heard for a divorce goes something like this: “You are not the person I fell in love with.” My problem with that reason is how passively the one partner rejects responsibility for their role in cultivating intimacy and then placing blame on their partner for the one inevitable part of life: change. Not to mention that a lot of other partners become greatly discontent and bored when there is stagnancy–so both are cop-outs that reflect the individuals lack of contentment rather than who they married… which brings me to my next point.

You have the freedom to choose who you commit to. Commitment is not good for the sake of commitment. As I’ve said before, being in healthy relationships means choosing to invest your time in people who nourish your heart and mind. Commitment, then, is only healthy when what you’re committed to is committed to your well-being.

With that being said, it’s important to determine whether whoever you’re dating or considering dating is worth growing closer to. In a separate post I wrote a long time ago I discussed the importance of having low expectations but high standards, which is what I consider to be the key to a happy relationship (look here). My main point is that you need to determine the non-negotiable, practical standards you have for what type of person you’d be able to spend a whole life with, and once you build a relationship with someone who upholds those standards, you can lower your expectations and just allow both of you to grow and blossom and change because no matter what happens, as long as you both are committed, you can choose each other despite the course of life. This will inevitably require you to master the art of communication and compromise, but in making a calculated decision in who you choose to commit yourself to, it will ultimately be rewarding. 

The answer I hear in Christian circles refers to two things C. S. Lewis explained about companionship. He says that two people facing the same horizon have the deepest bond. He means that when two people are passionately pursuing the same goals with the same values, there is great intimacy. Another similar idea is in the imagery of a triangle, the two partners at the two corners of the base. The Christian goal of marriage is that as both partners pursue Christ, who is the top point of the triangle, they become closer to one another. 

In Christianity, the cornerstone and foundation of a marital covenant is Christ, which means that regardless of what changes or stays the same (whether it’s the individual partners or the circumstances of life), Christ is the constant, and the ultimate pursuit of His glory is the common ground in which you share life together. This alone shatters the two excuses “You changed–you’re not the person I fell in love with,” and “I feel like you’re stuck in the past–you’re so stagnant and it’s boring me.”

I read somewhere how vital it is to see your partner as a continent–a whole vast piece of land that you’ve decided to explore for the rest of your life (assuming you value commitment, which your question seems to suggest). The idea is to fight the idea that you’ve “figured each other out.” For Charles and I, we talk about how important it is to us that we give each other the freedom to change, and we look forward to rediscovering each other as time and new experiences edit who we are and grow us along the way. For instance, we were discussing politics the other night and it was becoming apparent that I thought of a certain topic quite differently than the way I used to, and so we got to revisit a conversation and take it to new places because he didn’t condemn me for being “inconsistent,” rather he engaged me to learn how I came to that conclusion. 

Like I said, I know there are so many sub-topics we could address, but those are some thoughts on growing together. 

Japanese saying of the week!

Love works in mysterious ways.

  • 縁 (えん/en) destiny, relationship, connection (like…people being destined to meet, that sort of thing. Not always romantic, but it’s romantic here.)
  • は (wa) (makes 縁 the topic of the rest of the sentence)
  • 異 (い/ i ) Strange, odd, different
  • な (na) (turns the 異 into an adjective. As far as I know, 異 isn’t usually a な adjective but we’re just gonna roll with it)
  • もの (mono) thing
  • 味 (あじ/aji) taste (also got the weird な adjective treatment)
  • もの (mono) thing

Literally, “Fate is an odd thing, a tasty thing.”

Figuratively, “Man, you wouldn’t have expected those two to end up together, but here we are. It’s pretty wild how these things turn out sometimes.” Seems to be used to talk about couples who meet and/or fall in love under unlikely circumstances (one dictionary I checked had the example of someone marrying the surgeon who saved his life). Like, you never know what Cupid is planning behind the scenes, but it’s gonna be weird and wonderful.

anonymous asked:

I don't like your arospec headcanons for Gravity Falls because you didn't use examples from the show really, and Dipper(!) and Grunkle Stan have definitely shown romantic attraction. The best case would be for Ford because of his open-mindedness, college educated background and lack of interest in any form of romantic relationship. My little sister is aro, and making fuzzy headcanons about characters that have far more canon evidence against said headcanons does not help represent her or anyone

Also, Dipper is 12. His sexuality is still solidifying and should not be defined as being anything, though especially not aro considering how much of a romantic he was when it came to Wendy. I cannot conceive how you could headcanon Dipper from Gravity Falls into aro. He has not had a chance to be aro, he’s fell for Wendy and then got over her. You want a pre-teen aro? Try Ash Ketchum. No signs of romantic interest or reciprocation, just about ever. That’s an aro.

i should have expected something like this tbh anytime an aro headcanon post gets more attention than about 10 notes people get mad about it


interesting that you’d start out your rant here with “i don’t like” b/c, shockingly, i never asked anyone else to? like… you do you buddy. i may harbor mild disappointment that someone not sharing my headcanons means fewer fanworks involving them but that’s literally the extent to which i care. i never asked anyone else to “like” them – i mentioned that i had a bunch, was asked to talk more about them by someone else interested, and did.

that being said, i’m sick of these kinds of arguments being thrown around and might as well give the best response i can. 

first of all, examples from the show? look, the whole “you can’t hc them as aro without 12 pages of information in the form of an organized thesis and cited sources” thing is getting old, and it’s really not fair. the line between romantic/platonic is pretty darn fuzzy, hard to figure out, and not super obvious sometimes. which means both that a) aro people can not realize they’re aro for a while and behave in a way pretty typical of people who ARE interested in romantic relationships until they figure that out and b) looking at a character’s behavior on a tv and saying “that is definitely 100% romantic and could not be perceived any other way” is pretty much impossible and pretending it isn’t is just. really really allonormative

still, and second, i’m not the kind of person to give up and let something lie, so you want examples?? i’ve got examples. let me say up front that i’m not trying to “prove” anything or say one interpretation’s better than another, and if you want to ignore every word i say, then fine. but i don’t go around making arbitrary, “nothing behind them” headcanons either – there’s thought put into them, and i hope you know that. so let’s take a look at some of my favorite moments in the series for aro headcanons

  • dipper fails a quiz on dating because he doesn’t understand it properly (mabel’s guide to life: dating)
  • the spell that shows people their past crushes to try to distract them shows tons of people for mabel…. and none for dipper (love god)
  • when people actually ARE implied to be romantically interested in dipper, or at least say things that feel like a reciprocation of his feelings, he panics (blendin’s game, roadside attraction)
  • stan flirts, sure, but whenever he’s faced with the results of it in a concrete way he gets incredibly uncomfortable and awkward (dreamscaperers, roadside attraction)
  • also note that i put “arospec” for both dipper and stan. aro spectrum doesn’t even necessarily mean 100% completely totally never-experienced-romantic-attraction-in-their-life-or-wanted-a-relationship-of-any-kind-ever aromantic – though i’d still call that a valid headcanon too, tbh. but like i’ve seen lithromantic (experiences attraction that vanishes when reciprocated) stanley suggested and could see dipper at least falling somewhere grey on the spectrum. because it is. it’s a spectrum
  • wendy seems interested in relationships, but doesn’t seem to have a massive amount of interest when she’s IN them – hence our getting things like the extensive list of people she’s already broken up with (the hand that rocks the mabel) 
  • not to mention wendy’s entire conversation with dipper that essentially says “you’re a really close friend, and friends are really more important to me that people i’m interested in dating so let’s keep it that way” (into the bunker) is honestly one of the best things i’ve ever heard on tv as an aro person and means a lot to me no matter how you interpret her
  • and. okay, so. you didn’t pull receipts on ford but look, let me put it this way: i love ford. being completely honest with myself, i pretty much am ford – and not just in fun, quirky scientist ways either; i struggle pretty badly with very similar social and interpersonal issues. and i am here to tell you right now that if he’s the only character on the show you can see maybe being aromantic, you have a mental stereotype of aro people that needs to go away immediately. 
  • …just. understand this is coming from the perspective of someone who would call ford my favorite gf character, not to mention someone who is as utterly aromantic and romance-repulsed as anyone i’ve ever met. but i am simultaneously conscious of the fact that he is not by any means a socially healthy character, and that’s a really negative stereotype of aromantic people that needs to go away forever. there are aromantics out there who are bad with people and also don’t want romantic relationships (heck, i’m one of them) – and who because of those things need a lot of support too, please don’t interpret this as ragging on them (again, i’m literally describing myself). but for every one of them, there’s also an aro who’s excited, bubbly, and a total social butterfly. pointing at the character who probably struggles the most socially of anyone on the show and saying “i guess maybe you can have THAT one” just reinforces the stereotype that we aromantics are really “failures” in one way or another and our lack of romantic interest probably actually stems from some kind of social ineptitude or stuntedness.

as for the second ask – look, we’ve established that i’m aro. i am very, very aro. but do you know what i would have told you about myself when i was 12 years old? 

that i had a MEGA HUGE CRUSH on this guy who was older than me and SO COOL and i just REALLY LIKED HANGING OUT WITH. and that i dreamed that we were going to get MARRIED when we grew up because i had SUCH A HUGE CRUSH and he was just SO COOL

sound familiar?

i didn’t even learn the word “aromantic” until i was 15 years old – and that’s wendy’s age, not dipper’s. heck, i had a boyfriend at one point in time. sort of. it was complicated. it also helped me figure out that i was aro – because aromanticism doesn’t have much visibility, this thing is a process for everyone

and now that i’ve figured that out, i can have a pleasant chat conversation over facebook with the guy i mentioned having that obviously mega huge crush on once upon a time (spoiler: it was never actually a crush. i just didn’t know – how could i, when we never tell kids that people not experiencing crushes actually happens is a thing that actually happens?). and it’s cool and casual and topics of discussion involve like… the new star wars movie. not our wedding plans. i just had to figure some stuff out about myself before we got to that point

so… idk, the fact that dipper seems most comfortable and happy with wendy when they’re just chilling, as friends, watching a movie or something and he’s not putting pressure on himself to be romantically interested in her really reminds me of myself growing up? cue headcanons

i guess that’s the biggest thing about this i’d like you to understand, if you do take anything away from this post. that a lot of people make and like headcanons like this for the stuff they love because they see little bits of themselves in the characters. i don’t get why that’s such a problem for so many people, but that’s the truth. and also

“My little sister is aro, and making fuzzy headcanons about characters that have far more canon evidence against said headcanons does not help represent her or anyone”

wow, nice job speaking over your sister. let me ask you – have you ever actually asked her about that? have you ever gotten an actual quote or response from her, in which she explicitly told you that unless a character has never ever been implied to maybe be attracted to someone, she doesn’t want people to think of them as aro? because she would literally be the first aromantic person i’ve heard of to say that.

the thing is, that almost never happens. even for characters without romantic interests (which are fewer and farther between than i think you realize……) there are almost always jokes, and references, and hints that they really do or will want a relationship. b/c we live in a super allonormative society to begin with and our fiction almost hyperbolizes it. in my experiences, it’s finding characters that we identify with for one reason or another – like, say, dipper – and manipulating the narrative a little that helps us.

and yeah, it helps. you say it doesn’t help, but it helps. 

if it didn’t help, the aro gravity falls fic series i’m writing on my ao3 wouldn’t be my most viewed and kudos-ed story. heck, i wouldn’t get comments on any of my arofics about how important they are to people, or how much they mean to them, or how they’re so grateful that i’m writing those kinds of things. it wouldn’t be therapeutic for me to write them in the first place. i wouldn’t talk about aro hcs with some of my friends in skype chats and get super excited about our ideas, or that they wrote fics inspired by them that i’ve bookmarked and read when i have bad days where being aro makes me feel broken. i wouldn’t be posting about my headcanons online if they didn’t mean something to me – do you think aromantic people are just sitting there, posting these things for no reason other than to think to themselves “how can i be heartless and destroy people’s ships?” or something? (hint: if you are, i think you’ve gotten us confused with krakens) 

we post this kind of thing because it means something to us, and i think that’s proof enough for anyone that it “helps”

Back to You

Request: Hey I know your probably got a lot on your plate. But if you get the chance could you do a Bucky x reader. Where they have a toxic relationship like they know they’re bad for each other but they always come back to one another. Thnx😘❤️❤️PS I love your work and I really appreciate you doing the comic con imagine that I requested😍😍😍

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A/N: I am in no way promoting toxic relationships.

Warnings: Toxic friendship.

Word Count Total: 629

Short Imagine #84

Title: Back to You

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This love IX


It was silent. Too silent for their own liking. It made it easier for their thoughts to scream at them. Adam was hating every single moment of the last hour. He was hating himself for signing the contract and he was hating himself for making her even think he would leave her. He would never leave her. He couldn’t. But there she was in another room, sure that he was. He couldn’t allow that so walked quickly to the living room.

He watched her for a second before approaching her. Her back was turned to him, as she stood in front of the window just as she had been about an hour ago when there were smiles on their faces and they were happy to be back in each other’s arms, happy that they had each other.

“Taylor,” he called out, gently, stepping closer to her until he was side by side. “I’m not leaving.” He said after a few moments of silence. She doesn’t look at him, afraid she might break down if she did. The truth was that she had been freaking out over the ten minutes he hadn’t followed her and she left. But she knew that if he didn’t want to be with her, she couldn’t do anything and she would give up.

“Good.” She nodded, her face emotionless. “That’s good. Daniel deserves that.”

“And so do you. And I’m not here because it’s the right thing to do. I hope you know that. I’m here because I love you both and because without you guys I don’t know what I would be living for.” He told her, trying to make sure she understood what he meant. “I love you.” He murmured. “I love you so much, Taylor Swift. You might think you know what it’s like to love someone so much, but if you even felt the amount of love I feel you for you, you’d know you’re wrong. If you think for a second that I’m ever leaving you and Danny, you’re so unbelievably mistaken. I am not leaving, not now, not ever, Taylor. I’m so in love with you, it scares the shit out of me. And if you don’t believe me then I’ll spend the rest of my days making sure I right my mistake of not showing you my love. And fuck the god damn contract. You want me, you have me, no excuses, no exceptions, for as long as you want me. And I’m gonna be the best father I can be for Danny. As unplanned as he was, he’s ours and he’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’m here. I’m here, Taylor. You say the word and I’ll drop everything for you.” She turned her head to look at him. “And as I promised you, I’m not giving up, ever.”

“Okay…” she whispered, wiping her tears away. After a few seconds of silence, she spoke up. “And the contract?”

“I’m leaving it. And it’s gonna get really shitty for a while, but my priorities are different now. I have a family to worry about.” He smiled softly and she smiled back at him. “I think we’re both scared.” He murmured, wrapping an arm around her waist. “About having this responsibility of someone’s entire life in our hands. Educating and making sure our child has the best life he can have is hard and we have a lot to go through and a lot to learn. It’s the scariest thing in the world right now.”

“Like we’re trapped.” She leaned her head on his shoulder.

“But we don’t have to feel that way. It’s scary but it’s also beautiful. And he doesn’t have to make us feel trapped because we can do anything we want, Tay. You can release your album, I can play shows, the only thing we need to do is find a permanent solution to keep us together.” She let’s the silence take over them, knowing exactly what the solution was. She had been playing it in her head, going over the decision she had made. Scared but also hopeful that it would bring great things.


“What?” He asked, wondering if he had heard her correctly.

“The permanent solution is living in LA.” She offered him a small smile. “I’ve been thinking about it lately. It’s what will work for us and yeah, LA.”

“You have no idea how happy I am to hear that.” Adam breathed out, a smile spreading across his lips. “Thank you.” He whispered, kissing her head gently. “So we’re good?”

“Yeah we’re good.” She nodded, leaning against him. “We’re good.”

“Was he okay?” Taylor asked, smiling down at Danny as she took him in his arms.

They had come to pick Danny up from Andrea’s house, after having missed him so much, although the break was enjoyed and it was nice to have one night all alone. Taylor found it hard to be away from her baby for so long, she hadn’t been away from him for a whole night and after two months of being constantly there, it was hard to adjust to being without him.

“He was perfect. He’s starting to sleep for longer now, isn’t he?” Andrea answered with a smile, rubbing Danny’s head gently.

“Thank god for that.” Taylor chuckled, glancing at Adam who let out a soft laugh. “But he was fine, right?”

“Yes, honey, he was.” Andrea smiled. “And how was your night? You had a nice surprise there, I see.” She motioned to Adam making them both laugh.

“Yeah, we’re happy to be reunited.” Taylor nodded, a big smile on her face.

“Oh yeah, honey, I’ve been meaning to ask you about something.” Andrea said.

“What is it?”

“About Christmas, are we still spending it in Rhode Island or has anything changed?”

In reality, Taylor hadn’t thought about Christmas, at all. She loved Christmas, absolutely loved everything about it, from the food to giving presents, she loved it all but this year, after having Danny, she hadn’t thought about it. Was it supposed to be different? She reckoned it would be a more special than the previous years seeing as they had a baby now. She always heard how Christmas when you had a baby got even better. She was looking forward to confirming that.

“No, I mean,” she glanced at Adam. “I’m not sure.” She bit her lip, pulling Danny a little closer. “I’ll have to think about it.”

“Well, I of course I wanna spend Christmas with you guys, it’s our first Christmas as family but I wanna see my family back in Scotland too.” Adam explained and she nodded, leaning her head back on the pillow, as he got ready for bed.

They had been discussing the topic of Christmas lightly, trying to figure out how to make it work.

“Well, we could just get everyone to come here instead.” She smiled at him and he stopped what he was doing to look at her with a grin.

“You mean fly everyone here from Scotland?” He stepped closer.

“Yeah, your brother and sister and their families plus your mom and dad. I’ll send the jet and then they can meet Dan and everything.” She said and he got into bed pulling her so she was on top of him.

“I love you.” He smiled.

She leaned down to press a kiss to his lips. “Love you too.”

“Christmas is gonna be amazing this year then.” He chuckled. “We have a baby, both are families are gonna be here. It’s amazing.”

“Life is coming together nicely.” She nodded, a huge smile on her face as she rubbed his back and he laid on her chest.

“Can I ask you something?” Taylor hummed in response and he sighed softly. “Does your mom still like me? After everything?”

“Babe, of course she does. She knows you make me happy.” Taylor reassured him.

“But I hurt you, badly. You were so unhappy for a while there, Taylor. She’s bound to not like me a bit.” He frowned.

“Hey look at me.” Taylor murmured making him look up. She placed her hands on both sides of his face. “Your my baby’s dad and you’re also my boyfriend. I love you so much and my mom knows that even though you hurt me, you wouldn’t do that now. She trusts you and you staying with me and Danny is even bigger proof that you love me. And she’s always liked you, she didn’t like what you did but she likes you. I promise you.”

“I just…get worried about what everyone thinks sometimes, like your family and friends. They’re so important in your life and I screwed up big time this year, I don’t even want to think about how many people hated me then.” He shook his head and she smiled, pecking his lips.

“You’re fine, trust me. And even if people hated you, it wouldn’t change my feelings for you.” She rubbed his cheek with a smile on her lips. He didn’t respond, instead he just went back to his position, enjoying the peacefulness in the room.

“Isn’t it strange how much changed in year, how much has happened?” He murmured and she chuckled thinking about it.

“We started the year happy as ever, things went to shit, we broke up, fucked things up even more, then peace came along through texts,” she said, her mind going back to that time. “Then the ultimate plot twist of the year…”

“We had a baby?”

“I was gonna say Trump got elected but yeah that works too.” She joked and he burst out laughing with her. “We had a baby.” She whispered and lifted his head up making her gaze at him.

“Now that’s what I call crazy.” Adam smirked.

“Crazy is having a baby without ever knowing I was pregnant.” She shook her head. “Sometimes I remember it’s real and I realize just how insane it actually is.”

“Bet you never thought you’d add mommy to international superstar, singer songwriter, ten times Grammy award winner Taylor Swift in 2016, huh?” She giggled at the way he said it.

“I quite enjoy the title more than the others honestly.” She told him, making him smile softly. “I’m proud to be Dan’s mommy. I can’t wait to hear his voice saying that.”

Through the baby monitor and throughout the apartment, Dan’s cries erupted making them laugh softly. “Speaking of the devil.” Adam stood up, smiling.

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Soulmate Michael (AU) Pt. 5 (Final)

Imagine #3.5



Background: Loosely based on the universe of which the movie In Your Eyes takes place. Michael and (Y/N) live on opposite sides of the world, they’ve never met, they share no similar blood, yet they have one strange connection. From a young age, though they never realized it, their senses have been connected. They thought they were crazy, until when they finally made some more sense of their bizarre connection.

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

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