YOU CAN BUY this figure. Just write to me on until November 21. Height - 19cm, polymer clay. 30 days of work.

This time I want to show you this Celestia made according to the art of Yakovlev-vad. This is my first figurine made on the art of this artist, which I consider to be a great omission. When I saw this sketch, I just could not resist, because I am a big fan of music, especially heavy, and I love to add it to my works. The only thing I had to change was to invert the cross, and I changed the angle of her gaze to avoid strabismus (the eternal problem of sculptors when working using art)

I hope you will like this figure, I spent a lot of effort to make it. This is also my first Celestia for the whole time of my practice :)



Original character by film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find”

The size of the sculpture:
Height - 16cm
Length - 20cm
Width - 15cm.

Velvet clay, wire, acrylic, glass eyes.

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This is resin molding, colored acrylic by hand. I made a model co-authored with Dan Karhu, from the material that I used, velvet clay.


“Roy and Riza Sculpture”
Dimensions: approx. 10″H x 7″W.
Polymer clay & mixed media

Listen…what’s the point of learning how to sculpt if I don’t shamelessly make merchandise for myself lol…Basically I recently got into Fullmetal Alchemist during the summer and I wanted try my hand at making Roy and Riza in their fancy uniforms.

Sculpture process and WIP photos can be found on my insta!