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Egyptian Steatite Figure of the Lady Iset, Chantress of Sobek, 19th Dynasty, Reign of Ramesses I to early in the Reign of Ramesses II, c. 1292-1250 BC

Wife of the scribe Imen-heru, seated on a cushioned seat, the back pillar and back of the seat finely engraved in sunk relief with three columns of inscription starting with the hetep-di-nesut offering formula (“an offering given by the King”) and naming “Isis of the sovereign isle of the gods,” the sides of the seat engraved at a later stage with representations of Itset’s children, on the right with two columns of inscriptions and the figures of two striding priests, one called Nakht(?), “prophet of Paibib,” the other “wab-priest of Paibib”, his name unspecified, and on the left side of the throne with two striding women each introduced as a “chantress of Ptah” in the accompanying inscriptions, raising her left hand in a gesture of adoration, and holding a lotus flower in her right hand.

The mention of “Isis of the sovereign isle of the gods” on the back pillar probably refers to the deity worshiped in the temple precinct within which the present statue was originally placed and dedicated, perhaps in the Fayum where Sobek had his major cult center and Iset was serving as member of his clergy.

The figures, names, and titles of Iset’s children, all of them priests and priestesses of various other deities, were engraved on the side of the seat in a rougher manner than the carefully carved inscription on the back pillar, suggesting they were added as an afterthought and by a different hand.

Isolated representations of women in the round are uncommon in the New Kingdom, when they are usually represented as consorts in pair statues.


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First fixing some guidelines so I know what color starts where. I first use pencil to draw on the face and such and then I go over it with paint.


Roman Bronze Figurine of Mars Ultor (the Avenger) with Silver Inlay, 2nd-3rd Century AD

The Emperor Augustus created the cult of “Mars the Avenger” to mark two occasions: his defeat of the assassins of Caesar at Philippi in 42 BC, and the negotiated return of the Roman battle standards that had been lost to the Parthians at the Battle of Carrhae in 53 BC. The Temple of Mars Ultor (photo) was dedicated in 2 BC in the center of the Forum of Augustus. The new temple became the point of departure for magistrates as they left for military campaigns abroad and Augustus required the Senate to meet at the temple when deliberating questions of war and peace.

Mars Ultor is usually depicted wearing a cuirass and helmet and standing in a “martial pose,” leaning on a lance he holds in his right hand (now missing, along with his arm). He also usually holds a shield in his left hand (also missing in the present example). During the 2nd and 3rd centuries, the cult of Mars Ultor was most important among the deities honored in Roman military camps.

Monster High Figurine Collection Booklet -  Issue number 25 : Jackson Jekyll (Part 3 : Middle picture + quick translation of the diary entry)

My best friend is a monster

It’s not really a secret : Frankie and I have been friends almost from the moment I sent foot in Monster High. She’s smart, funny, and she’s one of the kindest and most understanding monsters I’ve ever met. The only thing that bugs me is that everytime we spend a moment together, I have to convince my other friends that it isn’t a date. Say last week-end’s picnic for example. Somehow Heath found out where it was and wouldn’t stop talking about my “new girlfriend”. So I might have been a bit on edge when I went to pick Frankie up. She said “Isn’t it a beautiful day?”, and I mumbled at once “It’s not a date” and Frankie stared at me as if I’d turned into a huge tarantula. I got so red I thought my hair might catch fire and I started to try to explain - that I liked her a lot, but that finding out who I was was already hard enough and that I just wanted us to be friends, that I didn’t want to drag her into my mess before I settled everything with Holt - but she just grabbed the basket from my hands and hugged me. “Jackson Jekyll, we ARE friends” she said “I know that and you know that”. After that, I stopped worrying and was able to enjoy the picnic. Having a girl best friend is sometimes complicated, but actually, not that much.