Archaeologists Unearth ‘Dancing Priestess’ Figurine in Neolithic Settlement

A 7,500-year-old clay figurine from the Neolithic of what has been described as a “dancing priestess” has been discovered by archaeologists during the excavations of a settlement located near the town of Varbitsa, Shumen District, in Northeast Bulgaria.

The female figurine is seen as especially intriguing because of detailed features – it has its hands on its waist, and its face shows its widely open eyes, its mouth, and even its nostrils, reports the Bulgarian daily Trud, pointing out that clay figurines from the same time period which have been found in Bulgaria so far “have only a nose, at best”.

The figurine of the “dancing priestess” has been made part of the permanent collection of the Regional Museum of History in Bulgaria’s Shumen together with several more artifacts found in 20 days of archaeological excavations of the settlement near Varbitsa, which has a total area of 13 decares (app. 3.25 acres), and features archaeological layers from different time periods. Read more.

6 months after I ordered her, she has finally arrived. It’s been so long since I ordered her that I forgot that I did and I was genuinely surprised when I opened the box. She is well worth the wait. Also, she’s freaking WAY bigger than I thought she would be. She is the first “high end” figure I’ve ever bought. Though I was incredibly excited, it’s still a somber reminder that Monty Oum is no longer with us. He was and still is truly one of my biggest heroes.


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finally got my Cap 2 figures in the mail!!

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Here’s Steve

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Miss Anne Harcourt (1921). George Harcourt (English, 1868-1948). Oil on canvas. Royal Academy of Arts.

Harcourt portrays his daughter in a summer dress in the tradition of Reynolds and Romney. This is a painting for which Harcourt wished to be remembered, as it is included the Academy’s ‘diploma’ collection, to which artists are required to donate on the occasion of their election to membership.