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The left picture is my favorite part of the first ending: Nozomi appearing in the doorway gleefully and Eli right behind her, stiff and embarrassed. Given that, as well as the gap Eli leaves between herself and Honoka in the right picture (the only gap in the whole line of them), I like to think that this ending takes place in those couple weeks after Nozomi and Eli join and before the concert.

I understand why the anime skipped over those weeks, but it’s one of the most disappointing things the anime does, in my opinion. We see Eli go from antagonist to best friend in the span of 30 seconds, when the actual process wouldn’t have been anything like that. Eli’s stubborn. At this point she knows she’s in the wrong, that she has to be nicer to Honoka and the rest of the girls, but she’s too awkward to do it naturally. She’s going to keep being stubborn simply because that’s all she knows how to do it, and it’s going to cause friction in the group until she can calm down. There’s going to be arguments, disagreements over leadership (who’s in charge? Honoka, as the person who started muse? Nico, as club president? Eli, who’s been in charge of everything her whole life?), and while in the end it will bring the group closer, you could have an interesting story where they almost fall apart.

The one saving grace, aside from Nozomi’s magic, is that most of the group can’t hold a grudge. Nico and Maki are the only ones who stay angry (and Eli should be really glad the subunits didn’t exist because bibi meetings would have been awful), but eventually Maki decides she doesn’t care enough. Nico is good at staying silent and angry for a long time, but once she’s alone she gives in too, and it’s only then that Eli can start to relax and truly bond with the group.

This post didn’t quite end up where I expected it to go but basically: those two weeks after Eli joined would be full of character development and awkward bonding moments and I really wish we had seen them.

so anyways im rewatching the mask of zorro and vividly being reminded of how elena “while you were getting blackout drunk in some hole in the wall i was studying the blade” de la vega was truly such a formative influence growing up

Darcy Lewis has her own fandom and I think that’s beautiful.

Here’s something I don’t do; fan art. But Night in the Woods was a pretty special, unique game and since I helped fund it on kickstarter, I figured what the hell. Gregg was my favorite character. This is a very quick and dirty little sketch. If you have a Steam account or a PS4, give it a try. It’s probably not at all what you expect.


or: Four Times Moana and Maui Surprised the Crowd, and One Time They Did Not

My first shot at a 4-and-1 type gig! I tried to keep these short, but you know my writing, that didn’t end up happening. I think this is like seven thousand words total. Look, my hand just slipped for four hours straight. 

Happy, happy birthday to my dear friend @paperjam-bipper! You’re so old now, you shmuck. Congratulations. Hope you enjoy the gratuitous amounts of fluff I stuck in here, just for you. :) 

Fandom: Moana
Words: 7,400
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Summary: Four times Moana and Maui surprised the crowd, and one time they did not. 


It’s when the first wave breaks on the deck of their ship that Aronui decides, quite firmly, that she does not like storms.

Even shielded as she is from the worst of the rain by her mother’s sturdy legs and swollen belly, there pellets of water sting against her eyelids, and Aronui has to squint to see the deck of the boat mere feet in front of her. Her hairband was lost long ago to the frenzy of the wind, which whips her hair around her face. When Aronui spares a hand to try and tame it, she ends up nearly ripping off the right half of her head.

“Hard about to port!” shouts a familiar voice, commanding against the fury of the storm.

Aronui looks over to see Moana astride the canoe. Despite the writhing waves that tower around her Moana looks at ease, balanced perfectly atop the edge of her canoe while wrestling with the halyard in both hands. She’s planted at one end of her tiny craft, which sways dangerously in the water, and is somehow using the boat’s instability to clamber up the side and look intently at Kara.

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atlast1990  asked:

I literally just started following this blog when I figured out u where also the created of hotpuppet .They are my favorite character and I feel like there underapreiciated. I love your art style so much and ur personality! Okay now I have to do something. *runs over and tackle hugs the puppet*

This isn’t going to make sense if you change your icon

Yeah! The Puppet is a great character, give them all the hugs!

Endless List of Favorite Characters (and Mythological Figures):

Greek Myths ~ Echo // cursed mountain nymph 

“I have poured my heart out… and now I am empty”

Favorite Positive Character Traits

i listed my favorite character flaws (and still have another post in progress about them), but i figured i’d list my favorite positive character traits, by request.

adaptable - i like seeing characters that can adjust to new situations. i especially love it in unrealistic situations. “that person’s flying? cool, seen it before.” 

attentive - i, personally, get tired of oblivious characters, especially when it comes to situations where you (the reader) would be jumping up and down in your character, yelling “it’s right there, omg! it’s so obvious!” especially when it comes to people.

certain - they’re one hundred percent certain in their choices, even if it turns out to be wrong later on. they’re decisive and they follow through. 

charismatic - i like when it’s portrayed in a friendly light. while most villain’s pull it off, i’m kind of tired of seeing it be used for characters that have ulterior motives.

communicator - there’s nothing wrong with talking and being open. i love that and wish there were more characters who avoided leaving thing’s left unsaid. 

connected - they have connections with people, their religions, their hobbies, etc. 

easygoing - people like this are easy to get along with and they tend to tie friendships together. 

generous - i love when characters are the kind to hand out their kindness without expecting anything in return. i love when it’s subtle, especially.

intimate - a super friendly kind of person, who forms deep bonds and shows their affections openly, regardless of the nature of their relationship (platonic or romantic). friendly, but bold; might be the kind of person to wipe crumbs from the corner of another’s mouth, definitely brushes dust off another’s back, etc. 

knowledgeable - don’t get me wrong, i love intelligent characters like no other, but i like it slightly more when their knowledge lies in other places (hobbies? places? history? mythology?)

listener - this person enjoys listening more than talking and that’s acceptable, but sometimes i like knowing that this character’s friends will listen to them in return. too many times do i see these kinds of characters play the role of ear only. they’re a character too, y’know?

loyal - to their friends, family, lover, pets, etc. sure. however, i enjoy the kind of loyal characters that know when their friends are in the wrong and they don’t just obliviously go along with it.

those are just a few examples. i hope they give you ideas.

things you should definitely 100% not think about when you think about philip shea (except do because philip shea is perfect and you should always think about him)

- Okay, first of all, don’t think about how Philip was literally almost shot and actually did literally beg for his life for a moment and allowed himself to be scared about that for approximately .5 seconds before sucking it up and remaining seemingly calm for pretty much the rest of the show (except for when he realized tommy and tracey were in danger. because philip shea cares about other people. but once they are gone, he accepts it quickly and moves on. that is philips’ like number one skill. accept and move on. don’t think about why that is).

- Don’t think about how he somehow got to the city in the middle of the night and then didn’t even risk going inside. Don’t think about how he just curled up on the couch outdoors as if this was a common, acceptable place for him to sleep and passed out, alone, after almost being killed.

- Don’t think about how he goes from saying “I’m done. can’t go back, can’t go back there” to accepting he can’t live with him mom again in approximately ten seconds. He doesn’t argue too much about it. Doesn’t beg or plead or threaten to run away. Just says “I know” and gives his mom cigarettes and then sits and comes out to her because she wants to hear nice things about him and to him, lukas liking him back enough to kiss him is a nice thing.

- Don’t think about how when given the opportunity, Philip will sit next to a man who has almost definitely abused him and just do nothing but pretend the guy likes him.

- Don’t think about his honest confusion when he asks “Why not” after Lukas says he didn’t have sex with Rose.

- Don’t think about how Philip is so calm and willing to do or be whatever the person he loves (read: his mom and Lukas) needs him to be. I mean, yes, he tells Lukas no that one time and calls him on his shit other times, but really, overall, the kid is willing to put himself on the line for those he cares about: “Had to be cool for my mom—I can be cool for you to.” “What do you want me to say? I’ll say whatever you want.” Ugh, he just—he tells Lukas not to drink the hand sanitizer but then three seconds later he does the same thing, no questions asked, because Lukas tells him to. Don’t even get me started on the whole Rose debacle.

- Lukas freaks out when Philip hands him a condom, Philip minimizes it and says “It’s okay. it’s okay, it’s fine” coaxes him back down and no more pressure to do anything. Philip tells Lukas he told his mom about them, Lukas says “There’s nothing to say” and Philip just nods quickly, “Okay.” Doesn’t argue. Doesn’t call Lukas on anything. Just says okay and then offers to take Lukas into the city cause he thinks that will help him.

- Philip won’t get Lukas drugs, but he will help Lukas look for things to sell when he asks and go with him to the pawn shop and wait outside while he does it.

- And, like, I’m not saying this to say Philip is a pushover or weak, he’s not- he’s just contained. All the time. He is the stable one. The calm one. He is careful not to push too much. He thinks of solutions and waits to see if they will actually be listened to but is very, very cautious with actually being assertive with his ideas/wants/needs. He is just so much more attuned to everyone else.

- Oh, ALSO, don’t think too much about how Philip overheard Gabe and Helen arguing about him and chose to step out and put himself in that line of fire anyway. He could have just hung back and waited a little. Or, fuck, run off until things cooled down. But Gabe was being yelled at and they were arguing and so he decided to step in. Cause Philip wants to keep everyone happy.

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Things Touka has done
  • Raised her brother after both her parents died
  • Trained Kaneki’s ass to fight
  • Helped save Nishiki’s girlfriend from Tsukiyama
  • Saved Hinami from Mado
  • Finished school and opened up her own business in the human world despite not being a half-ghoul like Kaneki.
  • Chose to have Haise be happy rather then to remember her
  • Saved Tsukiyama from the CCG
  • Saved Hinami again

In conclusion: She’s not a useless sidekick character, so why do you guys keep saying she is?

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