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m.a.p.6 cuties visiting j.jun at the hospital on his birthday ;u;


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All this talk about Yuzu's flip makes me remember how much I love it??? It always seems to come out of nowhere (at least to me) and I don't know it might seem simple compared to other jumps but I think it's beautiful 💜💜

I love that jump too! Ever since his team figured out the trick to help him stay on the inside edge, his flip has turned into quite the stunning beauty, which is why I completely support his extra-ness in keeping it in his FS! And you’re totally right, it is always out of nowhere, or as Uncle Kurt likes to call it, “camouflaged within the choreography” 💖💖💖 

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I don't think we can go to SE Hinton for canon questions anymore gotDAMN. Woman is senile. She can't remember her book for shit I'm cackling and also hella angry oh my GOD

Personally, I think it’s more that’s she’s just blatantly pulling stuff out of her ass and trying to pretend it was always meant to be canon than it is she’s just gone crazy, but you’re right.

I mean most of the questions about canon she gets she either responds with “figure it out yourself” or “ugggh why don’t you try reading the BOOK” when she can’t even remember the details from her own books right, so, yeah, I don’t think we’re really going to get anything very helpful out of her anytime soon.

I was actually going to ask her a question about middle names while we were on the topic (she ignored the Tweet), because I’ve almost always seen Steve’s middle name being Lucas and Two-Bit’s middle name being Daniel, but lately I’ve been seeing some people say that it’s Jacob and David, respectively, and I wanted to know if she’d come up with either of these herself (the same way she did w/ their birthdays and star signs) or if they were just headcanons that got really popular.

But, yeah, she ignored it (three questions was probably exceeding my limit), and you know what? I don’t really give a fuck. Even if one of those is “official,” it’s not in the book and, therefore, going off of her logic,that means it’s not canon, and I don’t have to listen to it. 

From now on, I say we just think of her books as being public domain, in the sense that they belong to us now–all of us–and we can do whatever we want with them, and if we have a question about something in canon, we can just make it up our damn selves and consider it official. And the answers are going to be slightly different for everybody because we all have our own ideas and our own interpretations, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s great, actually. These stories belong to everybody, and everybody has their own special version of them that’s a little different from the rest–and none of them, absolutely none of them, require a stamp of approval from the creator. It’s out of her hands now.

That said:

  • Mrs. Curtis’s first name was Louise.
  • Curly and Angela are fraternal twins, but Angela is older by 2 minutes and 45 seconds exactly. She’s very quick to remind Curly of this fact in any given situation. Their mom wasn’t planning on/didn’t know she was having twins, and Curly being the second means that he’s always been made to feel like the unwanted, accident child. :(
  • Steve’s full name is Steven Lucas Randle and Two-Bit’s full name is Keith Daniel Mathews.
  • Soda’s full name is Sodapop Patrick Curtis. His birth certificate says Sodapop Patrick Curtis. End of discussion.

ok i think i have a theory for seventeens comeback which i hope WILL NOT BE ANYTIME SOON!!!!

remember how we had teasers and we need to figure out what their prime numbers are and like idk if y'all have seen that video of a chinese exo-l doing a cover of kokobop using a calculator??? (

I really don’t know why but i think if we put all their prime numbers together on this type of calculator or even on our phones (like how you need to press certain numbers to get the melody of happy birthday) 



so what you y’all think?????? hahahahaha please don’t take this seriously its just a random thought i had i mean i just came back from school and i need to pack i leave tmr lmao 

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“It was nice seeing her again. She looked truly lovely this evening. I haven’t seen her in anything but her school uniform for a very long time, and tonight she wore this enchanting dress, a pale, spring green. It had all these airy layers of chiffon that floated around her, and she had her hair up.” Eriol sighed softly. “That girl has the most beautiful neck I’ve ever seen, slim and pale and…”

“Yeah, you’ve got it bad,” Spinel told him.

A Capella - Kit Spooner

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I'm so confused about everything on chapter 32???? Like is sangwoo FULLY lying this time or Was he telling the truth at SOME moments ?? Does sangwoo really don't care about bum and why doesn't he remember that he saved him at the military JSJDKDKSKSKSK PLLLLEASE EXPLAIN IM SO LOOOOST AT THIS WHOLE CHAPTER

There’s not much I can explain really xD It’ll all just be guesses. We should wait until they’re alone together to figure out how honest he’s been.

The thing is, Sangwoo’s top priority at the moment is to get both of them out of there. So I think he’s doing EVERYTHING he can. He even goes as far as to come out as gay and even goes into details with everything, telling them they have sex and all and even kisses Bum. I’m pretty sure he’s not very amused by all of this but it’s what he has to do. He’s mixing the truth and the lies.
It’s not that he doesn’t care about Bum, it’s just that his kind of ‘caring’ is… uh… a bit different. More selfish! He’s the type that probably never bothers remembering people’s birth dates or most of the stories they tell him and similar things, but doesn’t mean he cares less about this person (Bum). I know it sounds wild but it’s possible. Still… the military thing was the first thing Yoonbum told him and it was important. So he might remember if he thinks a bit harder :’)

Today at the Barnes and Noble Gerard Way Signing
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> "Hey, this really sucks but I have a question from 2013 about Killjoys that I always forget to ask you and I was wondering about Issue Four and how in the back of the single it had the Girl's BLI file and all get dead friends. You know, Cherri Cola, Dr Death Defying, even Jet Star and fucking Kobra Kid, but not Party Poison! What's that about?!"<p/><b></b> *Awkward silence for a minute*<p/><b>Me:</b> "It was a accident, wasn't it?"<p/><b>Gerard:</b> "No, but I actually don't remember why we did that. I know me and Shaun talked about it and stuff, so I'll have to ask him, because I really can't remember this. I'll post on, uh, Instagram if I figure it out. Awesome Casey drawing, by the way."<p/><b>Me:</b> "Oh, uh, thank you."<p/></p>

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*knock knock* it's tea time! i'm also in my feelings....tell me why uncle daryl lied to auntie carol again when he said "i was out here and i saw you." boy if he don't get! we know good and hell well that as soon as he figured out that ricardo was talking about Carol...he went on a mission. he was out there looking for her cause he knew she had to be close. daryl missed his bae so much and had to know that she was okay and had to know why she left. he ain't slick😏

Fax. Also do any of ya’ll remember Daryl’s binoculars? He was outchea under that fern tree, scouting Ezekiel’s every recited pick up line from a distance. Ya’ll can fight me on this

say you’re me and you’re in english class, supposedly analyzing lord of the flies but in actuality thinking about manga and how jarring isayama’s pacing is with snk. there’s of course, the fact that the clash of the titans arc takes place literally like a day or two before the female titan arc and pretty much everything happens in a flashback for some reason, then there’s the super-confusing mess that is the uprising arc with politics and some pretty fiiine character development that all happens in what’s probably less than 36 hours. 

and then, of course, there’s the return to shiganshina arc where they find out what’s in the basement after foreeever and then… an infodump??? for three chapters??? whyyyy!!

but of course if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense, in a kind of weird roundabout way that requires way too much thinking. but since this is english class of course you gotta analyze the story way too much in ways that the author likely never intended!

okay that was fun now onto actual meta or w/e. and, in case you guys didn’t pick it up from the introductory ramble, manga spoilers!!

  • we know that there’s only one family within the walls (besides grisha) who actually knows what goes on outside the walls: the reisses, the royal family. 
    • they’re the only ones able to actually access this power to remember all that happened pre-wall era at will, assuming they have the coordinate
    • there’s only one person with the coordinate power at a time within the walls, so that makes only one person inside (again, besides grisha because he literally comes from outside) who knows everything. 
      • AND they can’t tell anyone because it’s pretty overwhelming and terrible stuff
  • we know that the memories of the first king come are pretty overwhelming, completely taking over the holder of the coordinate for short spans of time

(i spent way too long looking for that screenshot but you know what it was fun refreshing my memory)

  • the memories of the outside world probably come rushing to the holder the second they become the new shifter in what’s probably a bunch of flashbacks, and when they come to literally minutes or less later, they’re completely different now that they have all this scary knowledge

(context for those who don’t mind spoilers or have forgotten details: historia’s father’s brother has just acquired the coordinate and is now more or less he god of the walled world. he knows.)

  • which brings me back to what i was originally harping on about: the point of the infodump on what’s going on outside the walls.
    • the reader is blind to all the truths and hidden secrets of the manga, just as everyone within the wall is blind to what happens beyond the titans and outside the walls.
    • and then, all of a sudden, we hit this huge milestone that’s been hyped up for literally 84 chapters, and we’re blown away with all. this. info. in such a short span of time. the meta writers went bonkers and everyone was kind of just screaming with their heads lit on fire.
      • that’s probably how all the reisses who inherited the coordinate felt when they first felt getting all this information

IN CONCLUSION: the way that the info dump was set up might have been intentional, paralleling how both the character’s felt at the time with this sudden heap of new information, and how most of the coordinate holders felt when they first learned everything.

i’m not saying it’s good writing. in my opinion, it was kind of lazy to just “hey kids we’re at this super hyped up, legendary basement have three months of screeching about now knowing everything whoop now there’s different problems yup”. but when overanalyzing it, it makes for a perfect mirror into how the characters themselves are feeling.

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I feel masculine and don't see myself as anything but a boy so why do I randomly doubt that I'm trans? I'll be thinking that I should just live as a girl or that I'm making a mistake. Being called female hurts but I still doubt myself. I'm happy seeing myself as a man and I have body disphoria but I still doubt myself. I'm not sure why but even though I feel like a man, any pronouns used for me just don't feel quite right and I'm not happy with any names so far. Is my experience common at all?

Your experience is very common. Transition and figuring yourself out can be confusing and contradictory for a long time.

Might I suggest a therapist or group therapy? It might help you not be as anxious about these kinds of things. And remember, they’re totally normal experiences.

- Mod K

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I sent a random ask a few years ago that was probably eaten by the hungry machine that is tumblr. I don't remember exactly what I said but I was trying to say how you're inspiring but I didn't know why I felt compelled to send it at the time. Well, in the time since then I forgot your URL until now and I also went through the process of figuring out my identity wasn't quite what I was convincing myself it was. Now I just need to get the courage to come out to my parents and start HRT.

Your old message may well be buried in the 4000+ in my inbox right now. My apologies for that.

As for your voyage of self-discovery: I believe in you. 💓

I rewatched Don’t Play This Game…and my memory is failing me obviously, because I have no recollection of Dark EVER making an appearance in that video. I remember hin trying to figure it out like normal, not getting it, then looking it up out of curiousity and telling us that you need to get a specific number out of 780…I SWEAR that’s what happened and yet…I can’t remember at all. And I have no clue why…this wasn’t that long ago, I should remember something as big as Dark appearing and everything in the video changing. Did I imagine all that, him looking up the answer? It’s so strange…and I’m so confused…what is happening?


ship: portgo
word count: 376
warnings: n/a
an old piece that i’m posting for @giving-light bc i saw you were wanting some fluff!! 

Hugo jolts awake and for a moment he doesn’t know why, doesn’t understand why there’d been movement in his bed and for an even longer moment he can’t figure out where he is.

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Hello... a friend has alerted me to you... mistreating a buddy of mine. I believe his name is Dave (like the character) but I don't quite remember his URL... I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. I'd like to ask you why... and I'd like to ask you to stop. -A friend :p

him: *talks shit about me several times for a bullshit reason*
me: *calls them out on this and asks why*
him: what the fuck u ableist asshole

hold on you guys…

so now we all know why lion is pink, yeah? he must’ve died at some point in the past and rose brought him back to life. and we don’t know for SURE how long lion’s been around, but we know it’s been at least fourteen years since steven is fourteen.

and the thing about that is, well…

now you might be thinking, “well, it’s hard out there for a lion, maybe he lived longer because rose was taking care of him!” and that could be, but even in captivity lions only live for up to twenty years, and lion still spent fourteen years alone after rose’s death. besides, we know that rose hung out with lions long before steven was even a thought in her head, from the episode “buddy’s book.” i would guess that one of those lions ended up becoming steven’s lion. not to mention how much lion just seems to know about rose and about the crystal gems as a whole. he must have observed a lot of what rose did, or even just heard her talk about it. he couldn’t have figured it out any other way.

what i’m getting at is, i think that rose’s healing power made lion immortal, which is why he’s lived for so long. steven’s healing power might have done the same thing to lars. even if steven doesn’t realize it, it sure helps his “i didn’t really ask you permission” line to lars make a bit more sense.

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i honestly dont know why exclusionists think all kids dont experience sexual attraction until their 18 or smth. as someone who is studying developmental psychology right now and also figured out their sexuality (im bi) at 13, kids can feel sexual attraction. they 100% should not act on it because they don't understand the consequences of having sex but it still fucking happens. and telling kids who id as ace at 13/14 they're weird for thinking they understand their sexuality?? miss me with that

yeah i remember 5th grade my friend said that it was weird that i wasnt attracted to anyone

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What do you mean you've figured out what made the presidency bearable....?

Haha, I think it was… well…

Pi, I mean just look at him, it pains me to see how much this hurts him, so we must’ve been really close, and I see why now. As much as I wish he wouldn’t he’s doing everything he can to make sure I’m alright… and…. an…d….


Pi…. why does that sound fami- !!!

Wait a minute!!!

((She’s suddenly on her feet and practically tackle hugging her assistant))

[What’s an anime? 27/27, M!A END]