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As we all know Free! has come to its end...and I can't even put into words how sad it makes me to know that none of us will get to see these lovely boys who have impacted our lives in so many ways. All the learning's they've left behind for all of us to share, is one thing I'm thankful for. But what I'm truly grateful for is all the friends it's allowed me to meet and treasure, going along with their journeys in life, creating some bonds here that I know I never want to lose. This follow forever is dedicated more to all my loves in the free!dom, even if it's over, here's to our future together; may we never part ways, and even if we do may we always find a way to come back to each other. Just like Rin and Haru♥

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Things That Piss Me Off. Vol. 1

People who won’t tell you their age.

People who think god is more than just a fairy tale.

People who fight over religion.

Seriously, what does the pope fucking do?

Why do we still think war is the solution.

When slutty girls post slutty quotes, then 5 min later
complain how guys only want sex, and they deserve better.

The fact we have to pay for food.

People who think they’re better than anyone else.

When you’re in the middle of a conversation online or in a text,
and the other person randomly stops answering.

People who take “jobs” to serious.

People who refuse to try everything once.

People who try to tell other people how to live their lives.

When girls play hard to get, even when you already know
they want it, stop wasting time.

People who take forever to get ready.

When a girl gets in between two friends.

People who think they know everything.

When a black kid wants to fight a white kid for saying “nigga”,
no the white kid ins’t racist, you fucking are.

People who are to much about looks.

People who use the wrong form of (there, they’re, their).

Critics are pointless.

When people make stuff up in front of you,
when you were there and witnessed what really happened.

People who cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend.

People who try and cover up when they cheat/
people who cover for them.

People who don’t believe in aliens.

When people don’t pay you back.

People who make jokes about 9-11.

I hate the idea of government.

The fact that we go to other countries
and kill people because they don’t live the way we want them to.

Giving the guy we know is guilty a lawyer,
so maybe he can walk free..

Some featured pieces on tumblr are obviously because of “favorites”.

People with no sense of humor.

Guys that hit girls/ have hit a girl.

How sports players get paid more money
than people who do things that actually have meaning..

People who make fun of people because of their name,
they didn’t pick it, dumb ass.

People who complain about being lonely.

People who say they’re gonna do something, then don’t.

There’s no such thing as addiction.

People who “can’t” quit smoking.

Relationships over the internet.

People who try and get smart with you when they’re wrong.

People who say dumb shit, and are serious about it.

People who think you’re less of a person
because you could care less about politics.

People who are racist.