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First of all I'd like to say your art is like extremely good and adorable and I love to look at it!!! The next thing is that I was wondering if I could get some advice. I've noticed that separately I can draw facial features and head shapes but when I try putting them together it just doesn't work out... I was wondering if maybe you had some advice...? Thank you!! And keep up with the amazing work!!!!

Thanks!! :D Sometimes it helps to look at a face reference to see if the proportions are right. You should also figure out what exactly isn’t working out in your drawing (Eg. Are the eyes are too big? Is one side of the face leaning a certain way?). Once you know what it is that’s making your work look a little off, you can work on correcting it. 

These are the general guidelines I usually follow for front views:

I hope this helps out a bit!


So I finally figured out that whole shrink plastic charms thing and I’ve made these 2 for me and a friend bUT if I put this sort of stuff on my redbubble page as stickers, is that interesting? I mean like.. the art style and all.

Thoughts are appreciated.


It took me a minute to figure out why the Niall and Louis’ promo feel so different (setting aside obvious label fuckery on Louis’ side). It’s the social media. Niall is out there being relatable on Instagram and Snapchat. He’s showing glimpses of being a “normal guy” in his house, with friends, throwing a fit golfing.

We’re being TOLD Louis is relatable in almost all the articles. But then we have very little “relatable” social media. So it doesn’t ring as true. 

I actually believe ALL of them are “relatable” in real life. But it’s interesting to see the difference there.

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hi i'd just like to remind you all that louis tweeted a recommendation to an album where the main single included the lines "so is it true did __ father a baby? i don't really think so if you asked me he don't like ladies. could've been harry. yeah i'll bet it was harry" and he also said, as someone who allegedly is haunted by larry conspiracy theorists, that the fans always put the pieces together and that they always figure out the meaning behind what he does.


So…. Here it is, the sum total of the actual body, unjoined and uncleaned up. With a medium sized pumpkin for scale. The left side is what I just finished and I think I did a pretty good job freestyling some cabling considering the circumstances.

I think I’ll join these now to get a final verdict on how long it really is, and then worry about hemming later.

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didn't bob pretty much say "he doesn't know if bellarke will go down the romance path" so doesn't that mean bad news for the bellarke fans? why is everyone so happy about what bob said? i don't understand?

Lemme bring up actual quotes before people start twisting things…

“It means something more to both of them at the moment and I don’t know whether it’s going to go down that romantic avenue, but I feel like now that they have this understanding that they really need eachother to become the best person that they can be, which is really special.” -Bob

Keep in mind there’s like 4 episodes left of this season and they kinda have big shit to worry about. This is also The 100, they’re not gonna walk into the sunset together at the end of the season, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love eachother and that’s it’s not headed that way for season 5. Bob is also like … the ONE actor who never spoils anything. He knows what he can and can’t talk about when he goes to cons. The easy way out of literally any question is “I don’t know! Guess we’ll see!” 

I think people are focusing on the wrong points. I’d pay more attention to what he said about them “transcending romance” 

I think some people need to look up the word transcend so lemme do it for yall

To transcend something means to “surpass”, “exceed”, “outdo”, “upstage”…

Kinda like if someone said … “I visited New York and reality far transcended my expectations!”


People are also unfortunately taking the word “transcended” out of context which makes it sound like it means something completely different. Again….actual quote…

“I love their relationship because it, in a way, I feel like it’s transcended romance or anything like that. It means something more to both of them at the moment” -Bob 





roxas isn’t even a day old and he’s trying to figure out how to eat ice cream

axel is just like he’s biting it, i’m going to try that- holy crap nope bad idea

and then they all proceed to bite their ice creams for the rest of the game

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Hi! I really love your writing, and I am absolutely never going to stop reading what you put out. Given all the prompts you have, I kind of feel bad for adding more... If/when you have spare time and interest, I'd just like you to know that I'd really appreciate seeing the other OC relationships you hinted at. I'd really like to see the relationship between Takao's mother and Midorima's dad and/or between the sisters! I love this ridiculous love situation so very very much.

After a singularly disastrous marriage that was psychologically damaging to both her and her children, Takao Nobuko figures that all things considered, romance is not something she really needs out of life anymore. But that if romance were to be an issue, then she would be smart about it. (Way smarter than she had been before). That’s why she has rules.

Primarily: 1) No more assholes. But since there’s not always an easy way to tell if someone is an asshole, there has to be other restrictions, so it basically boils down to 2) No more complications. Things always seemed to be complicated with her ex-husband. And while love isn’t easy is a common catchphrase, Nobuko can’t help but wonder, well, why can’t it be? Loving her children is easy. Loving her friends and loving her parents and her siblings are all easy. Why should loving a man be any different?

With that in mind, it was easier to come up with a list of traits to avoid in order to ensure that her next great romance isn’t stressful. 3) No co-workers, 4) no doctors, 5) no spineless cowards and most importantly 6) no one who refuses to be around her children.

(There are positive things she is looking for too: kindness, intelligence, a sense of humor, good with kids. But making sure her significant other has the right traits isn’t as important to her as making sure he doesn’t have the wrong ones.)


For all of these reasons, Kishitani Ryohei wasn’t even on her radar as a potential love interest, even if a few of the other nurses liked to giggle about him. He was a co-worker and a doctor and a strange combination of very serious and also rather timid. When someone asked him why he was a military doctor he had replied, “So I never have to work with kids” and that seemed like items 3 through 6 right there.


He is also, however, the father of a girl who becomes her daughter’s best friend. And gradually she learns he does not hate children, rather, it’s the opposite—he cares too much about them to ever see them hurt.

She learns a lot of things about him.

Like the fact that he lets people bully him except when their health is on the line. Then he is very firm with his patients and his friends. She’s seen him stand resolute in the face of a bleeding, snarling lieutenant who was swearing profusely at him all while calmly stitched the man back together. She has seen him refuse to budge on what is morally and ethically correct, even under intense pressure.

And she’s seen him cry over the scars of children, when so many other men simply saw threats.


When the Miracles are brought to the base it rapidly becomes clear that they are dangerous, even if the children are trying hard not to appear to be so. So much so that Nobuko wonders if children is even the right word, when they have that hardened look of soldiers in their eyes.

A lot of the soldiers tense when the kids are around. Not many people notice, but Nobuko does. She notices things like that. Some even rest their hands on their weapons, and even Nobuko isn’t entirely sure if it was a good idea to bring them here.

But she walks in on Kishitani crying over their files, and it’s impossible to pretend she didn’t see anything. “Sensei?”

He sniffs. “I should have known. Sergeant Kasamatsu caught me earlier. I just can’t seem to stop.”

“Crying?” she blurts out, even though it’s obvious.

He nods glumly. “I thought I was over it, but then I saw the files again, and I’m not.”

Nobuko had been one of the nurses on hand who had done preliminary exams of the kids, she knows what’s in those files. She’d seen it all before working the emergency room before she got a job with the military, so it hadn’t occurred to her to cry. It’s… nice that he can still cry about these sorts of things. Most medical professionals can’t.

“You aren’t scared of them, sensei?” she asks. No one has said these kids are killers. Not out loud, anyway. Mostly in hushed whispers that everyone is trying very hard not to acknowledge. But these children have the scars of soldiers and they can do impossible things and it’s not hard to come to conclusions about what kind of life they led.

Ryohei looks up at her, his face hard, as grief is replaced by something more determined. “I think these are abused children who ran away from their abusers. And that’s the only thing I care about.”

That’s the exact moment Nobuko comes to understand Kishitani Ryohei, and the first time she begins to think, not a coward, not an asshole, but a kind, brave man who loves children.

Maybe doctor and co-worker isn’t that big of a problem.

A/N: Oh gosh, thank you anon-friend! It actually makes me incredibly happy that people are interested in the other guardians and their relationships! I really like these two and I had a lot of ideas for them, so this prompt kind of went all over the place, but I am glad I got the chance to write it! Thank you!!

So Iwaizumi is used to Oikawa being confessed to, it happens all the time. And he’s heard them all. “Oikawa-san, please go out with me!” He knows it all too well. Sometimes, they’ll even ask Hajime for help on confessing their love to Oikawa. So when a rather pretty setter going by the name of Akaashi Keiji starts getting suspiciously close to them, Hajime of course assumes he’s in for his best friend.
Akaashi Keiji’s quiet, smart and honestly refreshing to be around, but Hajime’s awaiting the day that fateful question comes, “Iwaizumi-san, do you know if Oikawa-san is seeing anyone right now?”
Poor Akaashi, he thinks,
Oikawa says poor Iwa-chan, Hajime still can’t figure out why

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Here for advice. I'm not out to my parents, I'm 20 in school but just don't have the funds to live on my own yet. I want to start dating and put myself out there. Unfortunately my mom is religious and brining a girl home is a bad idea. Plus since I've been afraid of coming out I've never even kissed a girl or done anything sexual. I'm afraid I'd do something wrong or be embarrassed. Do you have any advice?

Well you can date people without your family figuring out just try not to bring it up. Make sure they don’t check you phone and stuff and don’t bring her home. You can come out when you decide to and when you think it’s right and don’t worry when you date lgbtq+ people understand that won’t shame you or treat you weirdly just have fun.

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1/2 (i.e. Dean recognizing feelings for Cass) AGREE!! Because Dean is not an idiot when it comes to emotions, despite the front he put on for years. He's actually a deeply emotional and intuitive person, more so than Sam in some ways. So i'd be VERY surprised it Dean hasn't figured out his own feelings for Cass. And honestly i think Cass has too, and their emotional obstacles now are things like "it could never happen" "he doesn't feel the same" etc.

2/2 Plus, I think especially if Cas takes a bit to come back and/or doesn’t come back totally right, it’ll really push Dean to realize that he can’t just keep expecting Cas to come back every time, and if he wants a shot at happiness, he needs to take action to do that as opposed to continuing to do the post-death bittersweet “what could’ve been” inner turmoil he usually does. A few years ago it would’ve been doom and gloom, but the way the show’s going now, i think good things are being set up.

(re: this, i assume)

Yeah, and I mean, he’s pretty close to that line already, where he’s realizing that Cas might NOT always come back, and he might not always be able to come back…

Not just because of death, but he was bumping up against that fact in 12.20, also:

DEAN: What the hell man? What about Cas?
SAM: Dude, Cas ditched his cell phone. Look, Jody put an APB out for Cas and Kelly across three states.
[Dean still looks unhappy about how things are going.]
SAM: Until that shakes something loose or we get some other break, all we’re doing is – is sitting here, banging our heads against a brick wall. Let’s get out there.

And really, he was at that point BEFORE that point. In 12.18 we see the extent Dean’s gone to in order to try and find Cas:

DEAN: Come on. Cas, it’s me. I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for days. I don’t know what’s going on, but we got a line on Dagon…And we got our asses handed to us, even with the Colt. So…Could really use the backup. Call me back.
SAM: So no luck with Cas, huh?
DEAN :Yeah, still AWOL.
SAM: All right, so let’s find him.
DEAN: I’ve been trying, Sam. The GPS on his phone is turned off, and there’s nothing in the system about some weird guy in a trench coat getting arrested or turning up dead.
SAM: Right. Dean, it’s Cas. I mean, this isn’t the first time he’s dropped off the map, you know? And whatever’s happening, he’ll be fine. He always is.
DEAN: Yeah.
[Dean is unconvinced and continues cleaning his guns.]

He’s been checking police reports and *gulp* morgues. He’s not mad, he’s worried. By the time the Great Bad Thing happens in 12.23, Dean’s been low-level experiencing this sort of worry for Cas since he left to hunt down Lucifer in 12.03.

And yeah, we need to see Dean do something DIFFERENT now, because we had the “post-death doom and gloom” from him before. It’s called Season 7.

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So I've never requested before but i saw your ask box was open. Similar to the one where they find out about the readers depression, i was wondering if you could write something about maybe the reader waking up with a panic attack(feeling scared and overwhelmed) in the middle of the night, and how Noya would handle it/help them back to sleep.? If not it's ok, but figured I'd put it out there in case you had the time. Hope you're having a good day:)

Anon, my dear, panic attacks are not fun. Not in the slightest. And I’m sorry if you’ve gone through them. I just had one back in February which is the reference I used for this response (definitely didn’t help that I was drinking at the time either, which I did NOT use for this response). For this I focused on how Noya would react to it, which is why there isn’t much description of what is happening from the reader’s perspective - like you’re not cued in on the insanely rapid heart beat or the tingling fingers.

Hope you enjoy, Anon!

P.s. Be safe and responsible with your alcohol, kids! I didn’t want to mention drinking without mentioning that as well. There are people that care about you! Be smart while being stupid (like my dad always told me, lol).

When Nishinoya was jolted awake by them shooting up in bed it had taken a moment for his mind to process what was going on. It wasn’t until he heard their too quick breathing that his body turned to find them clutching at their chest with wide panicked eyes. With his stomach dropping, he closed whatever space was between them, his hands desperate to comfort them but the daunting fear that he didn’t know how hit him next.

“Hey,” his voice held all of his own fear that was building up inside him in that moment, “hey, what’s wrong?” But they didn’t answer, their eyes still blown wide as the large, harsh breathes kept coming. They were visibly shaking now and Nishinoya felt his own blood run cold.

“I can’t breath,” they finally spoke, their voice sounding windless despite the excessive amount of air they were taking into their lungs. “I can’t breath.”

His hands took theirs then, pulling them away from their chest and instantly becoming hyper aware of how much they shook as well as how clammy cold they were. “Okay, look at me,” he pressed his forehead to theirs, he felt their hands search desperately for something to latch onto and he quickly gave them his own. He remained quiet until their eyes were on him, the panic that filled them shot straight to his heart. “I’m gonna need you to calm down, okay? Slow breaths, yeah?”

“I can’t–I can’t–”

“Slow breaths, ready?” Nishinoya inhaled in through his nose, taking it in for a couple beats before pushing it all back out through his mouth. He demonstrated again, watching as they attempted to follow along. They broke back into their fast paced breaths a couple times, claims of not getting enough air coming forth, but he patiently pulled them back, tried to center them.

“That’s it,” he encouraged as their breathing began to return to normal, “there you go.” Their hands didn’t shake as hard nor did they have the sickly cold feeling to them. It was only when they clung to him with their face burying deep into his shoulder and an explanation of overwhelming worry on their tongue did he feel himself begin to calm down.

He placed a gentle kiss to their head, hand massaging reassurances into their back. “It’s okay. Everything will be okay.” He needed them to believe that and carry it with them, because no matter how hard life was surely to get sometimes, he would always be right beside them to face it head on.

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10 to 1 she messaged you because she figured out somehow that you have a large internet following and was hoping to leach some of those numbers. Like. I'd put my whole bank balance on that.

You know, now that you’ve said that I can legit see it. 

Her and I never really got on that well before the mass fall out. She was just the founder of the fandom group (long before fb) and I sort of put up with her presence in order to enjoy the rest of the community which was fairly liberal minded and supportive. But you’re right, she probably wants something. How she found out I don’t know, but that legit feels like something she’d do.

Like if only she knew, lmao. If I linked to her site from here she’d be ruined in under ten minutes. Luckily for her I have a zero doxxing policy. 

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hey, do you mind explaining what's wrong with genderbends? like I'm genuinely confused. I know they're bad but I never figured out why?? so I'd really appreciate if you could give a quick summary. ik they're transphobic, but idk WHY they're transphobic. thank you for the help!! <3

Mainly because most genderbends that were prominent on the internet were usually just to turn a character from a homoromantic relationship into a different gender so it could be a hetero relationship. The transphobic part is a little harder to explain…I can’t put all of the reasons into words but the main ones are that genderbending assumes every character is cis, and implies that in order for someone to be a certain gender their body has to change. Theres a lot more to it but thats the general basis I believe 

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Hi Emma! I can't decide what I want to study after high school, but I know that I want to go to a university, and I've been playing with the idea of maybe studying journalism. The problem is that I don't really know what studying journalism is actually like, so I was wondering if you know of any studyblrs who are studying or have studied journalism so that I could ask more about it from them? I've tried looking but haven't been successful so I'd appreciate the help x

Hi! Journalism was actually my main preference as I left high school and my first major at university! I have since changed majors so I don’t want this to be just a ‘why I dropped journalism’ or ‘lets put your off’ answer but hopefully explaining my experience and feelings will help you figure out if it is what you’d be interested in. 

After going to an open day, I was convinced journalism was for me. Communications was my go-to overarching degree but journalism became my ideal major. All the orientation talks and introduction presentations were really interesting. I thought it seemed like a great way to pursue my wish of writing about fashion for a magazine or website. As well as that, I’ve run blogs for several years and thought that journalism would be a good fit for me because I enjoyed that. However, my parents were worried about my choice since I was incredibly shy and not ever being very sociable in a ‘journalisty’ way, shall we say. Top tip: chat with your parents! I wish I’d listen to their concern more to be honest. Anyway, at the time I was like “I’ll learn not to be so shy”, “maybe this is what I need to improve”. When I started, it was good. We learnt about the basic practices of journalism, structuring articles, how to find stories, etc. In the first few weeks, I was enjoying the lectures and tutorials. They were really interesting! But once we got to the assessments, I found it more and more difficult. I wasn’t pushing myself like I had told myself I would. I was taking the escape route on everything: emailing people instead avoiding actually interviewing them in person or over the phone, not going to places to find stories like I was supposed too, interviewing friends even though I wasn’t allowed too. This became a tell-tale sign that I was struggling. If I’d have had more confidence I think I’d have enjoyed it but I didn’t. With my university/teachers, I felt they made everything extremely invasive. One assessment (which I ended up not doing because I knew I was dropping) was to write an article on someones health problems. They wanted us to interview the person, their family, their doctors, etc. I was super uncomfortable with that idea. That kind of became the point where I knew it wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the idea of having to invade someone privacy to that extent. Quite frankly, the idea of having to speak to someones doctors scared me so much. Also, I felt very separated from my classmates because they were all very passionate about it and had this drive for storytelling - it sounds cliché! I felt like I didn’t have that same love for journalism and really began doubting if I even enjoyed the course. That might be something for you to think about. I had a group of friends that one day were basically bitching about a girl who wasn’t interviewing people and only doing the bare minimum to get by. This was so similar to me that I felt really uncomfortable and more like I didn’t fit in. I think not having a solid group of close friends at the point was also something I didn’t enjoy. With my other classes, I’d really clicked with the people but I didn’t feel anyone in my journalism classes was actually a good friend. Besides that, I was originally thinking it would be relatively content based at the start, rather than practical. I thought I could find a nice base, get a bit of confidence with my writing and go from there. As I was researching my degree and future classes, I learnt the journalism course became very news/broadcasting based (it didn’t allow you branch off into different parts) and that certainly wasn’t the area I was interested in. I wanted to do fashion journalism since I was heavily into my fashion blog at the time. I was extremely nervous about what was involved in the upcoming classes which put me off even more. Definitely do as much research as you can. I think if I’d have looked into it more, I’d have either not chosen it at all or put it as my second major, not first. Another thing to note was despite having a blog and writing for that constantly, I really hated having my work read/graded by someone. I was extremely shy about it and just didn’t ever want to give in work. It seems so weird but I’d never experienced it as a problem before starting the course! Also, I was interning as a journalism/editorial intern in my first semester and did some research on my bosses/coworkers. It turned out many of them actually didn’t do journalism but were still doing the job I was interested in (at the time) so I thought maybe it isn’t super necessary to keep doing a degree if I really hated it. Interning really helped me decide if I wanted to keep going so I’d recommend seeing if you can get some work experience in a publication!

Obviously, I didn’t do journalism for very long and only got a brief insight into it. However, that small insight taught me that journalism wasn’t what I wanted to do. I’m sure many people have had extremely different experiences doing journalism and love it. If anyone has experiences, please feel free to share them in a reply below! I think what I’m doing now is much better suited to me!

For other journalism studyblrs, check out my directory - click the ‘university’ tab and scroll down to find the ‘communications major’ section. There are a few suggestion there. Also, if any journalism majors see this please like/comment! Sorry this is so long but I hope it helps x

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I've used the term glass closet before and I just realized after reading your tags how much nonsense of a word that is. As someone who is closeted, as someone who's still trying to figure everything out, it's definitely not a word I'd feel comfortable using ever again. Thank you for saying something and for putting that out there. I think it's so accepted and used that it's like fandom vernacular and I didn't think much of it. But a closet is a closet, and I just wanted to say thank you.

Ah, you’re welcome love.

But this is honestly something I feel really strongly about. I’d never heard the term glass closet before coming into the fandom and I hope to never hear it again.

Like I said in my tags, it’s a nonsense phrase and it’s fundamentally a contradiction in terms. A closet is not transparent, a closet is so called because it obscures or hides part of who someone is. To say someone is in a glass closet is like saying that you saw a fast snail. It might slither (?) quicker than all the other snails in your snail tank but at the end of the day, it’s still fucking slow.

That simile got away from me a bit, but the point is that a closet is a closet and it ain’t over until it’s over. As the new beard succinctly proves.

Okay, so this might be silly, but here’s what Mouse!Steve looked like when Bucky got him out of the cage in Probably Not What They Meant by a Game of Cat and Mouse.