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Hi! In regards to your post about the "goddess of the universe" thing, I'm pretty sure in s1e1, the Arusians mention something about a lion goddess? At the time I think it was taken they meant Allura, but she had been hidden in stasis in the castle until then so I don't think they'd have ever seen her before that convo. It seems like maybe it could be evidence of something like in your post. I just thought I'd point it out since your post reminded me of it and I'd love to hear what you think!

That is true! The Arusians had never seen Allura, but, they did have humanoid figures of a “Lion Goddess” that they believed commanded Voltron, and upon hearing Allura was the ruler of the castle they ascribed that to her- but now, what would’ve created that original belief? Especially if, by the logical timeline…

Allura’s last memory was the fall of Altea. That means that when the Castle arrived on Arus, no Arusian would have seen her walking around. Furthermore, the castle had to be “awakened” by the Blue Lion before the way to that pod room lit up, and Allura’s pod was sealed in the floor, not visible.

Furthermore, since Arus seems separate from the larger galactic community (they haven’t achieved space travel yet) they wouldn’t have ever had an opportunity to see Voltron itself.

But the Arusians…

depict a tall, cat-headed figure in a full robe or dress.

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prompt from kuroi-sakura-kuchiki​:  they’re on a case, Reid has a nightmare (coincidentally rooming with Hotch) and Hotch wakes him up gently and maybe gets him to talk about it?

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Hi I'm new to being a sugar baby and just trying out the field. The last meet I had I was offered $50 just for my time, like dinner and chit chat for an hour. How would I ask another potential SD for that? We are going for coffee later this week and I'd like to be paid for my time. He's already mentioned money to me so I figured it was safe I just don't know how to bring it up in conversation. Help me! _lost&confused



This is what I said:

Hey I’m sure you’re busy so thank you in advance for reading this. As you know I’ve had a lot of time wasters on this site! I’ve put a lot of time and energy into people and got literally nothing back. So for our first date, if it’s agreeable with you, I ask for a small monetary gift to see if this is serious and as a compensation for travelling down to ____ to see you. If you think it’s inappropriate or you don’t agree with it please do let me know and we can talk about it. Either way I’m very excited to see you

I know he’s going to give me money because he’s had arrangements before, but I just wanted to make 100% sure and also I just thought I’d post this to help other girls



Honestly, a lot of SB’s use different techniques. I send the same thing out only slightly reworded to all my POTs before our first date. Usually it goes something like this, varied of course:

POT: Would you like to have dinner with me this Saturday at 7 at so and so restaurant?

ME: Sure that sounds lovely! I’m looking forward to finally meeting you. I wouldn’t expect any allowance until we had an agreement obviously, but I’m simply asking for a generous token to show that you are a legitimate SD and for my time and travel. I’ve been unfortunate to have ended up in negative situations before so I’m sure you could understand why I would insist on something at the time of our meeting to ensure your legitimacy and for my time and travel

POT: Of course.

ME: I’m sorry to even have had to mention it this way. I have been in situations before where my time was wasted on men who weren’t serious and I would rather not waste anyone’s time. Thank you for being understanding. You seem like a wonderful real gentleman. Its so refreshing.

And that’s pretty much 98% of the time how I go about it. Like I said, situations vary. You’ll be able to customize your own overtime. As for do’s nd dont’s, just be sweet and not rude about it and don’t seem desperate. Make it known that your time is valuable and NOT FREE. If he’s not willing to bring a generous cash gift for the hours you spend getting ready, driving to and from the meeting location and spending your time on the date in general, then he is not worth your time as a SD.

Hope that helped somewhat.

xo SB-Lissa


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Hi guys! Well, here is my Valentines fic, a month early, but I hope you enjoy it! :)

I had to post without tagging, I’m sorry! Blame Tumblr :(

A Single Day

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Hi Guys! I hope you enjoy this short fic about Finn doing something a little daft/drastic to show the new-ish girl he like her. Oh Finnley, you silly boy.  Anyway I hope you enjoy. :)

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