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happy birthday (part 1) to my favorite character ever, you deserve the world baby

Prompt Meme - SWTOR style

Send me a symbol and character(s) and I’ll write something based on it!

☼  OC’s First time meeting a Jedi

☀  OC’s First time meeting a Sith

☯  “That’s not how the Force works!”

❤  OC’s first time working with a force-sensitive

❀  Discovery that the OC is force-sensitive (as AU if the OC isn’t normally)

✈  OC’s ship breaks down

☃   OC acquires a temperamental Astromech

⚘    OC explains the name they’ve given their ship (or weapon)

✌    OC must work with an alien who doesn’t speak Basic and they don’t understand.

♚  Write a scene where the OC is first learning their most prominent skill.

♦    Introducing their romantic interest (or best friend) to a food specific to their home planet.

♝  Down time with Lana

♞  Down time with Theron

☾    Down time with Koth

❄   Down time with Senya

♟   Making friends with redeemed Arcann

☂   Gravestone lift malfunctions temporarily trapping OC and Lana, Theron, and/or Koth

♬   OC’s reaction to having to be on Hoth or Ilum.

☏   What letter would the OC write their LI if the LI was the one who became the Outlander after Marr’s ship is destroyed?

 ?   Wild Card - Create your own prompt


LOL I really need to stop drawing so fast and just take my time, but my brain moves faster than my hand.

(LOL I am cracking up over baby Harry. He is absolutely darling to me.)

Percival Graves: I refuse to bow down any longer

Seraphina Picquery: 



What did they see? o:


You have seen the last of me

I may do another edit using this song it fits Anthy really well I think?

I said I was going to make a post containing almost all the Watch Dogs 2 fans (I know I totally missed some because there’s a lot of you guys) so here it is!

Some of these blogs are either all about the Watch Dogs games or they’re just fans who occasionally post about them. Either way they’re great blogs(:

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I know there’s a lot more watch dogs fans but these are the only ones that I know of. If you’re a watch dogs fan or post about the games feel free to reblog and add your blog!

Garrett Hawke » Helios; God of the Sun, Guardian of Oaths

Morning by morning, Eos traveled until Mount Olympus to announce her brother’s glorious arrival. Soon Helios approached the Olympus, with his winged golden chariot pulled by four horses of fire and the two siblings departed for their daily journey across the sky.
While traveling from the land of the dawn to the land of the heavens, Eos gradually transformed into Hemera (Day) and later on to Hespera (evening). Upon arrival, Helios hid himself in his golden cup and night fell upon the earth…