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I'm trying to come up with a story and I've come up with some ideas for interesting characters but now I'm sort of stuck. What can I do?

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Some writers start with characters rather than plot, and that’s fine. It can work. Let me recommend you this book, which is my number one go-to for when I have trouble with plots. Looking at common plot types can help you figure out what roles your characters are suited for, as well as what conflicts can drive them together/apart/to do things.

Think about your characters, too. What do you know about them? What pieces of their backstories speak to a larger story at play? Which of them is protagonist material for an epic quest? A character-driven drama? Do you have an antagonist in mind? What is the WORST thing you can do to these characters? Perhaps you’ll find your plot at the end of questions like these.

Some resources for you:

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I know you didn't make that milk thing so i'm not mad at you, but autism isn't a bad thing, its not on par with cancers and other issues I know animal products cause.

I didn’t know whether I should add that one when I was posting it but I figured I’d include the whole set. I know autism isn’t bad, I care deeply for someone with autism. Kids early diagnosed with autism do better without Casein, the addictive cancer causing protein in milk. Casein harms the brain, and children shouldn’t drink cows milk. Avoiding dairy also can help with some symptoms in some people. I think it’s gross that PETA make campaigns like got autism? so gross. Like I said, I felt uncomfortable posting it but the article says ten, so I included them all, and besides autism some other issues in that bulletin are useful. It should say dairy exacerbates symptoms associated with autism instead. But hey, angry defensive omnivores will cling to anything.