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Swearing In German

since we german folks swear quite a lot I figured I should make a post about swear words, for everyone who’s learning german~

literally means: shit
example: “Scheiße! Ich hab mein Handy verloren!“

literally means: damn
example: “Verdammt, wo sind meine Schlüssel?“
can also be combined with Scheiße: Verdammte Scheiße

literally means: asshole
example: “Lass mich in Ruhe, du Arschloch!“

literally means: assface
example: “Ja, Markus ist schon echt ein Arschgesicht, oder?“

literally means: wanker comes from the word for male masturbating (wichsen)
example: “Du bist echt so ein Wichser!“

literally means: cunt
is often used to refer to women, but not exclusively
example: “Geh mir aus dem Weg, Fotze!“

literally means: son of a bitch (yes we have one handy word for it)
break down: hure = whore, sohn = son
example: “Du Hurensohn!“ (simple but effective)

means something like: fool / is also another word for Idiot
example: “Du bist ein Trottel, weißt du das?“

example: “Bist du wirklich so ein Idiot?“

example: “Du bist so ein Kevin/Du bist echt ein Kevin/So ein Kevin“

literally means: farmer
similar use like Kevin
example: “Du bist so ein Bauer/Du bist echt ein Bauer/Du bist so ein Bauer“

means something like: retarded/retard
example: “Du Mongo“

Weaker and more Harmless swear words (you could even use around kids.. but it would still be better not to swear at all in their presence)

🔥 Kacke
literally means: poop
a kind of weaker version of Scheiße
example: “So eine Kacke!“
can also be combined with Verdammt: Verdammte Kacke

means: dumbass
example: “Was für ein Blödmann, dieser Polizist..“

+ Bonus: Expressions

🔥Fick dich
literally means: Fuck you / screw you

🔥Leck mich
literally means: lick me
example: “Weißt du was? Leck mich! Ich mach da nicht mit“

🔥Du kannst mich mal
means something like: you can screw me

🔥Rutsch mir den Buckel runter
means something like: slide down my back

🔥Verpiss dich
literally means: piss off


incorrect shadowhunters quotes (16/?): unknown.
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Kiss Art Challenge: [Marichat Kiss on the forehead] Takes place sometimes after the events of The Winter Coat.

The Winter Coat

Bonus: a sketchy [omake]

I’m in the thick of commissions, patron rewards, and MAHR. Figured though I should post something to Tumblr, since a lot of what I do isn’t going on here yet.

Kiss Art Challenge request: Kiss on the Forehead: Marichat.
Super rough - it’d been sitting around in wips for ages, so I just did some quick line art and rough shading.

I still have so many Kiss art prompts to go :P It’ll be a while before I get around to all of them. But maybe a slow trickle over the year.

Overdue Notice

pairing: Moana x Ariel (moariel)

words: 3k

summary: Moana really wants her book she has on call from the library, it’s been three weeks and it should have been returned by now, when she finally runs into the redhead on campus who’s checked it out it’s more of an experience than she bargained for to finally check it out

The lesbian Disney college AU no one asked for.


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