Thomas Francis Dicksee (1819–1895, Engand)

Characters from Shakespeare

Thomas Francis Dicksee was an English painter, primarily a portraitist and painter of historical, genre subjects — often from Shakespeare. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1841 until the year of his death. His brother John Robert Dicksee was also a painter, and his children, Frank and Margaret likewise became painters. In The Dictionary of Victorian Painters, Herbert Dicksee is given as his son also, but according to the City of London School, where Herbert taught, he was the son of John Robert Dicksee.


Carl Holsøe (1863–1935, Denmark)

Interiors 2

Holsøe was a Danish artist who primarily painted interior scenes often with a solitary female figure present. His style will remind some of his friend and more famous compatriot Vilhelm Hammershøi.


Anders Zorn (1860–1920, Sweden)

Society Portraits

Anders Zorn is a Swedish painter, perhaps the internationally best-known artist from his country. While known primarily as an oil painter, he was also a gifted watercolourist and along with Joaquín Sorolla and John Singer Sargent represented a highly virtuoso style of painting between the styles of 19th century Academic art, realism and impressionism.

He attained a great deal of fame during his lifetime as a painter of the famous (including royalty and three American presidents), and this allowed him a great accumulation of wealth during his lifetime. He used this money primarily to build a substantial art collection, which he donated to the Swedish state upon his death, and also to purchase 40 timber houses which Zorn wished to preserve to ensure that the art of traditional timber building was not forgotten. This reflects the respect of Zorn for his other great subject of painting, which was poor and working people, and rural environments.


Charles Sprague Pearce (1851–1914, United States/France)

Rural paintings

Pearce was an American artist, working in the Naturalist style of Academic realism. He is best-known for his depictions of French peasants at work and rest.