A Definitely Incomplete List Of My Favorite Moments From The Lightning Thief (book), because I'm having Feelings
  • Percy very causally mentioning times he accidentally hit a school bus with a canon or dropped fifth graders into shark-infested water
  • Grover Underwood
  • Just everything he’s ever done
  • Percy running an illegal candy ring out of his dorm room 
  • “I was worried they found out I got my essay on Tom Sawyer from the internet and were going to take away my grade. Or worse, they were going to make me read the book.”
  • When Percy thought Grover was going to give him some deep, meaningful commentary on life to make him feel better but Grover just wanted Percy’s lunch
  • Percy tried so hard to do well on his Latin final and Chiron somehow thinks it’s a good idea to tell him he’s ‘not normal’ in front of the class my poor boy
  • That one part where Percy essentially went “Oh hey mom’s home!!! Better reschedule this panic attack I was having!!” 
  • When Percy did that weird hand sign (that was never explained) and the door slammed on Gabe so hard he flew up the steps
  • The fact that when Grover finally tracked Percy down he wasn’t wearing any pants. Like, there was literally no reason for him to not have the fake feet and the jeans on. No actual reason for him to be free balling it. Percy just needed a shock apparently. Showing up in the middle of a hurricane with no pants, dramatic ass satyr I love him. 
  • The SATISFYING DEATH of Gabe’s Camaro + Sally apparently learned bullfighting just in case because she truly is the best mom
  • Percy killing the minotaur with its own horn
  • Percy dragging Grover over the camp line while crying for his mom literally end me
  • You drool when you sleep.” could we get more iconic here
  • Percy teasing Annabeth about her crush on Luke
  • When Luke stole some toiletries for Percy and he got a little choked up because it was apparently the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him
  • The fact that Chiron basically told Annabeth that Percy was her destiny
  • The fact that a recovering alcoholic god of wine who hates children was deemed fit to run a camp for children
  • Not so fun: Percy, upon meeting Mr. D, immediately recognizing the signs of an alcoholic and going out of his way to sit far away from him ‘just in case’
  • The fact that everyone just expected him to hear ‘the greek gods are real’ and move on?? why would no one let this boy be in shock omg
  • Zeus apparently had a thing for the fluffy 80′s hairstyles
  • “the real world is where the monsters are” 
  • The fact that Poseidon could have claimed Percy at literally any moment but he apparently decided he really needed that dramatic reveal during capture the flag.
  • When Zeus was feeling Extra Dramatic™ after Percy’s claiming so he started making it rain inside the camp boarders and everyone was lowkey freaking out
  • When Annabeth pulls off her invisible cap and declares she’s going on the quest with him and Percy was like, beyond unsurprised that she was there and didn’t even attempt to fight her 
  • Chiron forgot to give Percy a sword from his father for like, an entire month. 
  • Grover with those freaking flying shoes oh my God
  • Annabeth blushing literally any time Luke talks to her 
  • lmao when Percy and Annabeth start bickering about something and Argus just winks at Percy because he knows
  • When they were playing hackey sack with an apple but it got too close to Grover’s mouth and he just ate the whole thing
  • The entire bus scene oh my God
  • “I was about to become the ADHD Poster Child of the Year” as he’s CRASHING A BUS
  • Annabeth on a fury’s back 
  • the explosion. just. all gr8. 
  • When Grover tries to play a path finder song and Percy just immediately slams into a tree. Also the fact that the path finder song was actually just a Hillary Duff number. 
  • “You two are giving me a migraine, and satyr’s don’t even get migraines!” 
  • Percy actually, truly trying to sell the story that the three of them are circus orphans who got separated from their ringleader 
  • Grover: hey guys this place is REALLY SHADY and we need to leave
  • Annabeth and Percy: but f o o d
  • Can you imagine walking into a store and finding your dead uncle’s body on display? Like????
  • When Medusa revealed herself and Annabeth’s running around invisible, Percy’s swinging a sword blindly and Grover’s flying around screaming and trying to whack her with a stick: everyone here is a MESS
  • When Annabeth was overly annoyed with Percy after that ordeal??? Sweetheart you fell for the trick too
  • Name something more iconic than 12 year old Percy Jackson mailing the decapitated head of Medusa to the gods on Mt. Olympus in an act of sheer pettiness. I dare you. 
  • When Percy was insisting on taking first watch while the others slept and Grover was basically like “hey kiddo listen to this” and played a song that immediately knocked him out so he could sleep all night 
  • “Percy. Say hello to the poodle.”
  • Percy seeing all the Greek creatures from the train window 
  • When Annabeth was dragging the boys to the St. Louis Arch and Percy’s claustrophobic ass Did Not Want To Get In That Tiny Elevator but he went anyway because he wanted Annabeth to be happy. That boy has had it bad since the start. 
  • “I am Echidna!”
  • “Isn’t…isn’t that a type of anteater?”
  • How many times has Percy actually been poisoned throughout all the series I literally want a count 
  • ‘Lemme just, uh….jump off the fucking St. Louis Arch and hope I don’t die when I hit the water.’
  • There is just something very aesthetic about Percy lighting a fire in the bottom of a river 
  • Percy’s got so much pent-up rage that he’s just immediately ready to wreck Ares upon meeting him omfg
  • Annabeth getting so worked up and flustered over going down there with Percy because it’s a love ride and Percy’s just like “you literally do not have to make this a Thing” lmao
  • Annabeth wouldn’t let Percy touch Aphrodite’s scarf because she didn’t want him getting infected by love magic but then…touched it herself lol
  • The entire sequence with the mechanical spiders and the cameras and the ride itself 
  • Percy’s plan to get off the ride!!!! He’s so smart okay can people stop calling him stupid!!! 
  • Grover trying to catch them both in mid-air but they‘re too heavy so the three of them just kind of slowly crash into one of those face-cut-out posters lol
  • Percy, turning to the camera’s broadcasting this shit on Olympus: “Show’s over! Thank You! Goodnight!” 
  • Everything about that scene omg. The animals they had to help. Trying to convince Grover of how great he is. The baby percabeth. my h e a r t
  • “What if it does line up like the Trojan War? Athena versus Poseidon?”
  • “I don’t know what my mom will do. I just know I’ll be fighting next to you.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Because you’re my friend, Seaweed Brain, any more stupid questions?”
  • Do you hear that sound? That’s me, ages 13-21(+) sobbing uncontrollably oh my God I love them so much
  • ‘let’s just set a fucking lion loose in Las Vegas’ 
  • “I put a Blessing of the Wild on them, so they’ll safely find food and shelter wherever they go.”
  • “Why can’t you put on of those on us?”
  • “It only works on wild animals.”
  • “So it would only effect Percy…”
  • “HEY!” 
  • When they get to the Lotus hotel and Grover starts playing that game where the deer shoot the hunters azxjhnhdjx
  • Percy physically having to drag his friends out of there once he realized it was the lair of the lotus eaters
  • When Annabeth gave the taxi driver her lotus credit card and he started calling her “Your Highness” lmao
  • Every time in this book Percy comes close to uncovering a Dark Truth the people around him are just like “let’s not worry about that :) “ and my polite boy actually shuts up it’s so wild because I would just keep going lol
  • Listen that entire scene has lowkey always been one of my Favs and I’m not even sure why but Percy chopping his head off was g r e a t
  • The entrance to the Underworld is DOA Recording Studios and I love it
  • “We, uh…all drowned in a bathtub.”
  • Poor Charon just wants his Italian suits he doesn’t need all this bullshit 
  • Grover almost getting dragged into Tartarus: not good. very bad. bad shit. 
  • Annabeth getting emotionally attached to Cerberus in the span of 3 minutes: RELATABLE 
  • ‘huh my backpack that I thought I got rid of five days ago is getting weirdly heavy, that’s not suspicious though, right?’ 
  • When Hades just starts monologue-ing about all the shit he has to put up with
  • “what kind of awful things do you have to do to get sewn into Hades underwear?” p e r c y
  • when Percy realizes the Master Bolt is in his backpack and he’s just like. tell me why. why. I’m a good person. what did I DO. 
  • When Percy has to sacrifice his mom to get Annabeth and Grover out of there I Cri Evey Tiem 
  • My cute lil’ baby yelling around on a beach to get Ares to show up 
  • ahdbsjznx when Grover gives Percy a crushed, half eaten tin can for good like and Percy is just like “Grover…I don’t know what to say.” I LOVE HIM
  • My sweet son kicking the god of war’s ass. bless. blessed on this day. 
  • The news crews who suddenly started backtracking and writing Percy as a hero 
  • Percy, choking back tears, giving Gabe’s store’s phone number out on national television and promising everyone free appliances IM STILL CACKLING I LOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH HE’S ICONIC 
  • Hades actually releasing Sally because he’s Not As Big Of A Dick As He Could Have Been 
  • Percy: hey I think there’s a really good chance that Kronos was behind this whole mess-
  • Poseidon rolling his eyes at literally everything Zeus says and does
  • Poseidon and Percy’s whole talk omg my sweet boy just wants his dad to love him and Poseidon’s trying to figure out how to show affection when he basically signed this kid’s death sentence I’m crying 
  • A man will never satisfy me as much or in the same way as Sally Jackson murdering Gabe Ugliano did 
  • Percy was spending months of summer stressing over who the friend that’s supposed to betray him was but like…Sweetie you had exactly three (3) friends and you knew two of them weren’t gonna hurt you
  • ahbdjsnx when Percy and Luke were having their conversation in the woods and like Luke’s acting shady af the whole time but it’s literally not until he litters that Percy is like “something…is Wrong.” this boy I s2g
  • Percy getting bit by a scorpion is Not A Favorite Moment but the nymphs helping him out was 
  • Percy making his Official Decision to go home for the school year only after Annabeth reveals that he actually did talk her into trying again with her family 
  • I didn’t mean to write out a summary of the whole damn book it’s six am listen I’m just feeling nostalgia for the original series in this chili’s tonight 
  • whoops
Having seen some of the fallout from the latest Steven Universe episode(s) I’ve realized something:

Before “Wanted”

Normal person: “Don’t you think you’re reading into a kids show a little too much? I mean, it’s not that deep.”

Me: “I mean, it’s got a little depth to it, but yeah, you’re right. Maybe I am looking a little too into it by attempting to analyze every line spoken and every little detail in the background.”

After “Wanted”


How to recognize an unhealthy type


Simply put, healthy function use = healthy type. But many of us struggle with our tertiary and inferior function, especially under stress, which can pave the way for behaviors that other people hate or that we even hate ourselves for it. That’s normal, granted you try to self-improve.

An unhealthy type however has this distinction of using their dominant and/or auxiliary function in a counter-productive manner. Since these functions take precedence in our psyche, that means you’re stuck with an individual who’s often naturally unbearable most of the time, not just when things go wrong. 

With this in mind…

An unhealthy Si user is that person who never changes their mind about anything, who always shoots down any kind of alternatives and proposals and will make it their pleasure to criticize anything that they’ve never even tried. Some will go as far as seeing progress as an enemy. It seems like it’ll take a bulldozer to move them away from their comfort zone. Just try not to punch them in the face when they call you all excited about a new discovery that you spent 5 years telling them about. 

An unhealthy Se user is that person who always seems to be in trouble. Financial, legal, professional, you name it. Seems like being around them means cleaning up one mess after another. You’ll scratch your head as to how they say they need to borrow money for the rent and the next week they buy themselves neat new designer clothes or something along those lines. They’re fun for a night out on the town, but otherwise, you probably avoid them like the plague. 

An unhealthy Ni user is that person who always think they understand stuff better than you and that their word is gospel. They effortlessly exude arrogance and somewhat of a superiority complex without even realizing it. Despite their depth of thought, you would still never trade places with them as they never seem to have had one minute of fun during their lifetime and their only ounce of contentment is when you tell them they were right about something.

An unhealthy Ne user is that person who will have 2 hours discussions with you, that are usually more monologues and yet they never seem to make a point. They get excited about everything and anything, only to never offer you follow-ups. They’ll not only contradict themselves in a span of a few days, but sometimes within the same statement. They’ll often think of themselves as knowledgeable on just about every issue, only to realize they merely scratched said issue on the surface based on something they heard about it on the fly. 

An unhealthy Fi user is that person who just says and does whatever they want without with total disregard as to whether it’s appropriate or not. They are masters at twisting around and justifying everything they say and do. And if all else fails, play the victim, because they’re convinced no one understands them. Their lives are often a mess on an organizational level and please don’t offer them sound and logical advice because that might actually anger them even more. They’ll gladly self-destruct even more if it means telling you to piss off. 

An unhealthy Fe user is that person who knows what everyone is up to, but also criticizes what everyone is doing as if they wrote book on acceptable social norms and behaviors. They have an uncanny ability to think they know what’s best for everyone. You’ll often find them raising themselves up by knocking other people down, often in the form of gossip. And yet for all of this, they never seem to realize that they can’t take care of themselves without any kind of assistance from others which is actually the first issue they should address before meddling in other people’s business. 

An unhealthy Ti user is that person who thinks they’ve got it all figured out, yet the results show something quite different. They are often cynical and smartasses but not in a fun way as they’ll shun and criticize everything that makes us human like feelings, unity, spirituality etc. We’re all just monkeys destined to be worm food, you know. Ti can also be aggressively manipulative and disregard people’s feelings when it goes into “as long as I get when I want” mode. 

An unhealthy Te user is that person who seems to think everyone is stupid, lazy and incompetent. They want everyone to abide by the rules but are often the first ones to break or twist said rules when it works in their favor. Any and all shreds of “sound advice” will be sprinkled with insults on your ability to problem solve, if not, your entire character. Most frustrating is that when people finally have enough of them, they usually don’t even understand why. In their minds, they’re usually the only ones that are rational and responsible. 


Am I supposed to feel bad for Grundy? I don’t. 

Am I supposed to empathize with Archie? I don’t. 

Am I supposed to agree that Archie “isn’t selfish”? He totally is?

Am I supposed to not notice that Jughead’s dad is the killer from Scream? I do. 

Am I supposed to not ship Jughead and Betty? Because I definitely do. 

Am I supposed to figure out if this show is set in present day or the 1950′s? Cause I can’t. 

Am I supposed to be happy for Kevin? BECAUSE I TOTALLY AM. 

Am I not supposed to like Jughead better than Archie? BECAUSE I DO THAT TOO. 

Also…does Archie seriously not know that Jughead’s dad is the leader of the “Southside Serpants” (Is this Grease 3 or Riverdale btw like?????) I feel like he would definitely know that? And know that he is homeless? And he hasn’t even done anything about it???? Isn’t Archie supposed to be likable????? I think I like him the least????????

(Also Jughead walking into Betty’s room in that promo YASSSSS)

J falling in love with you

Him subtly flirting with you when you first meet:

Him showing you that he can finally tie his hair up in a bun as a conversation starter:

When you’re joking around and you take it a little too far and he starts to get pissed:

When you start hanging out together for the first time:

Having a humble conversation:

When you goof…..:

& mess around together:

Him jokingly trying to seduce you:

And always trying to make you laugh:

Hanging out when the boys are working & distracting jared, resulting in him getting told off:

Jared drunk FaceTiming you at 2am with Shannon:

Him constantly trying to get your attention in a group:

The face he makes when he watches you do your little things:

Hanging late at night when you’re both bored:

The guys teasing Jared when you’re around:

Distracting him when you walk in:

When he realises that he loves you:

But trying to figure out how to show you/tell you:

He decides to act super cute because he knows it’ll make you giggle:

But still be’s a dag:

Goofing around on Skype while he’s on tour:

The face he makes when you tell him that you miss him:

When Shannon invites you over to surprise Jared the day they get back:

And Skyping after you leave because you missed each other that much: “You looked fucking beautiful”

Making breakfast together the next day:

Him telling you about the trip:

And losing track of time because you can’t stop talking:

Waking Jared up after you accidentally fell asleep on his couch:

You’re both really exhausted the next day:

Talking to him because he hasn’t been feeling good:

And calling him later to see how he’s doing but he just acts like an asshole and you hang up:

And he realises he fucked up:

So you don’t talk for a few days:

It being awkard when you see each other again: “Hey” 

Telling him that he hurt you:

And him having no idea how to express how he truly feels:

So the only thing he can think to do is this:

He pulls back to see how you react to him kissing you:

And all you can think about is him consuming you:

So you pull him back into you:

And he says:

You go to tell him that you love him but Shannon walks in:

“So..” :

He cracks a joke to make you less nervous:

“I think i love you”:

He stares at you waiting to see what you say..

“I think i love you too”:

The first time he makes love to you:

And how he takes care of you after:

He sings you the soft parts of Alibi whilst you fall asleep in his arms:

You can’t keep your hands off each other now that you’ve both admitted that you love each other:

You eat and talk on Skype when he goes away:

And he tells you about shaving his eyebrows:

And when he gets back he likes to take photos of you so he can have them when he goes away again:

And likes to kiss you some more:

And some more:

And some more:

He rocks up really late unannounced just to kiss you:

And make love to you all the time:

And you sometimes laugh at him when he tries to be romantic:

He sometimes takes you on road trips for work so he won’t get lonely:

And you tell him that you get annoyed at how he lets all the girls touch him but he doesn’t seem to be phased that you’re upset and tells you “It’s part of the job”:

Until you make it very clear that you don’t like it:

So he tries to tell you not to worry but he’s still not taking you seriously:

Until he sees you flirting with Shannon:

And thinks “you’ve got to be kidding me”:

Then gets jealous and doesn’t want you to notice:

You don’t say anything to him in the car on the way back:

And still don’t when you get inside:

You both get into bed and you start crying and he looks at you like this:

“It’s just you” he says:

And pecks your lips:

You move over a little so your bodies are pressing together and he looks down at you:

You lift your hands up into his hair and just look into his eyes:

He starts to cry because he didn’t realise how much he hurt you:

So you kiss him and try to calm him down by running your fingers over his body:

But in turn that does the opposite:

And he makes intense, passionate love to you, doing things that he’s never done to you before:

And makes sure to wrap you up in the blankets after:

When you wake up the next morning, Jared won’t stop staring at you:

You giggle, “what?”, he grunts “mgh nothing”:

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you it was rude to stare baby?”:

He smirks at the comment he just made knowing full well that he has you verbally cornered:

You sometimes run him a bath after his shows for him to come and relax in:

And when you’re upset he takes care of you:

And when one person makes you upset, he goes into defensive boyfriend mode:

The face he makes when you’re giggling:

The “I’m trying to stay angry with you but i just fucking can’t” face:

The way he looks at you when you’re out with other people:

And the little smirks that he gives you when your eyes meet:

The puppy dog face:

And the face he pulls when he doesn’t get what he wants because he know’s it always makes you kiss him:

The look he pulls when you’re both trying to remain serious:

FaceTiming while he’s away filming:

The way he won’t stop staring at you:

Or skyping you:

Or loving you:


A Series of Unfortunate Events : the recipe to a good adaptation

This is a short analysis of the recent adaptation A Series of Unfortunate Events by Netflix. I will not mention everything here, it would require much more time and analysis but here is a general appreciation. Careful for spoilers !

Adaptations are quite tricky to accomplish because being true to the original work while bringing novelty to the piece is not so easy. The best adaptations are often the ones that manage to channel the spirit of the original work. A Series of Unfortunate Events is a very successful example of this. It was already visible in the first trailer where Lemony Snicket actually walks on the set of the filming to tell us not to watch this series. Right here, you have three core elements of the original series : our narrator-character, the breaking of the fourth-wall and the plea not to look into this horrific story. That last element actually is a known way to catch the reader/viewer’s attention and make him want to know more.

When it comes to A Series of Unfortunate Events, the character of Lemony Snicket is crucial. Therefore the adaptation needs to be perfectly true to his features. As a child, I really believed Lemony Snicket was this mysterious author hidding from malevolent authorities. The fact that Lemony is actually out of the story ,since he is the author/narrator, and a full part of it builds the whole myth around this series.
When I saw the movie, I did not get that feeling of mystery around Lemony mainly because it is not cleary explicited that he is part of all this : the viewer doesn’t see on-screen any important hint that Lemony is a central character of the story, he is presented above all as the writer.
In the Netflix series, Lemony is the first person the viewer visually encounters, just like in the books. The fact that you can see him entirely makes him a reassuring presence throughout the show : he is your guide. The show stages this aspect very cleverly by blending Lemony in the situations the Baudelaires find themselves in, usually through his costume.

Thanks to this process, the narrator’s role is fully depicted. A narrator that addresses directly to the reader/viewer is usually out of the story and Lemony is indeed “out” since he is telling the events. But Lemony is also “in” as an important character. The show drops hints along the way which keep getting bigger gradually : his investigation, the letters to Beatrice, the fact that he is being chased, among other things, and of course the reveal of the picture with Olaf in the last episode.

All these proofs show that Lemony really is involved in this story. It is very fortunate that they kept the dedications to Beatrice at the beginning of each segment of the story because she is the one who ties Lemony to the story. She actually acts as his muse, she is the main reason why he writes, the name Beatrice being a reference to Dante’s own muse.
Since he is an « in-between » character, literally the bridge between you and the story, Lemony is the one who constantly breaks the fourth-wall. This aspect is so crucial in A Series of Unfortunate Events. It allows Lemony to act as the antic chorus or Prologue : “If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle.” (The Bad Beginning).
With those few lines, the essence of the plot is completely laid before your eyes, just like the ancient tragedies. In the series, apart from those lines, the opening song has the exact same role : “Every single episode is nothing be dismay.”
The breaking of the fourth-wall is also at the core of both series because story-telling mecanisms are explained through it. In the Reptile Room, Lemony explains the dramatic irony which is then again an aspect of the antic tragedies. As I remember it, the book series crossed the fourth-wall to teach something to the reader : a word, writing techniques and less straightforwardly, literary references. All these elements were fortunately brought into the show as well.

Now Lemony is mainly the one to break the wall, as allowed by his narrator status. What is unsettling for the viewer is when Count Olaf breaks it, usually to advertise the TV show and stare at the camera for a couple of seconds. This leads to the other important aspect of an adaptation : the creativity. The writers did not only represent Olaf, they actually add depths according to the new medium : what would Olaf do if he was in a TV series ? Break the fourth-wall and sing its opening sequence !

A short word on the amazing cast, especially Neil Patrick Harris who pulled out a very good Count Olaf. This character is very complex to play, he needs the right amount of villainy, humor and the talent of an actor who can play a character playing other characters. Jim Carrey brought too much of his own eccentricity to the character and you saw more of the actor than of the character. Neil Patrick Harris really understood and nailed all of Olaf’s facets.

Hence adaptations would be rather dull without creativity and novelty.
Sure a lot of dialogues are actually taken word by word from the books because they are good as they are but an adaptation needs to adapt precisely even more when the media is different.

A book and a  TV show are of course very different mainly because of the images. In a book, a description can only be completed by the reader’s imagination. In a show, what you see allows very little space for imagination. This is why a successful adaptation is one that can get the spirit, the ambiance of the world, conveyed by the original words, and transcripts it on screen. From the language of worded images to the language of filming.

The unsettling ambiance, the faded colours and surreal pastel imagery are very fitting for the Baudelaires’ story. The main aspect of the series is its dark humor and stories that you find rarely in children’s book : one death if not more per book, usually a gruesome one. The TV show manages to render the baudelairian world : this very specific atmosphere, the feeling of being oppressed by all the places in which the Baudelaires find themselves.

Finally the most important aspect of an adaptation is that it must appeal to all audiences.What is complicated about making adaptations is that they are received by two different audiences : the one who knows the original material and the one who doesn’t and their first interaction with the original universe is through the adaptation.
That’s why getting the atmosphere right is so important, it shows the specificities of the work in another way which should not “betray” the original story.
An adaptation is full of references that will be immediately recognized only by the ones familiar with the original piece. These references show the adaptors love for the original work and also creates a complicity between them and the well-aware viewer. Which book lover did not scream at the sugar bowl in episode 2 or at those four simple words : the world is quiet here ?The beauty of references is that they are hidden, they could be seen as completely normal by an unaware viewer : the scene of the sugar bowl seems very innocent.

It allows the adaptors to play on what the reader already knows. Take the first appearance of the Quagmire mother and father: most of the book readers thought them to be the Baudelaire mother and father even though they know very well it is impossible. This builds up until the revelation in the first part of the Miserable Mill. Not only this plays with the well-aware reader but also stages already the Quagmire trio and most of their backstory. Being already intertwined since the first episode with the main story, they meet naturally at the end of the season and do not appear previously unmentionned like in the books.

As thrilling as this is, if the adaptation is only met for the experts, it won’t be a total success. An adaptation also needs to speak to new viewers who have no knowledge of the original work. This is why there is a need for balance of references so the newcomer will not spent his time on Wikipedia trying to figure out what happens. How the series introduced right away the Quagmires is actually rather clever : it allows the newcomer not to be lost in all the key characters.

Lastly, this show really catches the core humor of the original work by playing on the fact that it is an adaptation and therefore needs to depart sometimes from the original sequences. At the beginning of the Miserable Mill (episode 8), Mr. Poe freaks out because the Baudelaires are gone and in the middle of his panicked speech, he says : “It’s off-book !’. And indeed it is, because in the books the Baudelaires don’t go to Lucky Smells Lumbermill by themselves but are brought there by Mr Poe. An adaptation makes choices and the show plays on that aspect.

Of course, this show would need a 300 pages-long essay because of all the references and allusions not only to literature but also foreshadowing the main story. This show completely smashes the movie adaptation which did not manage to really transcript well neither the atmosphere nor the characters.

Remember, an adaptation is not a search of perfection because it will never be exactly like the original material. The change of medium requires changes in the story and the story-telling. The intelligence with which the choices are made makes all the difference between a good and a bad adaptation.

The Flash producers at Comic Con: Yeah, last year got a bit dark.  So this year we’re keeping it nice and light and fun!

Flash fans: *rejoice*

The Arrow producers at Comic Con: Yeah, last year got a bit dark. So this year we’re keeping it nice and dark and gritty!

Arrow fans: *rejoice*

anonymous asked:

Hello there, do you have a reference sheet of that bipedal black furred llama with the skull face? I think he is an interesting character and I really want to know more about him.

Since you asked I may as well collate all basic information here, since I hardly ever talk about Grims (no opportunity until now), and whatever detail I let out is scattered across time and blogs, unless you read my webcomic - The World in Deeper Inspection.

Alcott Benedict Grimsley is a Jersey Devil, based on a poitou donkey (not a llama). He’s a detective, more specifically - his job mainly is to ease the troubles of the recently dead, whether it’s uncovering their murderer, wrapping up some last minute business, or finding their missing head, so that they can move on to the afterlife proper. He occasionally assists the mythical and cryptid beings of England, which includes the fae, vampires, imps, that sort of stuff. He’s based in Brookham, a fictional seaside/countryside town in Southeastern England.

He lives in St Victor’s Graveyard (which is huge), attached to a large cathedral. His reputation as a detective is solid - easy since he’s the only legit and competent figure of that sort in all of Brookham Night. A pioneer.

He has an assistant, Bronx - a Jotunn - who he originally hired as muscle, but over time became secretarial once Bronx figured out the language and showed his natural strength of mind. Bronx is the only person able to handle Grims’ personality for long stretches of time. He is not toxic, but he is a rather difficult being to deal with beyond a superficial relationship, as he’s emotionally cold (but aware of it), and sardonic. He is a very loyal and generous friend though.

Grimsley is suave, cool; a typical Victorian Era dandy. Intellectual, loves learning and reading, and enjoys discussing things over a delicious plate of raw liver and a cup of bone dust tea. He sleeps in a tomb, keeps the skull of his guardian close to him, carries a bottle of poison, laudanum and a fancy small pistol, and enjoys all things esoteric. While currently in canon he is young, I mostly think of him as an old man. An uncle. Who he will age to be anyway.

*I know Jersey Devils are American but there’s an in-story reason why his brood migrated to the other side of the pond

doctor who revival: okay, so, our new season’s gonna be season 1, and our new episode’s gonna be episode 1, because god forbid people figure out we’re continuing a show from fifteen years ago that everyone and their mum grew up with and also high numbers are hard, and MAYBE in like a season or two we’ll acknowledge other stuff happened

mst3k revival:

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I know sketchyy-pencil makes fan art for the ship and well... I'm an angst whore D: can you please make an angst one shot where she cheats on you or something... To tie it with mysme lets pretend she is Jaehee and you are MC lmao

Fuck MC and Jaehee this story is about me and @sketchyy-pencil ( also if you want to send HCS for the ship I guess you can since this was really easy for me to write lmao) 

I never knew life would treat me this way. My life was actually looking great; I had an angel as a S/O, my job was amazing and I was finally happy. Hah. Life’s a bitch. I never knew taking my love to dinner would actually turn into the worst night of my life. During our dinner conversation I noticed she seemed distant. Hell she’s been distant for months. I thought it was her job stressing her out so I made sure everything was in place: having the apartment cleaned, making sure we have everything ready, and having a hot meal waiting for her. Yeah it was hard working and taking care of our home but she was worth it. She was worth my blood sweat and tears. She use to enjoy my cooking till gradually, she stopped eating my food. I already ate don’t worry or I’m not hungry  was the constant excuses she gave me. One night I even decided to run her a bubble bath but she yelled at me saying I was too nice to her. Her words did hurt me but I didn’t pay attention to it because I knew she was stressed. I didn’t pay much attention to her because at the time, I didn’t want our arguments to escalate.

During dinner, I remembered I asked her how was work and she simply took a sip of wine and told me “ I’m in love with someone else”. My heart stopped beating because I looked into her eyes and I knew she was telling the truth. I continue eating my food and told her to answer my question and she did. We didn’t talk much after. We finally made it to our driveway and I went to her side of the door and opened it for her like I always had. Now we are sitting on the couch acting as strangers. I was speechless because I was still trying to comprehend those six words that caused agony within me. I took a deep breath and looked at the floor “ How long was this going on? I won’t get mad at you I promise” I whispered. She ran her fingers through her hair like she always does when she’s nervous “ For 5 months now” she sighed. I cleared my throat and laid down at the couch “ I hope the person makes you really happy. You deserve all the happiness in the world my angel. I love you so much that I prefer your happiness over mine. So I understand why you cheated on me. I was no longer your happiness. I’m sorry for not being enough” my voice hitched.

I felt her eyes pierce through my skin and she started to cry while punching my shoulder “Why aren’t you crying ! Why are you not ha-hating me! Please hate m-me! You were enough you were more than enough! Fucking hate me! Tell me off!! Say you never want to see me again!! ” she screeched. I just laughed while she was hitting me. I finally looked into those beautiful eyes again “There is no point in hitting me angel. Your words already hurt me enough to where a bullet won’t even do shit to me. I might as well add that I can never hate you. I respect and love you so much that my ass will support you in every decision you made. I told you from the beginning, I will stand by your side even if you make the wrong choice. Even if it means you loving someone else.” I uttered. I stood up from the couch and kneeled between her. I grabbed her hands and gently kissed it for the last time. I closed my eyes for a quick second and I felt hot tears rolling down my face. I gazed into her eyes “ I need to know one thing. Just one thing. When did you stop loving me?” I managed to say. It’s easy to see her emotions through her eyes. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and it took all the strength that I had to not wipe her tears away. That was no longer my job no more. She decided to pick someone else for the job and that caused pain to ache into my bones. I felt her fingers try to wipe my tears but I slapped her hand away from my face. Her breath hitched “I ne-never stopped loving you” she whispered ever so gently. Her eyes were telling me the truth but I knew her heart was lying to her mind “Bullshit. You don’t hurt the people you love” I hissed. Tears were caressing her face ever so lightly. She grabbed my hand and forced her fingers to interlock with mine. She brought my hand to her lips and kissed it every so gently. I took my hand away from her and held her hand to my heart, “Remember way back then when we first started talking, you were so hard yet so easy to figure out. Your eyes showed me your soul and it captured my heart. You were my heaven and hell. I’m curious though, do you remember that long message I sent you because you teased me that I couldn’t be sweet?” I mentioned. She laughed and it sounded like angels singing to my ears. She nodded while cleaning her eyes. I fixed her hair because it was covering her face “I still mean every word from it” I stuttered while I got up and kissed her forehead.

She gave me a puzzled look while I went and grabbed a suitcase to pack all my clothes and belongings. It was a half hour later till I had my suitcases at the front door. She told to that she wanted to leave and I told her that I didn’t want to stay because I didn’t want to be surrounded by memories of her. She sat down at the couch and I went to her and outlined a cross to her forehead “I hope God gives you many more blessings and I hope you are happy with your new life and love” I said. She looked at me with fresh tears in her eyes and there was a lump in my throat. I was ready to leave but I stopped and looked back “I will never know where we went wrong but there is one thing that I know” I whimpered. I walked closer to her and I put my hand inside my right pocket taking out a blue velvet small box. I opened it revealing the engagement ring and placed it on the table in front of her. I examined the living room once last time and my eyes finally laid on hers “ I was suppose to give it to you after dinner. It doesn’t belong to me. It was meant for you so you can do whatever you want with it. Thank you. It was an honor having my heart broken by you” I said while tears were running down my eyes. I gave her one last look and walked away.

Goodbye my love.

Extra Angsty Bonus:

I ran down the stairs with the little belongings I had. I heard my name being yelled by her but I kept going down the stairs faster. I finally reached the lobby but she took the elevator and she tried to stop me from leaving. She went on her knees begging me to stay but I pushed her off me and told her to never put her pride down for anyone. I ran through the double doors and made my way through the streets. The cold air was burning my throat and I decided to look back at her for one last time but suddenly everything turned black…..

Twitter is the Answer. They Told Us.

I’ve been avoiding twitter. I don’t like twitter generally and didn’t want to be sucked in. But a few people, particularly @worriesconstantly—whose blog you should go to in order to learn more—kept insisting that that’s where we need to look. And it finally hit me: of course it is. We were told. It just took us a little longer to listen this time.

In T6T, we spotted John’s fake jpeg. blog post. “Odd,” we thought. “Could just be a mistake though.”

Before the season aired, John’s blog shut down. “That’s funny,” we responded. “Same season as this weird fake blog post. Eh, could be a coincidence.”

In TLD, no one seems to know that John’s blog exists. No explanation, it’s just … gone. “How strange,”—wait. Canceled blog, fake post, memory of the blog erased. Any one of those might be incidental, but all three? This is a patten. It has to be telling us something right? 

Oh, and one more thing: John is the narrator, the storyteller. Always has been. But in TFP, Mary tells the tale. She narrates the story. John’s narrative authority disappeared again.

But we couldn’t figure out an in-show explanation for the erasure of the blogs, so most of us let that slide as yet another loose thread, more unexplained proof of the fuckiness of the season. Now, I presume that there will be some in-show explanation later. But what if that wasn’t the main point? We’ve been talking endlessly of fourth-wall breaks, yet John’s blog was always their primary medium for accomplishing this, and now they’re erasing it? What if they were telling us: “things are changing. We will no longer communicated with you through the blogs. Look elsewhere.”

And they told us exactly where. We all knew it—up to a point. They said, “yes, we canceled the blog, but we’re doing something else. Keep your eyes open.” Then #SherlockLive (perhaps notably, only one letter short from #SherlockLives) happened. We saw; we played along; we gathered clues. And then we left. 

But that event couldn’t have been everything. That doesn’t explain the facts.

After all, they told us about #SherlockLives loud and clear. Why, then, these repeated hints insisting, “look elsewhere, look elsewhere, look elsewhere”? Perhaps so that when things—intricate, complex, highly planned and deeply invested things—started happening on twitter, the very medium to which the creators explicitly highlighted as the new medium of fourth wall breaks through #SherlockLive, we would pay attention.

And one more thing—this for me is the clincher. Season 4, Episode 1, Scene 1. Things already feel a bit off; perhaps a bit OOC. Essential code names are aired, footage is doctored. Even before TLD we realized that this is them telling us: something has shifted, pay attention. “Only those within this room,” Mycroft declares, “will ever know the whole truth.”

But we were in that room. And in that room Sherlock, for no apparent in-show reason, is tweeting.

It is time to dig into those intricate stories on the medium to which we were instructed to shift our attention—stories with altered footage; with Sherlock and John together and no Eurus. Time to listen to those who have already been playing attention. 

They told us. It is time to listen.

Edit: One more bit of evidence pointed out by @seekmyroom on twitter: When describing the abilities of Eurus (who, as a bonus, has been widely theorized to = John who in turn has been theorized to = us), Mycroft says: “she predicted the exact dates of the last three terrorist attacks on the British mainland after an hour on twitter.” Predictions and twitter? Hmm, interesting … 

I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.

Pairing: Draco x reader

Warnings: none

A/N: I really wanna start writing about Draco, but am not really sure how to show his true character, so if you have any suggestions or requests feel free to message me! also, kind of based on this prompt list

masterlist | request

“Are you and Draco alright?” Hermione asked as soon as you approached her, Ron and Harry.

“Uh, yeah?” you sat next to her and looked at the group with furrowed brows, not knowing what they were trying to say.

“You sure?” you nodded at Harry’s short question, “Since you’ve started dating he quit being such a git to us, but today he was on a whole new level.”

“I’ll kick his ass if you want me to,” you laughed softly and shrugged your shoulders, looking at your friends.

“Yeah, sure,” Ron rolled his eyes, “look, there he is! You have your chance now,” he muttered with his head rested on his hand.

You turned around and saw Draco walk up to his friends and sat on one of the empty seats but by the annoyed look on his face, you could easily say that something has happened. Since you haven’t talked with him this morning and didn’t know what was going on, you decided to find out.

“ ‘K guys, I’ll see what’s going on,” you stood up but before you turned around you smiled at them, “and I will kick his ass later for you.”

You saw them all try to hide their smiles before you made your way towards Draco’s group of friends.

They all stopped talking when you reached them and they all had their eyes on you.

“Draco, can we talk?” You asked him and he muttered something to his friends before standing up and walking with you where you could talk in private.

“What’s up?” He asked casually and stood with his back pressed against the cold wall, arms crossed over his chest.

“I heard you were bullying my friends again,” you raised your eyebrow slightly and saw him roll his eyes, a deep sigh leaving his lips, “why are you so annoyed?”

“I wouldn’t call it bullying. I just told them to move out of my way,” he shrugged his shoulder, the annoyed grimace still on his face, “besides, I thought they were smarter than to come running to you to tell on me.”

“Draco! You promised me, right?” You reached out and grabbed one of his hands and intertwined your fingers with his, “I told them I’m gonna kick your ass for them,” the boy chuckled quietly, “what? I may be smaller than you but that still doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass!”

“Yeah, whatever you say, Y/N,” he quickly wrapped his arms around you and pushed you to his chest, hugging tightly.

Size||Why don't we||Preference four♡

Summary: You struggle with your size, even though they think you are the most beautiful girl in the world.



Requested:Not on here

A/n:Every single one of you are beautiful! Taken from my Wattpad:)

Daniel Seavey- You stood in the room you and Daniel shared at the Why Don’t we house, your shirt rolled up to the bottom of your bra, as tears streamed down your face. When you were younger you were a little heavier than most, causing some asshole people to make fun of it and you. Over the last 2 years you had started working out 3 times a week and you had noticed a huge difference from how you once looked and felt, some of that having to do with working out and some of that having to do with Daniel, he had made you feel so incredibly beautiful. Your mental health along with your actual health had been improving so much and not a day went by where Daniel didn’t tell you that he was proud of you and that you were beautiful, he knew how much you struggled with your self image and did anything he could to help you. But all the hard work you had seem to do undid its self a few days ago, the words replaying in your head over and over again.

You and Daniel had gone out to eat lunch, he had been so busy in the studio that he hadn’t had much time to spend with you over the last week so he had taken you out to a nice lunch before you spent the day together.

After you had sat down, he excused himself to the bathroom after telling you want he wanted so you would order for the two of you.

When the waitress from the restaurant came over to the table where the two of you sat by the window you could instantly tell she wasn’t in the best mood, so you tried to be extra nice and smile more, thinking maybe she had just dealt with a really rude person and could use one.

After you had told her what Daniel had wanted you glanced at the menu one more time before shutting it and tell her what you wanted. Instead of writing it down, she looked at you with an eyebrow raised.

“You sure you want to order that?” She asked, you looked at her confused. Was it bad?

“Yeah why?” You asked, your voice a little softer than it had once been.

“Its a lot of calories,Maybe try a salad honey. If you get any fatter he isn’t gonna stick around” She laughed before writing down what you had once ordered and then snatched the menu from your hands and walked away, shaking her head in the process.

You looked down at your hands, tears brimming in your eyes.

You were taken out of your thoughts when Daniel opened the door and walked through, stopping right away when he saw the tears following down your face. You quickly shoved your shirt down and walked over to the bed, sitting down and wiping the tears away that were falling from your eyes.

“Baby, whats wrong?” he asked, shutting the door behind him and getting on the bed, sitting criss cross apple sauce facing you.

“Am I getting fat to you?” you blurted out, shock and sadness plastered his face. Daniel never really understood why you were so self conscious, from the moment he met you he thought you were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and even though he was proud of you for working out and trying to better yourself he never even thought for a second that you needed to lose weight and he could’ve cared less if you gained. You would always be perfect to him, no matter what.

“What baby? No why would you ask that?” He asked, reaching his arms out and pulling you onto his lap, your head now leaning on his shoulder as your legs hung over his lap and on the bed.

“When we went for lunch the other day.. you went to the bathroom and when I ordered for myself she asked me if I was sure thats what I wanted because it was a lot of calories and she told me if I got any fatter you wouldn’t stick around"You told him, not looking into his eyes anymore as you whispered the ended, not wanting to say it yourself.

"Excuse me?” He asked, anger breaking out all over his face.

“She said what?!” He hissed. He brought his fingers to your chin, making your head tilt up and your eyes connect with his.

“Y/n, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my whole life. I thought that from the moment you walked into the Bakery that day and Ive thought it everyday since. If you lose fifty pounds or gain fifty pounds you will still be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. Please don’t listen to a stupid girl like her. I love you so much babygirl and nothing you could ever say or do would make me leave you, even more so over something silly like weight. I love you for you, not what you look like.”

Jack Avery- You sat on the couch in the living room of the Why Don’t we house, looking through the comments of the most recent post Jack had posted of the two of you. Hating yourself more as you continued.

You had always been skinny, skinnier than most. When you were 13 you were diagnosed with an over working thyroid, which meant it burned off an extreme amount of calories causing not a lot of fats to stay in your body. It was something you were extremely self conscious about, you felt like everyone judged you as soon as they saw you and being in a bathing suit was something you had absolutely hated, and of course that was what you were wearing in the photo. Daniel had taken the photo of the two of you when you, the boys and a few of their girlfriends had a pool party. From the moment Jack saw it he fell in love with it, the way the two of you were looking at each other seemed to capture the love you two shared, but what you and everyone seemed to see was how Skinny you were.

Wdwfanforever Does she even eat?

Seaveymydaniel her legs or a stick? 99% Of americans can’t tell the difference

Jackypooavery Someone get this girl a burger

And that was just the start of them, there were hundreds of them,  basically all saying the same thing. On some level you had always hoped people wouldn’t notice, that it was just a you thing but after today you knew it wasn’t

"Hey baby whats up?” Jack asked, smiling at you as he walked in. You quickly shut your phone off and sat up to meet his eyes.

“Nothing really, just trying to figure out what show to watch on netlfix. I was texting Adi for some advice” You lied, giving jack a fake smile. The only other time you had gotten hate was when you two had first went public with your relationship and Jack was absolutely furious.

“Jack have you seen all the comments on your post?” Daniel frowned coming into the living room with his phone in his hand. While Jack looked to Daniel you shook your head fast, hoping he would get the hint and drop it, but Jack looked back at you before you could stop and scrunched his eyebrows together looking back and fourth between the two of you.

He pulled out his phone when you stopped him, taking his hands and phone in yours before making eye contact with him.

“Jack, really its nothing. Please just let it go and don’t get angry” You pleaded, but then Daniel opened his mouth.

“Its not nothing Y/n!” He said, Daniel had been your best friend growing up, him being the one who introduced the two of you and he had always been protective of you.

“Daniel please!” You yelled standing up, looking at him somewhat angrily in his eyes.

“Would someone please tell me what the fuck is going on!” Jack said, now leaving his spot from the couch and standing up as well.

Daniel handed Jack his phone, of course already on the post with the comments on his screen.

Jack sat back down has his face fell, reading comment after comment.

“Could you give us a second?” He asked, talking to Daniel but not lifting his eyes up from the phone, not stopping reading more and more comments. Daniel didn’t say anything, he just nodded and walked out of the room. He shut the phone off and threw it on the couch, sticking his hand up, reaching for yours. Once yours and Jacks hands connected he gently pulled you to him and sat you on his lap.

Jacks hands cupped your cheeks before his eyes locked with yours.

“When I first met you I knew I was falling in love with you when I saw you having that eating competition with Jonah, and the best part was you won” He started causing you to giggle but your eyes never unlocking with his.

“I know we never talk about how self conscious you are, I catch you looking at your body in the mirror after a shower or the way you feel uncomfortable when you aren’t wearing a hoodie. I never bring it up because I never want to upset you, but so many times have I been sitting and watching you while you laugh or when you break out into those terrible dance moves of yours when one of our songs play and overtime all I can think about is how fucking beautiful you are. Y/n, you are the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen, everyday you take my breath away and weather you are 100 pounds or 200 pounds my opinion on you will never change” Once he finished you had tears threatening to fall, god you loved this boy.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, placing with the hair that laid around the base before putting your forehead on his.

“I love you so much Jack Avery”

Jonan Marias- “You aren’t fat per say, you’re just a plus size model” Your friend told you as you took a bite from your chicken wrap as the two of you were at lunch. You instantly stopped eating your food and put it back down on the plate your face dropping completely as you pushed the food away from you, no longer hungry.

“Excuse me?” a guy asked, raged filling his whole voice, looking between you’re friend and you. You had no idea who he was, but he was hands down the most beautiful human you had ever seen in your life. He was tall and had brown hair, with the most beautiful blue eyes you had ever seen.

“What?” Your friend snapped, obviously not liking the tone he was using. The boy looked at her in disgust while you just sat there watching.

“Why would you say something like that?” He asked, you had no idea why a stranger would get so angry over a comment like this, your ‘friend’ said stuff like this to you all the time and even though you tried to get use to it, it still hurt a little.

“Well its the truth” She said, rolling her eyes as she took another bite of her salad.

“The truth? The truth is she is one of the most beautiful girls Ive ever seen. The truth is that when I walked through the door my heart started beating a little faster once I saw her. The truth is that she deserves a hell of a lot better friends than you” He snapped, causing a blush to break out on your face as the two of you locked eyes, he winked at you before turning his attention back to the bitch eating in front of you.

“I think Im gonna go, Call me next week” She snapped, picking up her bag and rolling her eyes.

“Yeah she won’t be doing that. I hope you step in dog shit” He called just before she walked out the door causing you to explode into a fit of giggles.

“Now, Im Jonah and Id like to buy you coffee” He said, taking a seat where your friend had once sat.

“Im y/n” You smiled, looking into his eyes once again.

Zach Herron- The boys had gotten a brand deal with Adidas, they had pictures of a group and then each boys had pictures with a different girl, and of course you couldn’t help but stair at Zachs picture. Although you knew it was a photo shoot you couldn’t help but feel a pang in your chest, the way he was holding her skinny body, the way their faces were lit up with happiness, it hurt you. You always felt like Zach could do better, he could go out and find someone prettier, skinner, someone who would look better with him, but he chose you and everyday you wondered why more and more than the last.

“Whats wrong?” Jonah asked, walking outside to the patio where you sat, you hadn’t realized the frown that was forming on your face until you looked up to see Jonah with a worried expression on his face. Since you had moved into the Why don’t we house Jonah had become like an older brother to you, he cared about you the way a brother would and even Zach had to admit that the two of you had adorable brother/sister moments that the fans just loved.

He sat on the end of the lounge as you brought your feet up to your chest. You handed him your phone, his face filling with confusion.

“Why are you looking at this?” He questioned, feeling like he knew the answer already.

“Because look at her, he could do so much better than me. She’s so much prettier than me, she’s skinner and her smile looks amazing. The way they look at each other makes me realize that maybe Im not what Zach wants anymore, not when he knows he could have someone like her” You told Jonah.

“Y/n..” Zach said from behind you, causing you to jump. Your face went pale, not wanting him to hear the words that had left your mouth.

“Im gonna go” Jonah trailed off, putting your phone beside your feet and running inside, knowing that the two of you had a lot to talk about now.

Zach took Jonah’s spot at the end of your feet, taking one of your hands in his.

“She will never be better than you, no one ever will be. No one else’s eyes will sparkle like Diamonds in the sun, at least not like yours does. No ones laugh with make my heart melt completely overtime, not like yours does. No one will make me want to get out of bed everyday and make amazing things happen, not like you do. No one will make me fall in love all over again just by one simple kiss, not the way you do. You are one of a kind, you are it for me. Y/n your body is perfect to me, I love the way it fits in mine at night, I love the way your thighs touch and all your curves that seem to be placed in every right way. You are so fucking beautiful to me. All those girls you say I could get, I don’t even notice them. Why would I when I already have my everything right in front of me?”

“I love you so much Zach Herron” You whispered before bringing his face close to yours, pressing your lips on his soft pink ones.

Corbyn Besson- Corbyn and the boys were having a pool party, at first you were a little excited. Although the idea of you in a bathing suit was something you weren’t a fan of it was fine because you were comfortable with the boys and you knew that you wouldn’t be judged. But your attitude changed quickly when Corbyn had told you that it was going to become more of a party as there were more people coming over. 'Great’ You thought to yourself.

At first you had told corybn that you weren’t going to come anymore, telling him that you weren’t really a party person and He knew that a lot of people in the same space caused you anxiety but he had promised to stay right by your side the whole night and that you two would leave if it all got too over whelming for you. With his puppy dog face and his “Please baby’s” You couldn’t say no to the boy you were helplessly in love with so you said yes.

You were now at the party, in a bathing suit and feeling extremely uncomfortable, you stood outside by the pool, having a conversation with Jacks girlfriend who you were extremely close too and Corbyn.

“Im gonna go get us a drink okay? Ill be right back” He smiled, kissing your cheek and leaving. You had continued the conversation with Jacks girlfriend until a guy walked up to you, right away you could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“Hey beautiful, why don’t we go check out the rooms upstairs” He winked, the idea of throwing up had never sounded like a better idea.

“Um, I don’t think her boyfriend would like that very much” Corbyn said coming back with two drinks in his hand, you looked him in the eyes, slightly thanking him for saving you.

“Eh its whatever. She’s fat anyways” He chuckled, Cobyn put the drinks down and walked over to him.

“You might want to shut the fuck up” Corbyn snapped, his face red with anger.

“Oh yeah, and what are you gonna do if I don’t?” The drunk man asked, stepping closer to Corbyn, who was now only inches apart from him. Corbyn brought his hand back, ready to punch the man when you grabbed it quickly and pulled him back. His eyes met yours and his face softened when he saw the tears threatening to fall.

“Its not worth it, please walk away” You told him, your voice breaking at the end. Jonah and the rest of the boys had heard what happen from Jacks girlfriend and all had rushed outside to see the scene that had just unfolded in front of you.

“Im gonna go get changed” You whispered, his eyes scanning yours before you let go of him and walked into the crowed house and up the stairs to Corbyns room where your overnight bag sat int the corner.

Once you had changed you decided to stay upstairs, not wanting any more social interaction for today, you had simply had enough. You were reading a book on your phone when the door opened and a still upset looking corbyn came walking in to see next to you.

“What he said wasn’t true"He said, slightly gripping your chin and brought your face up to eye level.

"You are beautiful, inside and out. I love you y/n” He told you before bringing you into a kiss. He didn’t need to give you some huge speech, the way he kissed you made you feel beautiful and honestly that was all you needed.

Maybe that guy didn’t get to check out the rooms upstairs, but you and Corbyn did that night;).


If you couldn’t tell this imagine was about you struggling with your body. I wrote this because I know many people do, weather it be because you feel to big or too small. I personally struggle with body image issues and I know how it can effect people.

Im hoping that this made some of you feel better if you struggle with the same thing. But I just want you all to know that you are all extremely beautiful people!

ALSO!!!! in the geek interpreter, our first appearance, where they plant “bond air is go” so we know that they’ve been planning tfp this whole time, the audience insert is scrawny comic book nerds. they thought the people that figured out the show were going to be like them. like sherlock says in tab, they underestimated women, they forgot women. as the show wore on and they realized we were all women our mirrors became more flattering, sherlock became more apologetic. there is a whole new storyline in the show about sherlock apologizing to women because of our existence. and i think when they first planned tfp they thought they were going to be pulling the joke on a bunch of nerdy reddit boys who, let’s face it, and this is because i am a lesbian and hate men, WOULD HAVE deserved it way more than we do


@blitzdrake said: My crazy St. Garrison’s AU head-cannon. Half the medical staff is in love with watching Dr. Sexy in the break room (gabe most of all) and Cas Hates the show because it’s so stupid. Then learns Dean loves it and gets strangely irritated/jealous of dr sexy. But also tries watching it to figure out…what Dean wants in a doctor/guy. And when gabe stumbles on cas in the break room alone watching it embarrassed, the teasing starts. Then gabe figures out Dean likes the show and really lays into Cas

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firefighter!Dean and doc!Cas au