Snarky Recap - Thunderbirds Are Go: “Earthbreaker/Ghost Ship”

TAG is back… and so are the recaps, by popular request and because it’s become a tradition. Been a while since the last recap, excuse me if I’m a bit rusty. Anyways, because this is NOT a two-parter à la “Ring of Fire”, I will treat these episodes as separate ones. However, I can’t figure out how to make Tumblr show multiple read-more sections, so everything will be underneath the “read more” marker. (If only you were more like LiveJournal, dear Tumblr - that site allows you to add as many cuts and read-mores as you want)

And because spoilers are no fun, the read more cut will be used for every upcoming recap. So without further ado… Thundersnark is go!

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Figured it couldn’t hurt to show a fuller-view of this so far!

Mostly just spent time actually naming all my layers ‘cause I started getting confused, lmao

Seriously debating on putting this up as a print when it’s done, and maybe offering the full-res on Gumroad or something? c:
Her pretty face can’t be obscured from the world forever, tbh

The legs are radically different from how I normally draw them and are actually more akin to the show’s style… I was struggling for a solid half hour before just straight-up simplifying the damn things. Sometimes less is more!

I write to you from afar. From somewhere out of site. I hide behind this wall of fortress I call words. Never showing who I am. If only I had the courage to actually go up and tell you how I feel about you. Tell you that your smile uplifts my soul and that your eyes melt my heart and bring me down to my knees. If only you knew that what I write is directed to you. But I have nothing more to give than these words I compose to you. And with every piece of work I write, there’s a bit of me that goes inside each and every one of them. And I feel myself breaking apart, piece by piece, trying to figure out what I can do to show you how much I adore you. How much I wish to make you mine. But if this is the end of me, then so be it. I would rather leave this world having left myself in everything that I write for you than to leave it without having any purpose at all. 

- B.

anonymous asked:

You are really good at figuring out mysteries of the show. I'm not telling you which ones, but you've hit a few nails right on the head. Also, I really like snakes. If i knew what country you live in I could help you identify it. If it's venomous you might not want to just forget about it. Did it bite you or your cat?

Nah, the snake was pretty scared from my cats so it wasn’t moving much. Also I was careful and picked it up with a plastic shovel to bring it to a safer place.


“Trust fall”

Here it is! My small but oh so time consuming Iwaoi comic! As you may notice, I have experimented a bit with lineless art, colors and such. The theme isn’t exactly new for these two, but I felt that I have to start at the basics to get to know them! (I feel like I still have a bit left to a good characterization, but I’ll be getting there.) I hope you like it!

(almost) every 1d concert

so i started doing this way back in 2012 for up all night, and seeing as no one knows when they’re going back on tour i thought i’d just drop this here for people to have, so yeah. here’s ~mostly all of 1d’s concerts. 

up all night 
take me home 
where we are 
on the road again


galvanize [gal-vuh-nahyz] verb.

2. to startle into sudden activity;


It was bound to happen someday but hey here’s Bill in a suit! Just one big goofing around with style and colors, the black and white one is quite inspired by R. Sugar! ( twitter | treat me for coffee! )