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Perfect fancam focussing only on our beloved Yuzuru Hanyu 

I love the idea of Yuuri Katsuki retiring from figure skating at age 29 with five World Championships under his belt and sort of sinks to obscurity because all he really wants to do after that is chill out with all of his niche hobbies, sitting next to Viktor at competitions with crochet hooks in his hands or a handheld video game. Every once in awhile he offers his thoughts on a step sequence. He’s there to offer moral support and to tell Viktor that his hair is shiny.

At the same time, there’s a YouTube channel rising to prominence with these really entertaining but really bizarre-ass tutorials (Or, like, tutorials is the closest thing to describe what they are because it’s not like there are step-by-step directions, but you can clearly see everything the person does and every once in awhile a line of text will pop up over a measuring cup that says “one cup of almond milk”) in which there is never any speaking or music, only the sound of paper folding or meat sizzling or scissors cutting, vaguely ASMR-y but also not. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to what the channel does. It’s not a cooking channel. It’s not a gadget channel. It’s not a needlework channel. It’s not one of those Kracie Poppin Cookin channels. The packages sometimes have Cyrillic on them, but also sometimes Kanji, but also sometimes they’re in English. The backdrop is usually the same kitchen but sometimes it’s various different hotel rooms. A dog sometimes barks in the background. The person who owns the channel can sometimes be seen in the reflection of a pot but it’s hard to make out.

People like to watch the channel because it’s relaxing and, despite the whole unknown-person-doing-weird-things-on-the-internet vibe, it’s non-threatening and unsinister.

Then, one day, a video is posted where the owner of the channel has the camera braced on the stove to show a pot of water boiling, and in the far background, very clearly, is five-time World Champion of Figure Skating Viktor Nikiforov, sitting on a sofa and reading a book.

Yuuri, who’s terribly cheeky, puts a line of text above Viktor’s head that says, “One husband.”

“HEY UM WHAT,” says the internet.

Kubo and the YOI fans at the FS World Championships 2018

As I attended this years WCs in Milan, my friends and I saw Kubo sitting in the stands during the men‘s SP. She cheered openly, had fun and waved her flags (see this post to coo over a happy Kubo at worlds). Since she was sitting in the closest area to the ice, she was frequently featured on the screen and live streaming, easily to be seen. On the same day, tumblr and twitter posts appeared, making her whereabouts known to anyone.

A few volunteers and fans got her autograph and a little sketch with it on the first day, on the second day, word had spread and fans approached her. She already covered herself more (black hat and scarf, she also didn’t cheer as openly as the day before) and seemed more reserved. She still gave autographs on the second day (ladies’ FS), but tried to avoid fans. This was a difficult feat for her, since fans apparently came to her seat between the programs. (You read right, not in the intermission, which still wouldn’t be respectful, but between programs).

On the day of the men’s FS (Saturday), she had her scarf pulled up over the lower half of her face, her black hat pulled down as far as possible, basically only her eyes were visible. When she cheered for the skaters, she completely hid behind her flags. It was clear that she didn’t enjoy herself as much as she did at men’s SP, she made a really tense impression.

I had a letter for her and Yamamoto with me, in which I expressed my thanks and compliments, hoping to give her some positivity, after some of her latest tweets. I planned to give it to her in case I’d cross her way, but at the end of the men’s FS, I decided to go to her entrance and see if she was approachable. She was not and due to her behavior it was pretty clear. As the venue emptied she took photos, a whole group of fans already waiting for her, following her with little distance, their merch openly visible, paper and notebooks out and waiting. She went through the aisles in slalom, the group following along. When she reached the top row of seats and took photos, two fans were going to her and asked her for autographs, the rest of the group stood back and waited for her reaction. She all but screamed her excuse in Japanese, clearly stressed and anxious and rushed, not to say ran, away. (It is a known fact how shy she can be and that she‘d never want to overshadow a figure skating event with her presence, distracting from the event.)

Through all of this I tried to stay in the background of things, observing and frankly shocked. I had given up on the hope that I could give her the letter personally without being a bother, but I couldn’t look away as those things happened and so I stayed rooted to my spot.

The fans who tried to get her autograph walked in the opposite direction, seeming quite annoyed and disappointed, not being able to reflect on their behavior and what Kubo had faced the past days, only thinking about getting their autograph.

To be absolutely clear here: Kubo was there as a private person and probably also to research/get inspiration. Stumbling upon her and getting an autograph out of that is one thing, following her and demanding an autograph is something totally different. Unfortunately western fandom treats public figures like that, which doesn’t justify said behavior. This is called harassment and does harm to an individuals mental health.
The time and place to ask for autographs are officially announced and organized fanmeetings - take note and please respect Kubo’s privacy and boundaries in the future (this actually goes for every public figure and every fandom).

I’m really disappointed by how so called „fans“ are treating Kubo and the YOI Team, I hope this post will help to make the overseas/western fandom more respectful towards them, so please spread the word.

I’m tagging the people who were with me here: @nikiforoov, @chat-noir-chocolat, @dismalsheen

Shoma Uno about Figure Skating: (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

Shoma Uno about gaming: (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Shoma Uno in social settings: ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

So some people said Yuri!!! on Ice was unrealistic.

Now take a look at the recent Men’s World Figure Skating Championship in Helsinki:

By the way, notice that Yuzuru Hanyu was 5th in SP but jumped all the way to 1st Place in FS after banging a new world record.

Doesn’t this look, somehow, like a certain familiar Katsudon?

(but with an even higher FS score)