I opened my eyes and looked around and I realised my only goal was skating at the Olympics but I had neglected every other aspect of my life. I didn’t have many friends, nor interests despite being a versatile person. I had been living life practice to practice but in the winter when I was injured and unable to skate, I caught myself thinking, “Will this be my life after skating, living without friends, without hobbies and skills, without any semblance of a personal life, without anything?” I am a realist, I know I will not skate forever. So I changed that, I got more friends, new hobbies and interests, even prerequisites for a future profession but my future is not set in stone. When I opened my eyes for the first time after the Olympics [free skate], life seemed to flow differently, not changing directions but it had become larger; my life turned from a stream into a river. 

I found an old drawing I never finished and then finished it


We have Todoroki in Yuzuru Hany’s Hope and Legacy costume, Izuku in Shoma Uno’s Turandot costume, and we have Kacchan in Nathan Chen’s Nemesis costume fyi!

I am absolutely devastated by Denis Ten’s death. I have been trying to understand why this happpened for the past hour, and still cannot find an answer.

As a long-time figure skating fan, I have seen his ups and his downs, and while I didn’t always appreciate his programs, I could acknowledge that he was a talented figure skater.

He was also a kind person, always passionate about what he did, and I will always respect him for that, despite the controversy that has surrounded him years ago.

He became an inspiration to many people, especially after the rise of the figure skating anime, “Yuri!!! On Ice”, in which he was the inspiration for the Kazakhstani character Otabek Altin, who I’ve grown to love after watching the anime earlier this year.

Those news are everything I could have feared, and he absolutely did not deserve what happened to him. He was incredibly young.

I send all of my condoleances to his family and friends, all the way from France.

May he Rest in Peace.


“I skate for people who support me. I look at the fans and skaters in Kazakhstan and I want to bring inspiration to them.”

Today, we lost a talented skater and, more importantly, a beautiful person. Denis Ten was a kind man who wished to inspire those around him in his skating and his life.

Rest In Peace, Denis. You’ve touched many hearts, and you will be missed.