I can’t even sit still gracefully, how the fuck?


YURI ON ICE, EPISODE 4: When Real Life Skaters Make a Cameo 

[1] Yuzuru Hanyu (SP / FS) - [2] Javier Fernandez (SP / FS) - [3] Shoma Uno (SP / FS) - [4] Patrick Chan (SP / FS) - [5] Boyang Jin (SP / FS) - [6] Daisuke Murakami (SP / FS)

The actual 2016-2017 ISU Grand Prix series is going on right now! Want to learn more about figure skating in general? Go to @soyouwanttowatchfs! They’re a super great resource if you like to read and then ask questions. :)


That moment when you’re watching ‘Yuri!!! on ice’ and they’re explaining what  the Grand Prix is and OH MY GOD THE SKATERS! THE ACTUAL COMPETITORS OF THE LAST GPF!!!!!! They’re even wearing the same costumes as they did for the Free Program  😍 😍 😍 😍 except Patrick’s, that’s the costume he was wearing on the SP


Yuzuru’s free skate practice at Skate Canada 2016


His single axel alone is HUGE…and then put of nowhere he throws a sassy triple axel. Only Yuzuru Hanyu. (*0*)


For people’s reference, here’s the miniature explanation from episode 4 – plus a couple of extra shots to see Yuuri’s score-sheet clearer.

It was really cool to see them explain the important points of judging. I wonder if this was Yuuri’s score sheet from the Short Program in the GPF? Some scoring will probably be further explained later on, but to help you guys now with interpreting what this strange chart means:

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