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Did Mattie ever have... The b r o w s

can: luckily i’ve been spared of that fate.

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What are xe pronouns and how do you pronounce them? Thank you for all the work you put into this blog it has helped me so much :-)

Hi there! Xe/Xem/Xir/Xemself is one of the many sets of neopronouns created by nonbinary/genderfluid/genderqueer folks. Since he/him pronouns and she/her pronouns don’t fit many of us, and some of us also don’t feel that they/them pronouns fit us, we get creative!

Xe is one of the more common neopronouns, I would say. But you can see a whole (nonexhaustive) list here

Xe is usually pronounced “zee,” ( “zem”; “zear” for xir, rhyming with ear; “zemself”) but if you meet someone who uses these pronouns just ask xem how xe pronounces it for xemself, because it might vary.

Xe usage goes like this:

Avery is nonbinary, and xe’s trying out some new pronouns. Ask xem what xir pronouns are!

For practice with xe pronouns as well as they pronouns and some other common pronouns, see this cool online game

I hope this helps :)

24 July 17   <1 / 125 days of productivity>

photo from science bc lighting in my room is hilariously bad in winter

I’ve wanted to do the 100 days of productivity challenge for a while now, and figured I may as well start as we kick into 2nd semester. Since 100 days would take me right to the beginning of the external exams, I decided to extend the challenge by another 25 days, so it would end around the same time as my externals finish.

anyway, today was actually pretty productive — I managed to set aside enough time to not only catch up on all the work I missed in classes (sleeping problems hello!), and also reorganized all my notes and practice instruments all before 9, so I’d call that a success ^^

currently playing: EDEN - and

❤️shoutout to gay people who used to think they were bi
💛shoutout to bi people who used to think they were gay
💚sexuality is complicated, there’s nothing wrong with taking time to figure yourself out
💙you aren’t “adhering to stereotypes” or anything like that.
💜there is nothing wrong with your identity!

Oh my god, in last night’s Bob’s Burgers, Bob takes Gene to a laser light rock show at the planetarium (super important to Bob, because it was his favorite when he was a teenager, and this is the last night before they’re closing the exhibit because it’s old and no one goes anymore, also it’s Bob’s birthday), and Gene has no idea what he’s in for, but he gets pumped for it anyway ‘cause Bob’s so excited about it, and finally they get in there and they’re watching it, and Gene has a sensory overload and kinda starts freaking out ‘cause he can’t handle it, so Bob takes him out and they sit in the car for a bit.  Gene’s angry because Bob didn’t tell him it would be so loud and scary, so Bob offers to play the album for Gene at a normal volume, and Gene starts to enjoy it, so he reclines the seats, takes out the cigarette lighter, tells Gene to pretend it’s a laser, and starts drawing in the air, explaining the plot to him (it’s like a full on Pink Floyd or Rush-esque rock opera about a bunch of robot overlords telling rockers that they can’t play music anymore, and one Rebel rising against them).  Gene gets really into it and decides he wants to see the finale of the laser show (which Bob regards as a life-changing experience), so they sneak back into the planetarium (there’s no re-entry allowed) with a few tricks that parallel the story from the album, and watch the climax of the show together (Bob fashions some earplugs for Gene out of a napkin).  On the way home, Bob’s asking Gene how he liked it, and Gene says “I loved it!”, Bob asks him to speak louder ‘cause his ear’s are shot, and Gene yells, “I LOVED IT, DAD”.  Bob yells back “I love you too, Gene”.

I FUCKING!!! CAN’T!!! DEAL!!!! WITH HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS!!! I know i don’t talk about Bob’s Burgers a lot but this show is flawless and charming and gross and funny all at the same time, the characters are written like people with actual fears and anxieties, and unlike a lot of comparable shows, the comedy doesn’t come from the family being pitted against each other, it’s always the family against the world… I love it, I love it, it’s so pure and refreshing and still somehow manages to be funny without sacrificing it’s heart, and I fuckin’ love it, please watch Bob’s Burgers holy CRAP okay I’m done.


·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

                                                           - Happy Birthday @vegeet // 2.28.17

  • [during sex]
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUKE!
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: I can explain
  • Naruto: It's a habit
  • Hinata: What?
  • Naruto: No, wait. What I mean is- the only person who shouts my name like that is Sasuke and I usually shout his name too, like, when we fight
  • Hinata: Why?
  • Naruto: I don't know. It's kind of our thing. We've been doing it for years.
  • Naruto: Well, not doing IT, you know, not like we just did. But that name thing, 'it.' I'm not in love with him, I swear! At least, not the same way I'm in love with you.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: I mean, we only kissed once, and it was totally an accident.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: Or, twice, unless you count that other time-
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUK- Hinata, I meant to say Hinata, see? It's like a reflex.
  • Hinata: Go sleep on the couch while I think about this relationship.
  • Naruto: Fine, but can I ask you something?
  • Hinata: *hopeful* Yes?
  • Naruto: By 'this relationship,' did you mean yours and mine or mine and Sasuke's?
  • Hinata: Get out.

there’d be no lies between us. we’d have time to be together.

i mentioned the recent confusion about my intimidating guns and the clever solution that i solved it with to steve, and he helpfully illustrated my success. 

i knit that sweater myself you guys, im very proud. 

Cute post-Breath of the Wild thought;

Zelda also obtaining monster disguises from Kilton so that she can sneak into camps and make extensive science observations about monster behavior.

Link goes looking for her and finds her hanging out in a circle of Lizalfos, scribbling furiously in a notebook while they croak and eye her suspiciously.