figure skating worlds 2013

Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi, World Figure Skating Championships 2013 (Free Dance)

Okay, I am fascinated by this look. And I have to say look because as incredible as these costumes are, the make-up is a vital part of what makes me unable to tear my eyes away. It’s like everything that’s good and fun about Halloween!

A fluffy cravat and big sleeves and waistcoat and purple pants? I SALUTE YOU, SIR. 

And I mean, emerald green and plum purple with some spiderwebby dusty accents! This is high level costume coordination: complimenting without mirroring. Also I love their faces, 100% commitment.

Seriously, this is amazing. I LOVE IT.

Grade: A++


what a lil’ shit

Q: “What is it next for you guys? Do you get a chance to relax or is it right back into training?”

PC: Has the WTT, so back to work.
DT: Gotta prepare for the Olympics, so back to work.

[ I have some shows, but yeah, I’m going on vacations. (…) I take it easy and when I start, I start strong. ]

Mao Asada, World Figure Skating Championships 2013 (Free Skate)

There have been many Swan Lake and swan-adjacent looks in figure skating history (and many Swan Lake programs, but let’s assume we’re mainly talking about the ones that actually bothered to have ballet-related costumes) and I… have been a sucker for almost all of them. 

One of my first figure skating-related memories is watching a tape of Oksana Baiul’s Swan Lake, and it’s been history ever since. What can I say? I may get sick of the music from time to time, but I am never tired of swan outfits.


And dramatic grey underskirt! I love it. 

Grade: A+


Little moments from the Worlds 2013 FD.

Warm-up arm caress, Tessa’s wink, Scott’s pep-talk, and skating just for each other. [x]

Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat, World Figure Skating Championships 2013 (Short Dance)

I give up.

Do you know how hard it is to find pictures of this short dance that don’t have Nathalie flashing us?

Almost impossible. And is that a zippered corset? Dear lord.

It’s not even nice looking costume underwear! And why is Fabian’s look so dull when Nathalie’s look is so outrageously over the top cheap? The single garter strikes again!

I just cannot get behind this at all. 

Grade: C-