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I just logged on after a LONG time and noticed you watched Yuri!!! On Ice, I've been obsessed with figure skating my whole life, I life in the dessert so the nearest ice rink is two hours away. I wanted to ask for advice because I don't know who to ask anymore >.< I'm sixteen years old and really want to start figure skating, but we don't have a lot of money to train either, Please be honest with me -do you think figure skating (even just for show cases) is an unrealistic dream? Thank you, <3

OMG cutie! What are you talking about? I don’t know about the meaning of a “unrealistic dream”, there are only dreams in this world. I know figure skating can be difficult and so expensive in some cases but if you truly want to, DO IT. 

You should read the biographies of some figure skating people, they are really inspiring, particularly one of my favorites is Yuzuru Hanyu’s one. There is no such thing as “impossible” in this life, except death, so take advantage of the fact that you live and if you really want to, do it.

Reasons to adopt Otabek

iNow that everyone has been revived after getting ‘good’ slaughtered by victuuri in ep.10, do you have some time to talk about Otabek Altin? The precious cinnamon roll and Yurio’s new friend?

Let’s get to know this Dark Horse.

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So he’s 18, he was the first to qualify for GPF, won last season’s bronze and represents Kazakhstan.  

Many of you might not even be aware of the existence of this country, so in brief: Kazakhstan is a post USSR country in the centre of Eurasia, right between Russia, China, Middle East and Europe continent.

So, why would Kubo-sensei even include someone from there?
The answer is Kazakhstan’s real life figure skating hero - Denis Ten.

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Denis Ten is: 

  • the first skater to represent KZ in international championships  
  • currently 23 years old
  • is from Kazakhstan but of a Korean origin
  • Olympic bronze medalist, World silver and bronze medalist, 4 Continents gold medalist, Asia Winter Sports gold medalist
  • cinnamon roll like you wouldn’t believe how sweet

Otabek is definitely inspired by Denis, and therefore I will take his perspective to judge his background.

The thing about sport athletes in Kazakhstan is that they’re ALWAYS self-made. Neither education system nor sports practice is well-developped here yet. Which is understandable since the country is still young (25 years of Independance, yay) and confused in many aspects. That’s not fine but we manage. That however does not change the fact that Kazakh sport education is a complete bullshit when compared to Europe, USA, Asia or Russia (with the exception of boxing and martial arts, probably). 

Therefore if you are from KZ and want a world champion for a kid, these are the steps you need to take:
1. Sign them up for sports club early. No team sports, only individual. Team sports have no future here yet.
2. Once they start to show a talent, interest and/or competitive spirit send them to Russia. Russia has better coaches, facilities and programme. Russia is close, cheap and easy to travel to, and not emotionally stressing for the kid, since it’s the same environment there. 
3. Once they come of an age to participate in a competition SEND THEM AS FAR AS YOUR BUDGET ALLOWS YOU. USA and Canada for figure skating. USA, Europe and Australia for swimming and tennis. Why? Because it’s one thing to train in your rivals’ adobe, all of them young talented and ambitious, being coached by their coach, at the same time as them, and completely other thing to be enrolled in a kind of sports boarding school where the coach is from some France and other students are from all over the world, struggling to get better same as you. Goverment does not provide any stable scholarships for this, btw. It’s all up to parents to find, choose and pay for. If you happen to have a kind, well-educated and persistant coach in KZ, they might win you some bonuses in a harsh battle against bureaucracy, but it will not be enough to cover for all or even half of it. 

LAST YEAR!!!! You hear me?? He was 17, and already a bronze medalist when he returned to his hometown!! 

That means that all the time before he spent overseas. Can you imagine that?? A 13-16 year old Otabek in another hemisphere from his home. That’s like half an equator, one ocean and 11-14 timezones away. 

a l l   b y   h i m s e l f

struggling with language barrier (think he had time to perfect his English before? not likely), with harsh training and obligatory schoolwork - all on top of taking care of himself all by himself.  

Can you imagine Otabek coming back on one of those days to an epmty room in a dorm and messages from his family. Calls might be very hard to time up with such time diference. His mom inquiring how he has been, if he eats properly and does his laundry in time, scheduling for skype calls, updating him on his relatives and friends, giving advice on treating colds and stomach ache, and all those other things that most of the boys his age get for granted. 

My heart aches over thinking how lonely he must’ve felt. 

And, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell them, if anything would not go well. Because there would be nothing they could do from over there, it would only cause them to worry more. Even more than they already would have been.

So there was only one way for him: to suck it up, train hard, suceed and make them proud.

He is not trying to prove himself to himself as Yuuri, nor does he need to prove himself over others like Yurio. He doesn’t want it for fame like JJ, he wants it for his family, his people and his country. That’s any Kazakh’s default mission in life - make your parents proud. Especially after he had returned home with a medal and proved himself to be capable of competing at the same level as Victor fucking Nikiforov and Christophe Jeacometti!!!!!! Him! A Kazakh boy of 17 years!! Kubo-sensei does not joke around when calling him a hero, because he is one! A hero and a history-maker, same as Phichit.

We haven’t seen his coach or team yet, but I have a feeling that it would be the same situation as Denis’s. Meaning, he doesn’t have one. 

Denis Ten often travels (or used to travel) to the competitions by himself. There is no staff assigned to help him out. He is used to do trivial things like filling paper forms, booking time for practice, booking hotels, turning in audio tracks for the performance, etc. There have been numerous times when they had either messed up the music at the start of his performance or even played the wrong hymn during the awards ceremony. In his interview, Denis admitted to being totally lost at what to do at those time. There’s also no one to defend/protect him when something comes up, since there’s no one from KZ who has a weight in figure skating world. 

I have a distinctive feeling Otabek will be the same.  

I mean, how the hell would he be comfortable enough to rent a bike and ride all over Bar-freaking-celona, with no fear to get lost/in trouble, if he wasn’t used to this kind of responsibilities? Again, he’s 18. 

At the same time Yurio is like: 


Therefore his friendship with Yurio is truly a blessing. They do have a lot in common, they’re practically from the same background: the lifestyle in KZ and Russia does not really differ. It’s the same culture, the same language (KZ is bilinguial: both Kazakh and Russian are widely spoken), a really similar mindset, educational system, environment, custom etc. They’re both outsiders in the current lineup, striving to make a name for themselves. It’s almost the same as 5 years ago in that camp when both Otabek and Yurio were new to the rink in Saint-Petersburg. That’s what Otabek referring to, I think, when he says Yurio had eyes of a soldier. In that environment they’d be both treated the same, you know. Otabek as a no one from nowhere and Yurio as a that guy from Moscow. Not even sure what’d have been worse.

Also there’s a post going around about bad realtion between Russians and Kazakhs, stressing that Kazakh is an inferior race to Russians - PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE IT THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!! 

Our nations have always been close, we have a long and complicated history but the friendship between two countries and people is very strong. 

There are some issues in terms of racism on both sides but it is very rare/obscure case and is usually triggered by something.

Therefore I ask you to support Otabek Altin and his friendship with Yurochka!
Please do adopt him! Please do dote on him! He really deserves and needs that! 

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and if you have some more feels to spare, please take a look at  Denis Ten too :3  

Thank you for reading, 
with love from Kazakhstan

Keith Kogane
age: 22
country: korea

tfw ur working on a quick comic and decide to draw an outfit ref real quick, but it turns out really e x t r a.. 

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Simple introductions about figure skating in general

Please notice that I mostly write about senior single skating. I also follow ladies, pairs and ice dance but I do not write about them as much. I assure you that there are various similarities and differences in all disciplines (however I am just too lazy to write down all of them).

To be honest I don’t want to tag Yuri on ice as some anime fans don’t want to read posts about real life figure skating. However some of these posts I wrote due to requests through private messages sent from Yuri on ice fans, so that’s it.

The list below is to be updated in time.

1) About the disciplines of figure skating at Olympic

2) General highlights you need to know about figure skating competitions (some facts are frustrating and unfair though)

3) Fitness of figure skaters

4) Blade and edge in figure skating

5) Six basic jumps in figure skating (make sure you watch the video I listed in the post if you want to know more about those jumps).

6) Breaking down the 6 basic jumps in slow motion (NEW)

7) Basic spins in figure skating

8) What you need to know about figure skating programs (believe me, this is actually easy to remember)

9) About costumes in figure skating

10) Kiss and cry area

11) What is a step sequence in figure skating (this is the most difficult to understand for most fans honestly)

12) Breaking in new boots and other trivia (it is hurtful, yet my leg never looked as hurtful as that)

13) What is the move called Ina Bauer

14) Figure skating 101 for new fans

15) Anatomy the quad jumps (NEW)

16) Naming in figure skating (NEW)

17) Other drafts of step sequences

18) If you want to know about the skater called Yuzuru Hanyu 

19) My favorites among Yuzuru Hanyu’s competitive programs (NEW)

20) Yuzuru’s exhibition programs that I like (NEW)

If you have any questions about figure skating in general, feel free to send me messages. I can’t say I know all, as I am not a pro, but I will try my best.


so instead of cleaning my room (like i was suppose to do for the last 3 days) i’m looking at yoi gifs bc yeah. i’m lame like that and have nothing better to do with my life 😊 Please enjoy these amazing gifs from yoi 💞


Ok but imagine Phichit tickling Yuuri?? He so would too!!! xD

Viktor's 'Stay close to me' performance theory

So, I’ve always thought Viktor had some kind of interest in Yuuri since I saw episode one and now I know I’m right.
I’ll try to explain my thoughts about Viktor’s performance to ‘Stay close to me’ after seeing the newest episode.

Episode 10 spoilers ahead!

So as we know, Yuuri got really drunk after his failed Grand prix and had many dance-offs with the other skaters including Viktor. After seeing photos we get to a scene where Yuuri asks Viktor to be his coach may Yuuri win the dancing.
Viktor looks absolutely SMITTEN by Yuuri at that moment. Probably because Yuuri wanted him, him to stay by his side and lead him through his career and life. Yet, Yuuri quit skating and forgot about the whole night, about ever interacting with Viktor and that’s why Viktor skated ‘Stay close to me’ the next season.
He felt like Yuuri left him, hurt him and he wanted Yuuri to stay with him as Yuuri asked of Viktor.

After seeing him imitating his performance he decided to be Yuuri’s coach after all, since Yuuri did win the dance-offs but also showed Viktor that he still cared for him.


OKAY SO- I know I did a ballet au just a few days ago but–

Today Yuzuru Hanyu broke another world record (sorry I am a bit of figure skating trash) and I noticed how many things he has in common with Eijun. The AU sparked alone because the hand said so.
So I imagined young figure skater prodigy Eijun and older coach prodigy Miyuki, retired skater that can’t skate anymore because of a serious injury.
He just didn’t want to even look at figure skating anymore after his compulsory retirement but a friend (Kuramochi) dragged him to a regional competition and that’s where he spotted Eijun. Something sparked and he was so overwhelmed by his way of skating he decided to take him under his wing and become his official coach. 
His dream is to take him to winter olympics and win the gold medal. (SPOILER they do cf. the last four drawings ། ☉ ౪ ☉ །)

I’m just miyusawa trash leave me alone 

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Unpopular Opinion. In Yuuri's exhibition, the pair skating with Victor only happend inside his head. The narrator announces only Yuuri's name, not Victor's. Besides, a figure skater performing with his/her coach doesn't happen in real life. It's not a thing. We know this show is very accurate when it's about figure skating in real life. In the end, Yuuri performed alone and the presence of Victor is only something he wishes deeply, not something real.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

You can hear the audience cheer louder when Victor gets on the ice. Kubo-sensei has literally said she and Yamamoto planned for the pair skate since the beginning. They pair skated. As a scene it is the culmination of their feelings to each other and for each other as presented in the medium that brought them together. At this point this isn’t really an opinion, but a misinterpretation. One that takes away from the beauty and meaning of the relationship.

No, pair skating like that during exhibition isn’t really a thing. That’s what makes what Yuuri and Victor did so meaningful. They declared their love and their intentions toward each other, implicitly, to the audience.

Saying that’s all in Yuuri’s head is… a bit demeaning.