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they outlawed this move just because she was the only woman who could do it. 

Surya Bonaly was infamous for (among other things) doing aone blade backflip in the 1998 Olympics, and is the ONLY figure skater who’s ever pulled that off. Not just the only woman, the only figure skater PERIOD. There’s like all ofthree Olympic-class male skaters who did backflips in their routines, and NONE of them could do it one blade.

But wait, there’s more.

Backflips were banned from the 1976 Olympics onward on the official justification that skating jumps are supposed to be landed on one blade, whereas backflips are landed on both blades. The unofficial justification was it was too dangerous, both to the athlete and to the rink — if you didn’t land it perfectly, you could not only break your ankle, but also punch THROUGH the ice surface.

Surya Bonaly was openly contemptuous of the figure skating judges, because they were a bunch of openly racist white men who always screwed her over by giving her lower scores than she deserved. That one-blade backflip was her ultimate FUCK YOU! to the Olympics judges, because she took an “illegal” backflip and made it legal by landing it on one blade. Pretty much DARING them to mark her down for being epic awesome and pulling a move that their precious coddled white girls didn’t have the guts to even think about.

They did, of course. White racism knows no bounds. But she utterly owned them with that move.

not only did she do a fucking backflip and land, she landed then went right into a triple loop. like holy fuck

Well apparently Judge n.5, who managed to give 0 to a spin, 1 GOE to both the 4S3T and the 4T in the second part of the program and 1 to both the first spin and the 3A+1Lo+3S combination - is Jeff Lukasik, from Canada, but actually lives in California. 

Nice guy. Totally unbiased. He’s also the one who gave the lowest PCS. Interpretation of the music, 9,25. Pretty high, but if you don’t give a 10 to Yuzuru’s Hope and Legacy, who are you gonna give it to?

The other judge who gave several 1′s to the the spins and the last 3L is Daniel Delfa, coming from (surprise surprise) Spain. LOL. 

Gave 9.00 to TRANSITIONS and Interpretation of the music. Also lowest PCS in Skating Skills (9.25). 

My question is: why is no one giving them shit about it? Is no one controlling these judges at all? 

Well, I did my part of complaining. Back to celebrating the most underscored world record ever. 

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yo it's @yuzuavenue and i have a question for you if you're still up to it. since it hasn't been announced what yuzuru will skate to, do you have anything you'd want him to skate to next season? especially since it's olympic season

I’ve had a few thoughts regarding next season’s music selections but for the most part just wishful thinking b/c predictions are too hard! Warhorses are always a go-to decision, keeping that in mind. So take these thoughts with a grain of salt (because I’m indulging in my own tastes) and give em a listen :)

Vivaldi’s “La Stravaganza” Concerto no.2 in E minor: mmmm I just like the dramatic atmosphere (it’d play very well with Yuzu’s ability for expression). Note the beginning, 4:00 mark, and 7:20ish to the end (my fave parts).

Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter”: it’s a melodic piece filled with grandeur and good memories learning how to play it a few years ago :)

Louis Prima’s “Sing Sing Sing” : More genre exploring! Yuzu has mentioned before that he wants to possibly revisit a jazz program because he liked skating to this song so much as a kid (it was an exhibition piece). 

Joe Hisaishi’s “Howl’s Moving Castle Theme”: honestly any of his compositions will do. They’re just enjoyable dammit. 

Journey’s “Faithfully”: I just like the idea of this being an exhibition program. It would be very beautiful I think. 

And just for Yuzu’s sake I hope he gets to fulfill his Koi Dance dreams one day. The poor guy knows all the choreo off ice already imagine what he could do on ice. 

Ariana’s Figure Skating Masterpost

Okay, so as a figure skater, I love Yuri on Ice… But as a figure skater I am begging you to PLEASE do research on figure skating before you write YOI fanfics because if I see the word ‘twirl’ one more time I am going to shit a brick.

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I was rewatching most of this season's competition and I can't help but feel like this season has been such a shame for yuzu. not from a technical point of view, but how undervalued he was and how underappreciated what he brings to figure skating was by the judges. both his programs were out of this world. difficult, interesting, different from everything else we've ever seen. It felt like judges were saying 'nah mate don't worry about taking this sport anywhere just play safe' +

+ makes you wonder how much of that he took into account when choosing Chopin again, which is just such a shame really. guess ISU will always just make me sigh in exasperation lol

He explained a bit of the reasons behind his choice here:

And, in my opinion, behind the whole “I feel I can give more with this program”, it’s clear that this has been a decision taken after a lot of thinking. Layout wise, program wise. It’s a choice that basically says: skated clean, this is a program already worth 49+ on components and with +3 on any element: I give you a basis to score on and what I need to do it is (just) to skate it at my best. No need to see if judges get the program, no need to test it out against judges taste.

That said, Chopin is one of the best program ever, second in complexity only to Let’s Go Crazy and I’m sure over the summer its content will be refined at maximum. His layout is now back to the original version and the matching with music will be even more precise for it. The entry and exit of 3A is beyond sublime. It’s a piece that he said comes naturally to him and it shows in every move.

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I know you got your bad day series, but, i beg thee, trans yuuri. Separate from that (ie no yurio)

Breathing Problems

Victor was a little bored, if he was honest with himself.

Skate America has just finished and sweet, little Phichit had invited all the skaters that had competed out for a couple of drinks in his ‘territory’.

He should be celebrating, he had another gold medal to add to his ever-going collection at the back of his closet, but he didn’t feel like celebrating.

Victor let out a sigh as he casually swirled the glass clutched in his hands that was more melted ice than anything else, silently debating whether or not he should excuse himself and returning to his hotel, when another glass slide in front of him, gently colliding with his current empty one.

The new glass was a bubbly yellow-orange colour, that could almost be mistaken for gold in the clubs dull lighting.

He glanced up and found no one standing in front of him.

“Yuuri~” Phichit voice sang out, catching his attention and causing him to turn his head to the side to see the Thai skater stretching over the bar to hug a bartender, a rather cute bartender, “I got bronze today, be proud of me.” Phichit whined, earning himself a pat on the head from the ‘Yuuri’ person.

“Yes, yes, good job.” Victor felt his breath catch in his throat at how soft and sweet the bartenders voice was. It was like listening to a master musician play a violin, perfect and beautiful.

“My my, who is your beautiful friend, Phichit?” Chris questioned, causing him to release a breath and return to breathing somewhat normally as he turned to glare at the Swiss skater. Victor didn’t normally claim things, but he would be damned if he let Chris have this man.

“This is Yuuri. He,” Phichit put a lot of emphasis of the pronoun, “doesn’t like being called beautiful, or gorgeous, or anything like that.”

“What about cute?” Victor found himself mumbling as he turned his gaze to the brightly coloured drink in front of him. He picked up his new drink and took a sip. Despite its bright colouring, it wasn’t overly sweet, it had a nice enough tang taste to it to make it enjoyable.

“Vitya,” he glanced up to see their whole group and Yuuri staring at him. “Did you just flirt with the bartender?” Chris asked with a smirk.

Victor blinked a few times in surprise, feeling his cheeks heat up slightly. He wasn’t really sure you could count a single comment, mumbled under the breath as flirting, but he would admit that the bartender was cute. By the look of it as well, Yuuri had been the one to slip him his new drink.

“Who wouldn’t want to flirt with someone that handsome?” he questioned while sending a wink in Yuuri’s direction, causing an adorable splash of red to cover the bartender’s cheeks.

He needed to get that boys number. Like, really badly.

“I can’t believe you,” Yuuri mumbled from beside him, causing him to chuckle softly to himself.

“Why not?” he asked while trying to fight back a grin.

Victor still couldn’t believe it. He had gotten Yuuri’s number at the end of that night all those months ago.

He had gotten Yuuri’s number and they had spoken every day since, or almost every day.

He had found out that Yuuri hadn’t just been some random bartender that Phichit had taken a liking too, he was a classmate of Phichit’s.

He had also found out that Yuuri was transgender – though it had been rather obvious by the emphasis Phichit had put on Yuuri’s pronoun at the bar that night. Yuuri also liked dogs, drawing and wanted to becoming a figure skating judge – and apparently, he was half way there already, already judging junior competitions.

Did he mention that he was head-over-heels in love with the Japanese man? Like, it had only gotten worse the longer they knew each other.

He wanted so bad to pull Yuuri into a deep, scolding kiss, but he couldn’t because a) they were in a public place with thousands of people all around them and b) they weren’t dating.

“You flew me to South Korean,” Yuuri huffed while nudging him in the side with his elbow.

“You said you wanted to see Phichit skate,” he mumbled with a raised eyebrow. It was Four Continents which meant, as a Russian, he could take a little time off to spoil his not quite – but maybe – boyfriend while also checking out his competition.

“I didn’t expect you to fly me over to watch him in person,” Yuuri mumbled while puffing out his cheeks adorably. He chuckled softly as he leant over to rest his chin on the smaller man’s shoulder.

“What were you expecting?” he mumbled softly into Yuuri’s ear, watching those cheeks deflate and become covered in a deep, scarlet blush. He couldn’t help the smile those rose to his lips as Yuuri grabbed his hand and laced their fingers together.

“I was, sorter, kind, maybe, hoping you’d fly to America to see me. So, we could, you know, watch it together,” Yuuri spoke ever so softly, gazed turned down while clutching his hand rather tightly.

“Well,” Victor mumbled while turning his gaze towards the rink as skaters warmed up for their short program, “We are here, together, watching it.” Yuuri paused, clearly thinking about it before humming in agreement.

“Though, I would have liked to be able to make out with my boyfriend during all the boring parts without a thousand eyes on us,” Yuuri mumbled every so sweetly while raising his gaze to stare at him.

Victor felt his breath get caught in his throat as he stared at Yuuri was wide eyes.

He was starting to see a connection between Yuuri and his new breathing problem.

What I’ve been watching (May 2017)

A post in which I make public (some of) my deeply embarrassing youtube watch history, mostly for my own reference. I totally fell behind while working on some other fandom projects, but I really enjoy having these lists to go back to (especially when I can’t find particular videos on youtube), so here I am again!

  • Ilia Kulik FS Nebelhorn Trophy 1994 - Did you know that four years before the 1998 Olympics, Kulik skated to a Gershwin number wearing a blinding yellow and black costume? He did, oddly enough.
  • Ilia Kulik Rhapsody in Blue 2001/2002 - I never understood people who praised the artistry of Kulik’s olympic FS (such as Lambiel), but this performance might have changed my mind. There’s a lightness and a true enjoyment of the music in this performance that really makes the choreography shine.
  • 1998 Olympics exhibition finale - This is so adorable, especially the bit where Kulik tells the men to do the Candeloro d'Artagnan bow.

  • Studz Canadian Stars on Ice 2003 - Group numbers from ice shows are uniformly awful, and this is one of the worst ever created, but for a while I was watching as many as I could find because what can I say, dude/dude lifts are my jam? This one is kind of adorable and I might like it unironically.
  • Yagudin interpretive program 2002 World Professional Championship - A heartfelt, almost desperate Overcome skated around the time Yagudin was being forced to retire from amateur competitions. Also includes a short interview.
  • Yagudin EX 2001 Goodwill Games - A painful performance, with Yagudin almost looking lost after his devastating defeat. I’m always so fascinated by how easily you can tell what Yagudin is feeling when he skates. There’s also a short interview.
  • Yagudin FS1 2001/2002 GPF - Will I ever get tired of watching Gladiator? No. This performance isn’t clean but still one of my favorites, because you can see the determination radiate from Yagudin’s entire body, which wasn’t always the case in the turbulent 2000/2001 season.
  • Yagudin Bensonhurst Blues SOI Japan 2008 - A silly but fun number I can’t remember seeing Yagudin skate elsewhere.
  • Yagudin Blues for Klook SOI Japan 2007 - This blues number, on the other hand, is TOO SILLY EVEN FOR ME. I think Zhulin choreographed this and I’m tempted to think Yagudin fucked his ex and this is Zhulin’s revenge or something. (I approve of Yagudin/Navka so that’s okay by me.)

  • Yagudin FS k&c 2002 Olympics - My friend and I call this the “Yagudin sexsobs tape”.
  • Yagudin and Hongbo Zhao, Artistry on Ice finale - Adorable hug with two adorable people. Bonus Lambiel signing autographs.
  • Yagudin Jackpot 28.04.2015 - Yagudin doing a number from City Lights looking gorgeous in a white shirt.
  • Hyundai Card Supermacth 2006 (Yagudin focus) - Every number Yagudin was in, I believe, including some stuff with Plushenko.
  • Ballet mime comedy - This has nothing to do with figure skating except you get a surprising amount of ballet mime in skating and also it’s hilarious and you should watch it.
  • Emanuel Sandhu FS 1998 NHK Trophy - Speaking of ballet. I don’t have much fondness for people who think figure skating should be judged by the criteria of ballet (lines! stretch! elegance! just go watch ballet then), but Sandhu is obviously a great performer and this a lovely, almost clean performance. The windmill in the last spin is super impressive!
  • Viktor Petrenko EX 1992 Olympics - Petrenko being adorb but also moving in a way that’s uncannily like Plushenko. (Plushenko is a Petrenko fan, to which Yagudin’s reaction is “Weirdo, he probably doesn’t want to admit he’s an Urmanov fan like all good boys should be.” /only very slight exaggeration)
  • Katarina Witt FS 1994 Olympics - Witt’s heartfelt Where have all the flowers gone? dedicated to the people of Sarajevo.
  • Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze EX 2002 Olympics - The exhibition version of their Chaplin number, which is somehow even better than their FS.
  • Petr Barna FS 1992 Olympics - The first gratified quad in Olympic competition, but I kinda get why people say Kulik is actually the first because this one is clearly a quarter under-rotated. Interesting program though! Barna was also very expressive as Chaplin in the exhibition.
  • Midori Ito EX 1989 NHK Trophy - Ito in an absolutely adorable magician number to Mission Impossible.
  • Shizuka Arakawa SP 1997 NHK Trophy - Only 16 but already fierce Arakawa doing a powerful SP with great speed. Her flip is a lip, which is rather unusual.
  • Chengjiang Li SP 1998 NHK Trophy - I always found Chengjiang super adorable and he shines in this fun, tai chi-inspired program with a huge 3A. His Kung Fu SP for the Olympic season was cute too, with a quad toe that actually looks like it comes out of connecting steps, haha (I’m looking at you, 2000 Yagudin).
  • Stéphane Lambiel fluff 2006 Worlds - Look at this ridiculous zebra dance. Mid-00s Lambiel makes me happy with his face.

  • News story on the creation of Stéphane Lambiel’s Poeta - A short but fantastic watch, with an incredibly intense and tense Lambiel. There’s a moment at the end where he pushes away the choreographer who tries to congratulate him, and you can see Lambiel’s “I’m always nice and friendly!” mask slip.
  • The Skating Lesson interview with Timothy Goebel - Everyone should watch this, the truth bombs he drops and the shade he throws is both enlightening and hi-la-ri-ous. I should make a separate post about it, honestly, but in the meanwhile, go listen to Goebel dish on Weir, Frank Carroll, Dick Button, etc. etc.
  • Goebel and Yagudin 2002 Worlds interview - And then go watch these two boys be cute.
  • Yagudin 1999 Improv on Ice - A young Yagudin is told to improvise something and then flat out steals the choreography of Broken Arrow, which cracks me the fuck up. You thought no one would notice, Yagudin? Well, I NOTICED. Also watch him look adorably awkward with Browning.
  • Bolero 05.11.2011 behind the scenes - Of all the Bolero behind the scenes clips, this is probably my favorite; Yagudin in a black tanktop fooling around looking adorb is my crack.
  • Yagudin Stories in Detail 2005 - A Russian TV documentary following Yagudin to shows, the church, and nightclubs. Adorable and a must-watch.
  • Yagudin and Slutskaya wishes you a happy new year - While looking fucking adorable in matching striped tops. This was their actual performance.
  • Yagudin Хочу знать 17.10.2011 - Yagudin goes to a sports club of some sort where he… rides various instruments and… okay I’ll be blunt this is porn.
  • Yagudin plays Hamlet - And is as adorable as ever.
  • Victoria Dayneko feat. Alexei Yagudin: Needle - Friend, please stop linking me to this. It’s a rickroll at this point.
numero uno intro post

hey guys!!!! i know a lot of you are new to figure skating and want to learn more about skaters!!!! here’s an intro post!!! 

maxim was birthed unto this earth in his corporeal human form on what regular mortals recognize as june 18th, 1995. upon that day he was recognized as maximus the great subconsciously by everyone except figure skating judges, plushenko, and sometimes god himself, whom all still struggle to this day to comprehend his otherworldly being. of course, at his spiritual birth at perhaps the creation of the universe he was recognized as numero uno, the alpha and the omega, and the messiah of rap and figure skating. 

  • o great maxim’s favorite book is fifty shades of grey
  • o great maxim’s favorite actor is nicholas cage
  • o great maxim’s rap albums are works of art that cause all senses to openly weep in joy upon a single listening
  • o great maxim is gracious enough to tolerate being in the presence of mortals and losers even when he shouldn’t have to
  • o great maxim likes to make out with his girlfriend on the jumbotron at skating competitions
  • o great maxim likes to walk around town with his girlfriend instead of practicing, because that’s the formula to victory 
  • o great maxim has once landed a 1lo<<, which few skaters have accomplished in the history of figure skating
  • o great maxim is often times yelled at by tatiana tarasova (sometimes even on live tv) 
  • #243 #winning 
  • o great maxim blessed us last season with a beethoven program, we were not worthy of such beauty
  • o great maxim once followed plushenko on twitter, but plushenko didn’t follow him back
  • once o great maxim attended russian test skates, but did not skate and instead skulked around basking in his greatness while wearing sunglasses.
  • finally, most important: even though o great maxim may not always be numero uno on the podium (due to a mistake from the higher beings that govern figure skating), he is numero uno in our souls and hearts. 
My Opinion on the Women's Figure Skating Results

I repeat, MY OPINION. If you don’t agree with me, I don’t care. This is what I think. I am not Korean or Russian by the way. 

Kim Yuna deserved the gold and was robbed of the gold medal. 

Disclaimer: I am not hating on Sotnikova at all. She is a good skater, but I am just pointing out flaws in the judging. She did nothing wrong, so I am no way trying to talk bad about her. I just want to point out things I have seen from research and knowledge of the sport, so please don’t send me hate mail. She simply skated her FS, and the judges are who I am criticizing. 

  • First of all, before we get to the FS, I just want to tell you all that A JUDGE GAVE YUNA A 0 ON HER TRIPLE FLIP IN THE SHORT PROGRAM. She had no problem with that jump and has always executed it cleanly.. When I was reading the scorecards earlier, I was apalled by the 0 on it. Other judges gave her 2’s mostly with a few 1’s- a 0 is absolutely ridiculous. There was no problem with the 3F. Why was she given a 0? And who gave her the 0?
  • Sotnikova two-footed a landing on the double toe loop then stumbled out of her double loop in her 3F+2T+2Lo combination. She still received a GOE of -0.90 on this.
  • 131.63 was Sotnikova’s previous personal best on her FS (from January’s European Championships). That is around 18 points lower than her FS score from the Sochi Olympics. 202.36 was her total SP+FS score at the European Championships, yet she scored 224.59 total at the Olympics.
  • External image

    Sotnikova’s scorecard. You can see that the circled column’s judge gave her extremely high GOE scores. This judge gave her a 3 when other judges gave her as low as a -1. Almost all of this judge’s GOEs were 3’s… The judge in the second column also gave Sotnikova 2’s and 3’s only, bar the -1. 
  • External image
    Kim Yuna’s scorecard. The circled column’s judge gave out only 1’s and 2’s, mostly 1’s though. The judge in the fourth column also gave out eight 1’s, the same as the second column judge.
  • There were no judges on the panel from USA or South Korea during the FS. Two judges that have been brought into the controversy:
    1) Alla Shekhovtseva- She is married to Valentin Piseev, the DIRECTOR OF THE RUSSIAN SKATING FEDERATION. 
    2) Yuri Balkov (Ukrainian)- Previously was suspended for one year after being caught trying to fix an ice dancing match in the 1998 Olympics.
  • Sotnikova had 7 triples, and Mao Asada had 8 triples including a triple axel, the hardest jump. If Sotnikova had that high of a technical, which was what put her ahead of Kim Yuna, Mao Asada was severely underscored, especially in the technical area. She landed 8 triples cleanly as well as other jumps, while Sotnikova landed 7 triples but also made two errors on other jumps. [Mao’s FS= 144, Sotnikova=149] 
  • Sotnikova scored just below Kima Yuna’s flawless FS in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics that received the highest score under the new ISU judging system. That essentially means that Sotnikova’s FS at the 2014 Sochi Olympics was the greatest [with this judging system] if she did not mess up her 3F+2T+2Lo. However, compared side by side, there is no way that Sotnikova’s score should be equal or above Kim Yuna’s FS from Vancouver. 
  • Many well-known names in figure skating have spoken up and said that they think that Kim Yuna should have won and that there is no way that Sotnikova’s scores can be that high. 
  • Ashley Wagner and others are calling out and criticizing the sport’s judging.
    “They need to get rid of the anonymous judging” -Ashley Wagner
  • The technical panel was led by Alexander Lakernik, who just so happens to be the vice president of the Russian skating federation… 
  • An Olympic figure skating official spoke up addressing this controversy, said that judging panel was slanted towards Sotnikova. [SEE FULL ARTICLE HERE]
  • Sotnikova skated in her home country
  • Kim Yuna is retiring and delivered a near-flawless SP+FS at the 2014 Olympics- she is truly a legend and one of the best women figure skaters that we have seen. She should’ve joined Katarina Witt and Sonja Henie as the only women that have won 2 Olympic gold medals in women’s figure skating. Katarina Witt was also stunned and confused with the outrageous results and scores.



Kim Yuna is one of the greatest figure skaters that we have seen in women’s figure skating. She ended her career with near-flawless programs at the Olympics, but only won the silver. She was ROBBED of the gold medal and deserved it. She holds the record for the SP, FS, and total combined score under the new ISU judging system, proving her elite status. She is truly a queen, and she is one of my biggest inspirations. Not only is she a queen on the ice, but she is also such a kindhearted person, frequently participating in charity events and donating money to charity. I look up to her and respect her so much, and I am sad to see such a great in the sport retire. She has proved to everyone in the world that she is great, and she will always be remembered as one of the greatest. If only she could stick around for the 2018 Olympics in S.Korea, her home country. She has shown, though, that she is able to win in a different country that is not her motherland. 

Kim Yuna was robbed of her deserved gold medal. She has maintained a good attitude about the silver, and I really respect her for that. Because she is not so distraught over her silver, I am not going to hold on to such bitter feelings over it all, though I am still upset. What happened happened. I know that she skated beautifully and pretty much flawlessly. It has truly been a blessing to see her grace the ice for the past years, and I will never forget what she has brought to the sport. She goes out a champion, and she will always remain a champion to me. 

Thank you, Queen Yuna, for everything.