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4 types of clapping demonstrated by Figure Skaters

Okay, here we go:

  1. The “That was awesome!”-type. Usually used when feeling a great amount of joy and amazement.

       2.  The “You rock! Keep going!”-type. Often seen when people feel the              urge to cheer on performers they’d like to continue performing and/or                as a sign of support.

      3. The “I’ve no idea what I’m doing but I don’t want to be rude”-type.            Executed when a person did miss the reason for cheering but still desires          to be polite.

      4. … and then there is Yuzuru Hanyu



Look me in the eye and tell me that Our Queen isn’t channeling Viktor Nikiforov. And Yuzuru Hanyu.


Nathan Chen, “Stole the Show” | 2017 US Figure Skating Championships

Yuna Kim, World Figure Skating Championships 2010 (Gala Exhibition)

Leave it to Yuna Kim to make me like grey and ivory. It’s the beauty of simplicity that is brought out on rare occasions, a carefully considered expression.

The skirt just moves so beautifully, and I love the way the edges sparkle.

It’s elegant, it’s graceful, and it’s not for everybody. But here, for Yuna, it is right.

Grade: A



Our flight was delayed for technical problems. You’d say “Oh no!”, we were actually glad…
Waking up at 6AM is better than 4AM, trust me!
I was a nervous wreck the whole time we spent in the airport, ‘cause it was my very first time!
Also, I had a HUGE panic attack for the whole departure (I couldn’t use my arms, couldn’t feel my hands and my legs were numb), but luckily my best friend ( @misaki-mou ❤️) held my hands, so I immediately felt a lot better.
When I finally managed to summon the courage to watch outside the window… I couldn’t stop!!
I’ve taken something like twentyseven pictures: the Alps, Austrian and German fields, the Baltic Sea, south Sweden and finally Finland!! 🎉
We wandered around the airport long enough to decide to try Starbucks when we’ll go home 😂
It was time to go to the hostel, so we took a bus, but we missed the right stop, so we had to ask for some infos.
A very nice man helped us in an amazing english, showing us the road on Google Maps, so we managed to get another bus to go there.
We checked in the hostel (let me tell you, it’s an amazing place, even tho we share the room with four guys) and left again to go buy a 7-days ticket for all means of public transportation (36€, cheap and useful!)
We wandered around the neighbourhood and took a couple of cute selfies together, then we headed to McDonald’s for a good dinner!
(Oreo McFlurry is my new God, bye 👋)
Now we’re back at the hostel, getting ready to go to sleep. I’m reading Javier Fernandez’s autobiography (luckily I know Spanish!).
Tomorrow morning we’ll go check Hartwell Arena, so we’ll know how to get there with the bus or tram and we won’t miss the right stop 😂
Helsinki looks so amazing, and public transportation is SO GOOD!! Obviously it’s a little bit cold, but I expected even worst so I really can’t complain.
Please, wish us luck in actually meeting some of our favorite skaters and in surviving this blood bath…
(I mean, I just really want to see Yuzu. And Boyang Jin. And Javier. And Shoma. And Martinez. Like, they’re my most favorites of all time…)
With all these news coming on Yuzuru’s perfect conditions I just can’t help but being both anxious and excited!! 😍
I’ll try to keep you updated, hopefully with pictures from the events (we got tickets for Men’s SP&FS and EX) 🎉


Team Japan at the opening of the Gala Exhibition of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Marseille, France

Interviews by Fuji TV- Before and after the Exhibition, one night after the end of another season (translations)

(I: Interviewer, Y: Yuzuru)


I: デニス・テン、フェルナンデス選手との息詰まる熱戦から一夜明けた今日、エキシビションのリハーサルではいろんな選手に話しかけたりちょっとしたイタズラを仕掛けたり、誰よりも一番ムードを楽しんでいた羽生選手。本番前に少しお話を伺いたいと思います!よろしくおねがいします。

It has been one night since the fiery, breath-stopping fight with fellow skaters Denis Ten and Javier Fernandez. Today, at the rehearsal for the exhibition, Yuzuru Hanyu seemed to be enjoying the mood the most: talking to many fellow skaters and even playing a few tricks on them. We’d like to hear some of your thoughts before your performance. Let’s begin. 

Y: おねがいします!

Yes, we shall!

I: さあ、ではまずは激闘から一夜明けて、今大会振り返って、今どんな思いなのか聞かせてください。

It’s been a night since your fateful, burning battle. Looking back on the competition now, can you tell us some of your thoughts?

Y: …悔しいです。とにかく悔しいです。その気持ちは…まぁ一夜明けても変わらないですし、まぁあの…ハビエル選手は優勝して、僕自身ももちろん嬉しい気持ちもあるんですけども、あの…やっぱり負けず嫌いだからか、自分は…自分の気持ちの8分の7以上は悔しい気持ちでいっぱいです。

…I’m frustrated with myself. More than anything, I regret it, and I’m frustrated. That feeling hasn’t changed even as a day has passed. Javier won, and of course part of me is extremely glad for him. Still, maybe it’s because I’m very competitive, but AT LEAST seven-eighths of my feelings are feelings of frustration. (emphasis on the AT LEAST)

I: なにかハビエル選手とお話はありましたか?

Did you and Javier talk after the competition?

Y: そうですね…あの…彼はもう…まぁ、自分が僕に勝ってすぐ会ったんですけども、その時に僕が泣いてしまって(苦笑)。すごい複雑な気持ちだったんですけども、うれしいなと思うのと同時にやっぱり負けたんだな、っていう気持ちがあって…すごい複雑な気持ちでずーっと泣いちゃってて…「泣いてない、泣いてないよ!」とかって言ってたんですけど、あの…もう彼はすぐに自分の気持ちを察してくれて、「僕が今回チャンピオンだけど、でも…僕のなかでは君がいつもチャンピオンだから」って言ってくれて、いやぁ、なんていい人なんだろうってまた思いました。

Well… Yes, we did. We met right after he defeated me, but when we met I couldn’t help it and started crying (chuckles). I was feeling really complicated… because of course I was glad for my teammate, but at the same time it really hit me that I had lost. And I felt really complicated and I couldn’t stop crying and I kept saying “I’m not crying, I’m not crying!” and things like that but he (Javier) understood my feelings immediately. He told me: “I am the champion this time, but… to me, you will always be the champion.” In that moment, I once again realized how nice and caring of a person Javier is. 

I: 今シーズンは上海で始まり上海でおわるシーズン…今振り返ってどんなシーズンになりましたか?

This season began in Shanghai and now ends in Shanghai. What kind of a season was this season for you?

Y: いやぁ…もう本当に皆さんが思う通りに激動のシーズンというか、まぁ自分の中でたくさんのことも消化しきれてたつもりですけれども、まだ消化しきれてない部分があったからこそこういう演技になったと思っていますし、まぁまたその消化しきれてないところを…まぁ…少し安心というか、まだこれからも成長出来るんだなーって思えた部分でもあります。

I mean… as all of you have been saying, this season really has been a harsh one with lots of ups and downs. Within myself, I had assumed that I had everything under control, but it turns out I didn’t- and that’s probably why I performed the way I did yesterday. But now that I think about it, there’s also a part of me that’s a bit relieved I didn’t have everything under control, because that means I still have room to grow from now on. 

I: 中国のファンもですけれども、日本からもたくさんの羽生選手のファンのみなさんがいらして…

Of course there are the Chinese fans, but many from Japan have also come to cheer you on this time. 

Y: まぁやっぱり日本が近いということもあって、たくさんの方々が来てくださいました。まぁやっぱり現地の方々も非常に応援してくださったので、本当にありがたいなぁって思うのと同時に、やはり自分は本当に…なんですかね、まぁ本当にスケーターとして、または本当に一般の…まぁ一人の人間としてこうやって特別な人生を歩ませていただいているんだな、という風に思いました。

Because China is so close to Japan, many people have come from Japan to cheer me on this time. But along with that, many Chinese fans have also taken the time to come to Shanghai to root for me. I am very thankful, but at the same time, it made me realize that as a skater, and as a normal person, I have been very privileged in having been able to live such a special life. 

I: さぁ、では今日はエキシビションです!見どころと、どんな気持ちで今日のエキシビションを滑るかを聞かせてください。

Today is the exhibition! Please tell us your favorite parts of your program that we should look out for, and also what sort of emotions you will bring into your program as you skate today.

Y: まぁ今回は…まぁ本当にしっとりとした曲ですし、本当に綺麗な曲なので、あの…まぁ自分らしく、音、だとか、声、だとか、またその歌詞の意味だとか、そういうものを一つ一つ捉えていただけたらなぁと思っています。

I’m going to be performing this time to a very dramatic and slow song, and it’s a really beautiful song. I’m looking to interpret it in my own way, and I hope the people watching will focus on the aspects of the song such as the sounds, the voice, and the meaning as the lyrics as they watch me skate. 


I: 羽生選手です。このエキシビション、どんな思いを込めて滑ったのでしょうか。

This is Yuzuru Hanyu. What were you feeling as you were skating the exhibition number?

Y: あの…まぁ歌詞の意味だとか、そういうものをしっかりと噛みしめながら、またはあの…まぁ今回ジャンプよりも、本当に自分が表現したいように表現して、またそれがみなさんのところに届くようにということをすごく意識してやらせていただきました。

I focused a lot on things like the lyrics of the music. Along with that, instead of focusing on the jumps, this time I really tried to interpret the music the way I wanted to, and tried focusing on making sure the message would get across to the audience.

I: そして今大会、これで全てが終わりました。この世界選手権、改めてどんな大会だったでしょうか?

This exhibition officially brings an end to this competition. Can you tell us what kind of competition this competition has become to you?

Y: そうですね…まぁとにかくあの…まぁ難しい演技を…あの…難しい…なんだろう、まぁあまりよくなかった演技もたくさんありましたけれども、ただその中でも自分の中でしっかり成長できた部分もあったと思うし、またこの失敗、この負けがこれから先に続いてくのかな、という風に思っています。

Well… this competition has really been full of hard… hard, I don’t know how to put it, but I guess you would say that there were a lot of parts in my programs that were not very good. But within that, I feel like I have grown a lot and that this failure, and this experience of losing will take me very far from now on. 

I: ではこの先、どんなシーズンを目指していきましょうか?

What kind of season are you looking forward to next season?

Y: もう本当に…次は…負けたくないので、しっかりまた一番上に立てるようにしっかり頑張っていきます。ありがとうございました!

Really… next time… I don’t want to lose. I want to be able to stand at the top of the podium, so I’ll train hard to make sure I get there. Thank you! 


whoo that was long

this is a really good exercise for me to retain both my english and my japanese, lol. hope you like it.