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every once in a while people ask me to recommend skating blogs to follow, which is hard because there aren’t that many general skating blogs on tumblr. but i’m taking a semi-organized stab at this. obviously, there is a lot of bias towards my favorite skaters here. i also tend to include blogs that post original content instead of ones that mostly reblog (unless they reblog with a specific theme in mind). this is not a comprehensive list, only a partial sampling of blogs i like or find useful (or at least interact with sometimes). there are many other skating blogs out there!

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smartasticalart  asked:

When did you begin to figure skate?

The first lesson I had would have been when I was about six, a few weeks after we moved here.  Matthew Williams, a boy in my class, had a skating party, and that’s where I learnt to skate properly (and fall over).

He’s nice, although when he’s playing hockey he’s a lot scarier.

Either way, I prefer him to his brother.


Josh Farris being an adorable little shit after his program.

That big brown bear is a thing Abby and I threw him.  I threw it and when it hit the ice, he literally went “BEAR!” made grabby hands and beelined to it.  He was also gracious enough to stop and wave, which was precious.

Then he refused to share the stuffed animals with Christy and looked offended at the mere thought.

Seen Also: The slow realization process - “Why do I have an asterisk?” “ … oh.” “Ohhhhh.  I did the thing.  My bad.”

(for anyone who missed this, Josh lost a whole combo worth of points plus probable high +GOE in bonus because the dunce did three of the same double jump.  He probably would have outplaced Adam Rippon and maybe even Jason had he not done the thing.  We love him anyway.)

Apologies for the iffy quality.  If anyone wants to do the thing in higher quality or gifs, I’d be eternally grateful.  Video feed here is from the IceNetwork stream/replay.