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Why is Yuri!!! On Ice so much like Hannibal?

There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask myself, I have been a Fannibal since mid 2013, I have seen many shows since but none I’ve felt as strongly as Hannibal. And then as the third episode of Yuri!!! on Ice was aired, I watched it and was instantly hooked. Why did I jump so quickly from one fandom to another? What do they have in common? And why a no small number of Fannibals are watching Yuri on Ice now?

For starters, they look like complete polar opposites, one is full of life and hope and brightness, and the other darkness, gore and murder. But dig a little deeper and the fundamentals of the shows themselves are not dissimilar. Let me explain:

Yuri on ice plot: A Japanese figure skater named Yuuri Katsuki loses the Grand Prix Final, the most important competition in the world of figure scating, which makes him reevaluate his career and ambitions for the future. Meanwhile a seemingly perfect figure skater and winner of 5 Grand Frix Finals Viktor Nikiforov is done with postponing his life for skating, so decides to train Yuuri to win his first gold medal. They embark in a skater-coach relationship, thus helping Yuuri reach his full potencial as an ice skater.

Hannibal plot: An american criminal profiler and professor named Will Graham kills a murderer in the line of action which makes him reevaluate his feelings on taking a life and his work in general, he is directed to Dr Lecter’s office - a Renaissance man of outstanding intellect and abilities, but still leading a lonely life with no friends or people to relate to - where they have philosophical conversations of the nature of life and taking life, and as the three seasons advance they develop a mentor-protege relationship where Hannibal actively tries to let Will’s real capacity for violence shine through, hence making him a killer.

They are both stories about reaching your full potential, for good or bad, nice or evil -though in Hannibal all these concepts are open to debate-

Both main characters Yuuri Katsuki and Will Graham start their story ark at their lowest points, Yuuri defeated and out of shape and Will ill and haunted by the ghosts of murderers, later introduced to their saviors in order to achieve greatness.

There is also the matter of how both relationships evolve and step over the so called “fanservice” which leads us very often to Queerbating, taking their time in making the development of the pairs natural and in no way forced and treating different sexualities as a normal thing and not to be discussed or debated.

TD;LR:It is remarkable how stories that look so opposite from each other have almost identical narratives and views, and how fans from one extreme can pass to the other, at least until -if- the older show is -ever- renewed…

If you have any other ideas to add to this post, all are welcome!


Brian Joubert and “Mezzo” in “Denis Ten and friends”