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Not everything in your life has to make sense right now. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what your purpose is. It’s cool to take your time, try new things, make mistakes, and laugh them off. Just enjoy the process. You’ll figure it out one piece at a time; just be patient with yourself, and keep going at the right pace.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

I don’t think I’ve drawn Promised Day Riza. Whoops


“Of course only that most SUPER name!!”

Welcome to the Strawhats, Nico D. Olivia!
((the ‘D.’ was at Luffy’s insistence, for good luck. parents-Frobin AU!))


MP100 Valentines Week: Day 3- Snow

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Yeah. I had no clue on what to draw today. Todays prompt stumped me really bad, despite the fact that Its been snowing outside all day. So, I ended up drawing some ekuserirei fluff. I like just, watching the snow fall. It’s so pretty~

*Bonus/ Prologue*

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Okay really long time I receive him but I just can’t take my eyes off of him how can this figure can be so sexy and more because it’s Law.

Law just can my heart and blood everything EVERYTHING!!!!!

This figure is Gold for 100%, I’m happu I buy this for myself a birthday present.

God bless we can see his ass a little oh yas AMEN


~Happy Birthday Captain~ As I promised last night that I will be posting my recent collection of luffys, here we go! All of them are 100 pieces in total but there are figs at my workstation too. My 101th fig of luffy will be the P.O.P v2 Sailing Again and I will probably get it this month, I can’t wait! Anyway, I finally got to open some of them but honestly It took me some time to decide.. Some of them stays in the box of course, you just can’t open them since the value of the other figurines is too unpredictable as years passed by. I’ve been spamming a lot of HBD luffy posts since yesterday, so this would be the last one!! Once again, a very happy birthday to the future pirate king, my hero and forever love! Luffylandia!! Enjoy! ————— If you ever want to visit my toy photography blog just visit :