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In Harry Potter there's a prophecy that a child born at Godric's Hollow will be Voldemort's nemesis and one will kill the other. Fearful, Voldemort presumes it's baby Harry and goes to kill him. This leads to his downfall, Harry being magically protected against Voldemort, and becoming his mortal enemy. I know the big theory is Jaime=valonqar cuz it's who Cersei never expects, but what are the chances that the Maggy prophecy is self fulfilling, and Cersei's paranoia has made Tyrion the valonqar?

Thing is, those prophecies are structured completely differently in terms of how they’re revealed to us. With HP, we’re seeing things from the POV of the prophetic candidate, who has been our protagonist and obvious Chosen Figure of Destiny since book one, so the reveal that it could not have been him is powerful. With ASOIAF, we’re seeing things from the POV of the person whose downfall is prefigured in the prophecy, so the power in the reveal will come from the revelation that she was wrong about who the valonqar is. The twist has to match the perspective we’re given. 

I was thinking about Aulea and dammit was Regis such a strong man. Can you imagine being over the moon that your wife is pregnant and you are going to finally have an heir and finding out you were going to raise a little prince together. All is good until she passes away some short time after she gives birth. Now you must raise him on your own and an astral inside the crystal tell you that your son is the chosen one to be some sort of sacricial lamb and he’s never going to get to be King so now you have raise him differently like a normal child. You shelter and take care of him until one day you have to let him leave the nest and figure out his destiny. Then to put the icing on the cake you have to watch your son be stabbed several times only for to be the last one to end his life and he looks up and you can’t do anything but drive the sword in. *inhales* I hate this game so much

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Hey! I've been living off of soulmate AU's recently, and I was wondering if you could do a headcanon thing about how the batfamily would be towards soulmates and stuff? Like maybe a Timer or Tattoo AU and how they would feel about the whole thing? Really, I'll take what I can get though :) Thanks for your time

Bruce: He would be fairly indifferent towards it; he’s definitely not excited about the prospect of having to find “the one” but is not totally against the idea. He does see it as a sort of conflict of interest with his night job though.

Dick: He’s super excited about the whole thing. The idea that there’s someone out there who is destined to meet him is something that blows his mind and he can’t wait to meet them because he’s waited all this time and it’ll happen eventually.

Jason: He’s not a fan of any of it. He feels super guilty about the idea that someone is figuratively bound to him by destiny but that they’re also then bound to all of his shortcomings and his past. He doesn’t want anyone to have to deal with that and he doesn’t want some innocent person to have to shoulder that burden so it’s just easier to be alone.

Tim: He’s so anxious about meeting his soulmate. Like, what if they don’t like him? Sure, they’re destined or whatever but there are always outliers. But at the same time he’s excited because that’s something totally unknown to him

Steph: She’s low key hyped; she doesn’t actively seek out her soulmate but she isn’t one to keep her eyes off of someone who seems like a candidate. She’s always got her eyes peeled for anyone who seems special but on the outside seems calm

Damian: He’s annoyed by it, quite frankly. Everyone keeps telling him “you’ll understand when you’re older” but he just doesn’t care. It seems like a waste of time to try to find one’s soulmate and honestly, he doesn’t need one, so what’s the big deal?

Cass: Like Bruce, she’s pretty indifferent about it. Nobody can really tell how she feels about it on the outside but on the inside she looks at the whole concept with wonderment because it’s so weird but also so natural and that’s kind of odd

Babs: She’s very placid about it. She doesn’t really care one way or another if she ever finds her soulmate because she’s done some amazing things on her own and she doesn’t necessarily need anyone else to “make her life complete” because she can do that herself

Duke: He’s really casual about the whole thing. He doesn’t see it as some ‘magical’ bond that will make the world better, but it is an adventure and he always enjoys a good adventure so he’s not adverse to it per say, he’s just not moon eyed over the concept

Mfw ppl are bitching up a storm about Lion 4: Alternate Ending.

Obvi what we have going on now for most of this season is character development . I hear people bitching about how Steven has already figured out it is ok to be himself. But that isn’t true. And I applaud the Crewniverse for this kind of depth. I really relate to Steven finding validation in others and feeling desperate and impatient to figure out his destiny. Running in circles. He keeps hearing he can be himself and that’s enough- he can make his own destiny. But he keeps feeling like something great is expected of him and he is crumbling under that pressure, desperate for answers. I applaud the show on showing that sometimes it seems like there is a trail and there is evidence you have a prewritten destiny…but sometimes that’s coincidental. I love that they have revealed Rose DIDN’T know.

And I LOVED how the Crewniverse sent out a message that it is ok to be whoever you are. As Greg said- he could be Nora, he could even change his name. This site is so hungry for inclusion and here it is. You can be yourself and that’s enough.

This is something we have seen Steven wrestling with for a good long while now. It rings so true that sometimes it takes a really long time to come to terms with this kind of shit. Sometimes you have to watch a video over and over. Sometimes you have to learn your mom didn’t know everything and DIDN’T have it all planned out for you, so now you’re on your own. And how that’s super fucking scary but maybe also a small relief in case you didn’t fit into the mold she picked out for you.

I really enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t what I thought, but character development- especially poor, anxious Steven getting some closure- is awesome, imo.

Destiny McFarlane Toys

For you fans of McFarlane toys, they will be making Destiny toys in 2017!

The following teasers were shown during their “2017 12 Days of New York Toyfair” promotion

So far days 2 and 4 have been teased with these two images respectively:

As of this posting, it is only Day 5! So, maybe more Destiny figures will be revealed but we shall see throughout the rest of next week!

Nights- Pt. 2

A/N: check out my blog for part one~ It’s been months, but I’ve been inspired to write lately. Anyway, This is featuring Mino and Sana. ! ! i was too lazy to find the original gif so i just chose this one because I’m weak for it tbh

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Jungkook had apparently decided to completely ignore your comment about not being together. Because every night was spent with him by your side. You figured if the two of you were to split, you’d be losing a lot of sleep. Of course, you’d have to dating in order to split. Which you weren’t. Not officially. The other members were entirely unaware of the non-relationship going on. You thought maybe Namjoon had an idea, but you couldn’t be too sure.

Jungkook and you had been spending a lot of nights together, and the bond you were forming was solidifying into something incredible.

And you kept trying to inform him that this, whatever it was, couldn’t last long. “Just so know, I’m choosing to ignore that time you said we can’t be together.” He said, arms slung over your waist. It was another late night spent together.

“Yeah, I kind of noticed, considering you sneak into my room every night.”

“It’s my room, and I have every right to be in it. But anyway, my dating ban and my schedule and my idol status- they’re all just excuses for something bigger.” He said. “So what is it?”

“Goodnight, Jungkook.” You heard him sigh in frustration, but he pulled you closer.


“Jungkook and I are going to get food.” You told Namjoon when he asked you what your plans were for lunch. “Oh just you two? Like a date right?” “No, definitely-”

Jungkook walked in, slipping his hand into yours. “Ready?” You wriggled your hand free, looking uncomfortably at Namjoon. “Yes let’s go.”

The two of you strolled. It was a beautiful day out, and sun was shining, giving a coppery tint to Jungkook’s hair. He glanced at you, and he looked incredible. You wanted to hold his hand but you knew it wouldn’t be wise. Instead, you put your hands obstinately in your pockets, even though truthfully, all you wanted to do was hold his hand.

“Why did you pull your hand away?” He looked up at you earnestly. He said it so softly it broke your heart. I love you you thought. I love you so much, and you’ll never understand.

“I can’t do this!” You exclaimed suddenly. “ I can’t do this anymore! I can’t be with you! Because I love you but it’s too much. You have fans, youre an idol, you have a busy schedule, you have a dating ban, and we’ll just never work out!” He just looked at you. He looked at you and your world was spinning. You were tearing him apart with your words, and you could see all the hurt in his face. And a tear. A single tear escaped down his face, and you thought, how could you hurt someone so incredible?

And you left.

2 Days Later

“Jungkook what’s wrong with you, you look exhausted” Hoseok said. All 7 members were gathered in the practice room, and you, because Namjoon dragged you there. According to him you needed to “ease the tension” and “eradicate the friction” between you and Jungkook.

“i am exhausted, hyung. Sorry. I’ll do better.” Jungkook sat down on the floor, sheepishly avoiding eye contact with everyone.

“Go home, jungkook. Go home and sleep.” Namjoon said.

“Come on Jungkook.” You said softly. “Ill walk you back.” You held out your hand as a peace offering. He sighed, grabbing your hand and using it to stand but releasing it as soon as he stood up.

“I haven’t been sleeping well. At all. And I know you haven’t”

“Clearly, I haven’t” he mumbled.

“I’m just gonna say this, Jungkook. I think someday, we’re going to be together. I truly believe that. Now’s not the time, but someday it will be. You know that dumb saying, if you love something let it go-”

But he didn’t let you finish. “Lets just see other people okay? We can- we can be friends, but I just think we need to eliminate this as a possibility.” He wouldn’t make eye contact with you, as you walked down the street.

“If that’s what you want.” You choked out, holding back tears. Was this really happening?

“It’s what I want.”

3 Weeks Later

“Yoongi listen to this.” You shoved your headphones in his ear. BTS and you were in a waiting room at some music show the boys were performing at. You, Yoongi, and Jimin were just wasting time sharing new songs with each other. And Jungkook walked in. With a girl. Immediately, your heart sunk in your chest.

His arms were slung around the waist of a short, extremely pretty blonde with a perfect smile. He kissed her on the cheek gently.

You looked away, spots clouding your vision. You couldn’t look anymore, it hurt too much. You knew he wanted to see other people but you didn’t think it would be like this. You didn’t think you would feel a physical ache in your chest. You thought surely actually getting stabbed would hurt less than this. Anything would.

“Sana, would you like to meet the members?” Jungkook asked cheerfully. “Oh, and Y/N.” You needed to leave, that’s all you could think. You needed to get out of there.

Everyone paused for a second, sensing awkwardness, as you stood up to greet Sana and then leave. Spotting Jungkook’s arm still around her waist, you faltered for a minute before finally saying, “Sana, it’s so nice to meet you.” Your eyes shifted to Jungkook. “I’m so happy for you” you thought you detected a flicker of pain behind his eyes, but it was gone as quickly as it had come.

Namjoon, sitting on the other side of the room looked at you with pity, but you barely noticed. You couldn’t focus. And that’s when you knew it. You were stupid for giving up on Jungkook. But it was already too late.

Several Weeks Later

Jungkook and Sana were a real couple. And a public one. Apparently, she was a member of an insanely successful girl group, but that didn’t matter to you. It wouldn’t have mattered if she was the ugliest person in South Korea. She wasn’t you. You were trying to move on the best that you could. It wasn’t that you didn’t love Jungkook, you absolutely did, it was just that it was really hitting you: you and Jungkook were done, or rather he was done. And there was nothing you could do about It. You began making weekly trips to a little cafe close the the dorm, because it was nice to just sit and be alone for a little while.

But on one certain trip, something peculiar happened. You met a guy, which, you had no time for dating. Well, that was what you told yourself.

“You look stressed.” Damn. Were you really giving off stress vibes? We’re you letting Jungkook and Sana get to you that much? You looked to your right. He was tall, with tanned skin and a muscular body, and really good-looking, you thought. Like an idol, maybe?.

“This is actually one of my better days.”

He chuckled. “I’m Minho. Let me buy you this drink. Maybe that will help you de-stress. And I think you need a muffin.”

“I’m Y/N, and no, I’m fine, but thank you for the offer.” You hesitated for a second. “Actually, i think I’m gonna leave. I have somewhere to be, and plus no amount of muffins could take away this stress and-”

Minho grabbed you by the shoulders and gently led you over to a table. “Sit. I’ll be back”


Two hours had passed since you first sat down at the table. You hadn’t expected to talk with Minho that long. But he was so easy to talk to. Perhaps a little smug, bordering on conceited, but still very easygoing and funny, unlike most guys you spent time with. He didn’t have the sense of humor that Jungkook had, that endearing dorkiness you so adored. But even you had to admit, Minho was pretty close to your ideal type.

As you and Minho parted, you thought you would probably never see him again. But it didn’t really matter to you. You figured if destiny had its way, you would meet again. If you didn’t, maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

But apparently it was meant to be, because you and Minho ended up meeting at the coffee shop several times over the course of 2 months. Having a new friend was helping you not focus on Jungkook.

Backstage at Music Bank

Finally, you were used to Sana. Mercifully, she wasn’t going to be around today. She was rather annoying. Innocent and nice, but annoying. You thought this was a sign from God himself. It was going to be a good day.

The boys roamed the dimly lit backstage along with other artists while waiting for their turn to film. “It’s just I hate when they forget to feed us.” Hobi complained, making a face.

“Hyung, think of it like this: you’re probably losing weight!” Jimin exclaimed, while a stylist touched up his hair.

You scoffed. “Jimin-hyung, you’re the skinniest person in this band! Don’t worry about weight. “ Jungkook called, as he tried to fix his mic that was having issues.

“Dear God, Jungkook. You’ve got this thing all screwed up.” You got up on tippy toes to adjust the mic, smiling at him as you did so. For a moment, you were lost in his eyes. “Kookie-”

“Y/N!” You whirled around at the sound of your name. “Minho-san!” You called cheerfully.

“I told you not to call me that, neither of us are Japanese.” He chided jokingly, as he embraced you.

“Shut up, Minho-san. It sounds cool.” you said. “So what are you doing here. I thought your group was on hiatus?”

His arms still around you, he said, “Yeah, im not now. What are you doing at 6:30?” He added.

I don’t know yet, why?”

“Because I want to see you.” It was at this moment you realized Bangtan had been uncharacteristically silent. For a second you had forgotten about them. Glancing at them, they all appeared to be in various states of shock, except Jungkook, who looked angry, and Hobi, who just looked like his usual friendly self.

“We’ll see. Have you met Bangtan?”

Someone called Minho’s name somewhere off in the distance. “I need to go. Bye” He was gone.

“Y/N, really? Mino from YG? Of all the idols?” Namjoon said.

“Y/N, it’s amazing! I love Mino. Your new friend is so cool.” Taehyung exclaimed.

“You could do so much better Y/N. Of all the pretentious idols, you choose the worst one. He’s worthless.” Jungkook. He was actually furious.

You thought it best to ignore him. It wasnt worth your time arguing with him. Besides, you didn’t care what company he came from or what reputation he had, he was still your friend. And you weren’t going to let a jealous Jungkook stand in your way.

3 Nights Later

It was 3:23 AM. You lay on your stomach, fiddling with your phone, hoping you’d become tired soon. Just as your eyes started to close, you felt the bed dip and instinctively you moved over to make room. You pressed your back to his chest and you intertwined your fingers in his, and it felt so natural. You let out a contented sigh as he pressed his lips to your neck. And you knew you were going to sleep well that night.

We’re back with 27 Questions You’d Love to Ask @buzzfeedvideo. Namely, is y’all niggas hiring? 

In the latest episode, we tackle the antiblackness at Buzzfeed and Sprint. We also attempt to understand why inventing new technologies to alter race is less expensive than hiring a Japanese actress, while letting our Geek Flag fly. Also we tackle the Ambiguously Brown Character trope and why that always translates to a whitewashed role. And we try to figure out who the fuck Destiny Hope is cuz we don’t know her. *Mariah Voice*

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Unconfirmed D2 Rumors

The following is unconfirmed info about Destiny 2 that you might see floating around:

Destiny 2 GameStop preorder will come with a Cayde-6 figure
Destiny 2 Limited Edition on PC
Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Bundle