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The Great Paper Stealer(Reader x Steve Rogers)

Word Count: 2194

Summary: College AU: Reader is an English Major and Steve is an Art Major, and the only reason that the reader knows his name is because he often steals the reader’s paper

Warnings: none

A/N: I love college!Steve and I wanna date him so hard heeheehehe. hope you guys enjoy this, it was so much fun to write <3 (don’t judge me the title is stupid bc i couldnt think pls love me)

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I figured since you both wanted a fluffy Rick I’d combine the two asks! Thank you for the kind words anon and I hope your days have been a little brighter @youre-fuckinbulletproof :D

(I apologise for any spelling or grammar errors. my eyes are puffy from crying. I had a very stressful day and now I can’t see properly lol)

It was your one year anniversary with Rick. You honestly didn’t think you would make it this long. You thought that eventually, you would get tired of the drinking, the lack of emotion shared, and the countless shenanigans that seem to revolve around him but you didn’t get tired at all. Every day was a new adventure with him and that thought alone always gave you butterflies in your stomach and brought a smile to your face.

“What’s so amusing?” Rick asked as he leaned against the door frame clearly he had been there watching you without you realising it.

“Huh? Oh, just thinking.” you hummed softly as you stood to your feet to go meet Rick at the door.

“Oh yeah? Thinking about what?” He raised an eyebrow and cocked his head to the side slightly to emphasis his question.

“Just you.” You smirked and Rick tried his best to look annoyed but the small grin that etched his features told you otherwise.

“Come with me. I-I- urrrp I need help in another dimension.” He said, completely ignoring what you had previously said.

“With what? Is it dangerous? D-Don’t you usually take Morty with you?” you blinked in surprise. There were only a few rare times when you tagged along with Rick when he went to different realities. Mainly because he broke the rule of “No chicks on adventures” and because everytime you went through a portal it made you feel a little sick to your stomach.

“Nah, Morty can’t come this time. Don’t worry it’s not that dangerous.” He hummed as he pulled out his portal gun and shot it at the wall.

you watched as the green particles swirl around that formed the portal and you already felt your stomach drop, luckily you’ve never actually thrown up going through one, let us hope that doesn’t change ever.

“Oh and here” Rick placed a blindfold over your eyes and you jumped slightly when your vision became impaired.

“R-Rick what’s with the blindfold?” you asked hesitantly, your hands coming up in front of you only to be met by Rick’s chest. You didn’t know what was going on and it sort of scared you.

“Just trust me on this okay. I will explain it later.” He chuckled softly before leaning down to give you a small peck on the cheek as he grabbed your hand and lead you through the portal.

The moment you stepped through the portal you felt a cool breeze hit your face and you sighed happily at the feeling. Not to mention Rick hadn’t let go of your hand just yet. In fact, his fingers were interlocked with yours and you couldn’t help but smile. It was pretty rare of Rick to just hold your hand for any longer than a second or two so you really enjoyed this moment even if you couldn’t see anything.

A few seconds later you felt the blindfold slip off your face and you closed your eyes before squinting, trying to adjust to the brightness of your new surroundings. You blinked a few times before actually looking around to see that you were standing in a large flower field, filled with your favourite types of flowers. Your mouth made a small ‘o’ shape as you looked around in utter bewilderment. There was nothing dangerous here at all.

You looked up into the bright blue sky to see two moons of different sizes floating above the planet. One looked similar to Earths moon and the other was a pale blue colour. It felt like all the air was knocked out of your chest. the view was absolutely breathtaking.

“Rick this is beautiful!” You exclaimed happily as you looked over to him to see that he was already smiling at you.

“I thought you would like it.” He grinned as he wrapped his arms around you and gave you a small but very sweet kiss to your lips.

“Happy anniversary babe.”

Charlie had noticed how little Ram wanted to be around him. There were probably lots of reasons. He noticed that Ram’s artificial leg was still overcompensating and wondered if he should offer to look at the default settings, but also knew enough about social interaction to realise that it would probably not be an easy conversation. ‘Please drop your trousers, I wish to look at your legs’ was all very well with Matteusz, but he doubted it was in common usage. A shame, as he felt responsible for Ram losing his leg and wanted to somehow make it better. Human life appeared to be a series of guilty interactions where people told each other how sorry they were for things that either were their fault or they were pretending were their fault in order to make things better, or they were apologising for things that had happened because of weather, microbes, or gravity. It was all marvellously confusing and Charlie was determined to find out how saying sorry worked.
—  What She Does Next Will Astound You

The Big Baaa-d Sheep

When I first saw Zootopia, I enjoyed it tremendously, and even though I figured it would have another surprise villain, since that has been the trend lately with Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, and Big Hero 6, I was not at all surprised to find out that it was Bellwether. It was a great twist, but I was not surprised because I noticed or realized some subtle clues that made me suspect her.

Bellwether is a perfect, and literal, representation of the popular phrase “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” On the surface, she appears to be a sweet, meek, finicky, albeit overworked, sheep doing all she can to help the city. But beneath her exterior is a ruthless, prejudiced, and embittered mind. Years of discrimination and lack of consideration from her predator coworkers, especially from her boss, Mayor Leodore Lionheart, caused her to develop a vengeful, scheming, diabolical personality that was devoted against all predators, hidden behind her seemingly meek disposition.

Like a lot of mysteries with hidden culprits and the last few surprise Disney villains (e.g.; Hans, Callaghan), I figured that the villain of Zootopia had to be the one you least expected, someone who hid his or her true colors of prejudice and hatred by acting just the opposite as a cover. Keeping this in mind, I just thought that Bellwether seemed too nice, too sweet, and too helpful at times. In short, she just seemed way too good and way too perfect. This demeanor, along with her tiny stature and generally harmless appearance, made it extremely easy for no one to suspect that she was the mastermind of the savage predators conspiracy. For a lot of villains or culprits, this is the best kind of cover for them to use in order to divert attention away from themselves. If they acted rude or grumpy, that would make them an easy target for suspicion since they wouldn’t be acting too different from their real selves. There are a lot of small-minded or closed-minded people in the world who still believe that appearances and behavior make someone just who they seem to be while others aren’t if they don’t fit these descriptions. And due to the prejudice and closed-mindedness of many citizens of Zootopia, this further provided Bellwether with an advantage of getting away with her plans.

The strongest point I can make about Bellwether being the hidden villain was that the oppression and abuse she endured from Lionheart gave her a motive. Lionheart treated her like a stooge rather than an actual assistant, showing almost no appreciation for what she did and appearing to not want her around for important moments. These moments include when he rudely pushes her away from Judy and blocks her when he and Judy are being photographed, and when he piles book after book in her arms about important matters, coldly telling her to “just take care of it.” Lionheart then adds, “Please” at the end of his demanding request, but then he orders her around again by telling her to clear his afternoon.

While not bigoted like Bellwether, these moments portray Lionheart as a glory hound who dislikes incompetence, gets very annoyed and impatient when Bellwether fumbles, makes mistakes, or forgets things, cares greatly about his reputation as the mayor, and dumps the majority of the work on her while he takes all the credit. For the latter part, Lionheart probably gives her job after job to do, many of which she doesn’t finish in time because he immediately gives her something new to do, which increases his impatience with her. Along with these points, the fact that he gave Bellwether the small, crammed boiler room as her office and merely scribbled out “Dad” and wrote “Assistant Mayor” on the mug he gave her shows that he has almost no respect for her. Lionheart has also been known to call Bellwether by the derogatory name of “Smellwether” when he is annoyed or mad at her, including when she initially forgets to cancel his afternoon appointments.

All throughout the film, Bellwether still acted nice and sweet, even cool, like it was no big deal when Lionheart bossed her around and took credit for the things she would do. But all of this was just a facade to keep her true nature and scheme under wraps. She may have acted cool on the surface, but someone who acts like her while being abused and oppressed, inside them they truly hate the abuser and their mistreatments. Inside them is an infernal of rage, hatred, and sinister schemes. I think she already disliked predators before she was working for Lionheart, but his abuse towards only increased her hatred towards them, making her decide to try and get rid of them entirely. Furthermore, someone like Bellwether who cannot stand such treatment would plot to ruin and get rid of their predecessor. And we know that her harmless demeanor and appearance was a great cover up for her schemes. She was a master organizer who also made it so that the crimes were never directly connected to her.

Within Zootopia, there is a subtle, yet “easy to miss if you don’t look fast”, clue that foreshadows Bellwether’s villainy in the end. When she helps Judy and Nick look into the traffic camera system, on her desk is a sticky note with the name “Doug” and a phone number. As we see near the end of the film, this is the very same Doug, who is a ram, producing the night howler serum, and he is the one shooting the predators with this serum to make the animals turn savage.

Once we get to the point that shows Doug making the serum and talking to one of his accomplices, with him admitting that he shot Emmitt Otterton with the serum, I knew that he was immediately responsible for the savage outbreaks, and that Woolter and Jesse, two more rams, were also in on the scheme. Simultaneously, however, I believed that there was someone else who was the true mastermind of the whole conspiracy. More so, it had to be a prey animal since predators were the only animals going savage, suggesting that they were being attacked by preys due to prey and predators being natural enemies.

The final clue I noticed/thought about Bellwether being the villain was when she finds Judy and Nick at the museum. Prior to this, we saw that the train chase scene involved three rams: Doug, Jesse, and Woolter. So I figured that there were possibly only rams, or at least other sheep, involved in this plot, and that it had to have included Bellwether. Before then, I took every other clue I recognized about her into account. And of course, when she arrives at the museum, she is accompanied by two more rams. I knew that they weren’t the rams from the train chase since they couldn’t have gotten there in time, but they still could have alerted other rams and Bellwether about what was happening. That explains how Bellwether knew where Judy and Nick were and where they were going. And then when she tried to take the case of evidence from them, and a third ram showed up at the museum doors? That’s when I knew the ploy was broken and that Bellwether was behind everything.

Like many past Disney villains, Bellwether’s overconfidence and arrogance is ultimately her downfall when she believes that her scheme will still go without fail when she shoots Nick, hoping he will kill Judy so that she has no witnesses. Though she is angered by her failure when the two reveal that they were acting, Bellwether’s arrogance is finally brought down when she threatens to frame them, only to learn that Judy had recorded her entire confession. Finally, justice is met in the end when the ZPD arrive and arrest Bellwether and her accomplices for their crimes.

And so there you have it about former assistant mayor, then former mayor Dawn Bellwether, who is the big baaa-d sheep of the awesome film Zootopia!

Okay so I know this is mostly stupid to be mad about...

But I saw this tumblr post on facebook that was ‘Which Greek God is your zodiac sign?~<3’ or something along those lines and I got really irritated because other than Aries being freaking Ares all of them were WRONG. Because, breaking news, the signs ARE Greek Gods. They have entire freaking stories over how they became not just astrological signs but constellations as well and just. Look let me set the record straight.

The constellation Aries debatable has TWO origins. One story states that the ram was the shape Ares took when escaping Typhon by fleeing to Egypt and masquerading as the Egyptian gods (who had animal features). Another story says that Aries is the ram with the golden fleece central figure of two other stories but essential just something very important to the god of war. Either way Aries as the ram symbol is very important to Ares God of War in greek mythology.

Capricorn the half goat, half fish constellation is the form Dionysius accidentally took while fleeing Typhon in Egypt. The God of wine and merriment was drunk and confused and the last to flee and as Typhon went to grab the god turning into a goat Dionysius evaded him by transforming his other half into a fish.

Aquarius (and this is personally my favorite story out of the whole zodiac group) was once a young, but very handsome, man named Ganymede who Zeus fell in love with. So, as is Zeus’ way, he transformed himself into an eagle swooped down and ushered Ganymede up to Mount Olympus to not only be his lover but to also be cup-bearer to the gods. Now there was already a cup-bearer to the Gods Zeus and Hera’s daughter Hebe and this whole open defiance of their marriage sorta pissed Hera off so Zeus placed Ganymede in the stars as the constellation Aquarius.

As for Pisces, the twin fish, this sign is actually two gods. When fleeing to Egypt Eros and Aphrodite, clasping tight to each other, both transformed themselves into fish but could not decide on which direction to go and so wound up swimming in opposite directions. As such Pisces represents both the God and Goddess of love and is why the sign is so well-known for having it’s heart on it’s sleeve.

As for Taurus this particular sign is the symbol of the moment when Zeus transformed himself into a great white bull in order to run off with the beautiful woman Europa. Europa would later give birth to several children and these lineages she births are responsible for some of the most famous heroes in all of Greek mythology.

Cancer on the other hand has a rather short and vicious story as this constellation symbolizes the giant crab Hera sent to screw with Heracles as he attempted to slay the Hydra during his notorious twelve labors.

Leo is another creature Heracles slayed but at least this one got an entire labor dedicated to it instead of being a mere distraction. The constellation represents the Nemean Lion which Heracles killed with his bare hands as no weapon could harm it. The noted monster child of some god or another (there are several different pairings that are said to be responsible) the Nemean Lion’s hide was worn by Heracles for the rest of his labors and for most of his life.

Virgo is the Greek Goddess Astraea or Astrea who is always associated with Dike the Goddess of Justice. Astraea was the last of the Gods to flee the mortal realm at the end of the Silver Age and was the Goddess of Innocence and Purity.

Libra were the scales of justices which Dike held aloft and which are present in the sky to represent Astrea’s connections to the Goddess of justice.

Gemini represents the twin sons of the Goddess Leda but one twin, Pollux, was the immortal son of Zeus and the other, Castor, was the son of the mortal king of Sparta, Tyndareus. Both were amazing athletes who participated in the adventures of other greek heroes (including Jason and the Argonauts). Eventually the brothers parted and promised to reunite at one place a year later but Castor had the ill fortune of being gravely injured. Pollux returned to his brother’s dying body and begged his father, Zeus, to ensure that he and his brother would be together for all time. Zeus granted his wish by casting both twins into the sky as a constellation.

Sagittarius is another figure in Greek mythology who Heracles mortally injured, an immortal centaur named Chiron. Heracles in the middle of a battle against a bunch of drunken centaurs accidentally hit Chiron with an arrow tipped with deadly poison. Unable to die Chiron existed in pain for many years until finally the centaur gave up his immortality and his life in exchange for the titan, Prometheus’, freedom from his punishment of being chained to a mountain where every day his liver was eaten by birds. Chiron’s sacrifice was so noble that it was remembered as the constellation Sagittarius.

Scorpio is another creature killed by a hero but rather than being killed by Heracles Scorpio represents a giant scorpion slain by Orion. The scorpion was a creation of Gaia who sent the scorpion to kill Orion in revenge for the multitude of animals the hunter and hero had killed. Unfortunately for the scorpion Orion was REALLY good at killing things and rather than slaying Orion the scorpion wound up dead instead. The giant creature’s valiant effort was honored in the stars as a constellation however.

So there you go. Those are what the signs and constellations REALLY represent. …jeez.