I’ve found it annoying as I draw almost daily to realize that I gravitate towards a particular style that I wish I could more easily shake.  When I don’t pay as much attention to it I end up creating angsty drawings without the amount of emotional punch that angsty drawings should pack.  My style is too clean for my own tastes most of the time and too overworked, overthought.  I’m happy with this one, though, because of the loose dark that I added to give it some more punch.  Also- no reference!


One minute gesture drawing practice from today.  Trying to continue to push myself to get better with shapes, movement and figures in all of my work.  So getting back to the basics and worrying less about details and more about forms was the order of the day. 

Still a long way to go but seeing as I never had any formal figure drawing classes or training, I think I will really benefit from it with more practice.

I used the website http://www.quickposes.com/

I like that you can select the theme, subject matter, duration each image is displayed and then let it go and draw.  At some point I need to look for some in person live model drawing sessions but for now this will have to do!

Tuesday Tips - All In Your Head
Do you ever feel like you’ve just ruined a figure drawing by drawing the head too big or too small and it looks all weird? Here’s something I realize I’ve been doing. While I’m doing a quick full body gesture, I put down a circle for the head position. Once I figured out the body, loosely, I go back and draw the head over the circle, using it as either the “outer” edge or “inner” foundation of a larger head, depending on the appropriate proportions needed. Works for me. -Norm


|| 03. 02. 16 || When you stress about how much you still have to study so you decide not to study .-.

I’m training myself how to speed draw, each figure took 2 minutes, I’m trying to get my time down to 30 seconds so I can sketch figures on the go, I haven’t drawn in so long so please excuse the disproportion with some of the figures ||