figure competition prep

Sorry for the double post this morning….ignore me if you want!

I went back and tried to find my first “16 weeks to go” picture….. the one on the left. March 10th, 2013. Cardio-junkie. Lifting weights for the first time in order to prep for a figure competition.

I just posted my first “2nd-time-around-competition-prep-16-weeks-to-go"  picture today…… the one on the right. July 11th, 2013.

Almost 4 months difference to the day. You better believe this is going to drive me to work double as hard in order to take top 5, come November.

Let’s have a Monday chat- these are simple, but so be it…
- Ignore my smirk please. My body says it’s 4:30 in the frickin’ morning… which is why my face is what it is…
- My hair got a fresh coat of blonde last night. I feel so much better.
- My mind is going a bit wild with competition thoughts. I need to stay focused and positive. I’ve got to walk on that stage with confidence that I deserve to be in the top 5.
- My mom is going to help me be-dazzle my posing suit this week. It’s like I’m 12 years old again!
- Today is going to be 60 degrees and tomorrow 67. FINALLY! Enjoy your Monday…

I went to school/work today with some essentials for the upcoming year. In order for me to stay sane and organized, I’m going to have to keep enough breakfast/lunch/snack staples under my desk so that I can maximize my time in the morning. I hope to refill the stock on a weekly basis along with bringing fresh meat and produce daily…. and coffee, too. I usually lay out clothes/kids things, pack husband/my lunch, and fill coffee pot the night before, so it’s just grab and go.

My usual morning goes like this:

5:00- alarm

5:30- in gym, doing work

6:30-6:40- leaving gym

6:50- home, turn on coffee pot, change clothes (that’s right, no shower. so, SUE ME).

6:55- get the kids up, potty, shoes, clothes, lug 562 blankets/babies/animals, lol…. out the door

7:05- drop kids off at school

7:10- leave kids school after 20,000 kisses and cuddles

7:25- run into school in hopes of not being the last person to arrive at my own meeting

So yeah, the mornings are tight, but you gotta get it done, right? Plus, who doesn’t like a little adrenaline rush? That’s my cardio.