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Stolen twice 😍🙈
Too cute and badass AF, just had to share 💪🏻😉😜
Stole this from my man’s snap the other day! @joe_aesthetic 😉Anyone else make this face when they catch someone snapping them? I love when I’m in the zone and I glance over and I catch him looking at me and then after my set he says “wow babe you’re looking really good”
I see myself everyday and so does he but it feels so good to hear those little extra words of motivation to really push u even harder! I love when others help motivate others! That’s what this lifestyle is all about! While bodybuilding is a sport full of critiquing it’s also nice to point out the strong points. If you’re not helping motivate others, START NOW!
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Never thought there’d be so many people out the that enjoy female muscle like I do!

To celebrate this milestone, here’s 10 pics that I’m diggin at the moment and some all time fave bodybuilders!

Message me what you guys like, keen to hear what everyone’s into:
Massive freaky muscle? Thick physique babe, or Juicy figure girl?

Leave a message with what you like and why!!

We need you!

Hi friends! Next week’s prepisode I will be focusing on maintaining muscle mass while dieting. So this is where you come in; what do you guys want to know? Any questions, comments, etc is welcome!

Bulky rant

Why are some girls making such a fuss over looking too “bulky” like what’s wrong with trap definition or sculpted quads like do you not want to look like Wonder Woman ¿¿???

I hate “ew she looks like a guy”-type comments like do you know how much effort is put into that physique??? The fuck is wrong with you???¿¿

It’s fine if you don’t wanna get thicker, but that “bulky” girl you’re SHAMING probably spent 100000000 hours of hard work in the gym focusing on her damn self, working towards her goals.