figurative typography

here is a list of some fonts that one of my teachers from the past school year said we weren’t allowed to use

please help me make a “lazytown characters as cursed graphic design fonts” list (the above picture being a possible reference)

bonus option:

I miss Sant Jordi celebrations! 3 years ago I was strolling through the markets full of books and flowers in Barcelona, where they celebrate Sant Jordi, where the boys give roses to the girls and the girls give books to the boys and you can buy books for a lower price throughout town on the markets and there are so many flowers and it’s just so NICE. According to the legend, Sant Jordi (the Catalan Saint) slayed a dragon to save a princess and then gave her a rose that had sprouted from the dragon’s blood. Thought Mr. Gaiman’s quote quite fitting.

BTW I’m a master of procrastination. I would have had to write on some work for uni today but instead I thought “mmhm let’s draw”. Big kick in the ass for me… Dammit. This is also the reason why I post this pic in such a very strange (for me) colour palette, I just don’t have time to think some more on it.  Maybe I’ll change it once I actually have time for that.