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“Where are we even going?”
“Omg Pidge would you just shut up for like, five seconds? We’re almost there.”
“Maybe I just like the sound of my own voice, Lance. Not everything is about you, you know. Maybe I’m just–”

“…This is what I wanted to show you.”
“Happy Birthday, Pidge.”

It’s Pidge’s birthday so obviously I had to draw SOMETHING.

It turned into Plance. Go figure.

the thing is i actually really like SU angst, but not the kind that questions/erases how much the Crystal Fam love, care about, and strive to do right by each other, which seems to be a lot of it…so I’m gonna be the change I want to see in the world right now

here are some thoughts about older!Steven (or at least more-experienced Steven) acting as the team medic, like when YD lands and stuff:

  • Garnet steeling her jaw like a vice, her back supported on Steven’s arm as he heals a hairline fissure in her (Ruby, although who knows how much that distinction matters) gem with a little give-your-ol-mom-a-kiss peck, and then frantically licks his fingertips to see to other wounds, murmuring ‘keep ‘er together guys it’s not over yet’
  • Amethyst squirming in his gentle hug, yelling ‘I’M GOOD, I’M GOOD! LET ME AT ‘ER!’ while Steven tries to inform her that this is not a good plan. She breaks free and levels a high-impact hit on their foe, spin dash style, but comes out on the other side a little shaky fluff curled up on the ground. Steven rushes to her side and tries not to say I told you so. ‘Had to soften ‘em up for ya, Tiger. What’s a tag-team for?’ she manages, before grunting ‘hang on to me okay?’ and poofing
  • Pearl knocked out with a hard blow to the gem, her head twitching in Steven’s lap as staticy, frantic, disjointed holograms–half-formed memories of a millennia-long fight–writhe and buzz over them. Tears come to his eyes when he hears his mother’s voice, glitchy and disconnected from any related image, murmur ‘You have to stop doing this.’ They spill over when Pearl mouths ‘I’m trying.’ When he heals her he’s braced to be called the wrong name again, but instead she flings her arms around him and says ‘STEVEN, you did it!!’ with so much pride he forgets about crying.

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Yo!! It's me again. I don't know if you'll figure out who i am, but that doesn't matter >-< I was running through your previous hc and found this one i don't know how i missed up, it's a sensitive topic though. Mc self harm but...There's no saeran and i really want to see him *sorrysaeraniknowthiswillbehardforyou* Don't really know about v though since blondie locks already did that xD Can you do it plisss? Still loving you from a forgotten place on the world!~ <3

I got you, fam

Also, I don’t know who you are…lolol. And yeah, Rika already put him through the ringer let’s let the poor boy rest pls.

~Here is Saeran’s reaction to MC self-harming. Hope you enjoy! ^^

   Original Post

     Finally, you had the place to yourself. Flicking on the bathroom light and not bothering to close the door, you reached into that hidden spot to pull out your razor blade. Slinking down to the floor you held the thin piece of metal between you thumb and forefinger. You thought you had beat this feeling inside you, but lately you had this sinking feeling in your chest and the need to self-harm once again.
    You were wearing jeans so you rolled up your sleeve, making a series of small cuts then gradually pressing deeper and deeper into your flesh. Watching the blood trickle down and dot the linoleum floor and the fabric of your pants and shirt. You were so transfixed that you hadn’t realized the footsteps approaching just outside the doorway.

◉ Saeran

  • This was Saeran we’re talking about here, he recognized what you were doing right away when he turned the corner
  • For a moment he was frozen in time, staring at your slumped over frame bathed in the dim light of the bathroom, the ruby liquid trickling down your skin
  • The lump in his throat felt like he was swallowing a rock and his hands began to shake
  • “You fucking idiot” he trembled
  • Didn’t hesitate to rip some cloth from his shirt and tie it around your wounds
  • His hands fumbled nervously at the knot
  • You were shocked he saw you
  • You were embarrassed
  • Averting your gaze from his face, you decided it would be best to not say anything. All the energy you had left went to focusing on not crying in front of him.
  • Eerily quiet
  • After putting you in bed he brought you a glass of water and loomed over you, making sure you drank most of it before turning around to leave the room
  • You heard a lot of crashing
  • Slamming of cabinet doors and toiletries thrown on the ground
  • He was searching for anything sharp, any pills, and tossing them in a garbage bag
  • He found a few razor blades hidden in the bathroom before moving to the next room
  • You sat alone in the dark of the bedroom listening to the angry rustling of Saeran throughout the apartment
  • Every now and then he lost his cool and smashed something with a low growl
  • It went on for so long that you eventually lay back in the bed and closed your eyes
  • You opened them when you felt a sinking of the bed
  • Saeran was hunched over the side, it was dark but you could see him staring at the floor
  • You don’t know how much time had passed
  • All of a sudden the silence was broken by the unmistakable sound of him sobbing
  • You’d never heard him cry before…never seen him cry before
  • He rested his head in his hands and released all of his emotions
  • Only calming down when you moved to his side, half holding him
  • “You have to stop this, MC…”
  • His hands were on your face now, pulling you into a desperate kiss
  • “Don’t you see what you mean to me?”
Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.
—  Ogiwara Shigehiro

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I'm actually in the process of writing a story using hybrids, and one thing I can't figure out, is how a girl with wings (doesn't matter what type) would wear a bra? I have flying type clique of girls, and I actually wanted to have a conversation in the story about it, but I can't figure out how to make it work. Help?

Here are a couple of versions I kinda figured out bras could work for hybrids <o>

For the first one it’s a bit like the same style as a swimsuit, attaching behind the neck and under the shoulder blades, i’d think that style would be more popular for winged hybrids with more practical wings that they’re able to fly with. The two appendages would be so close together in the back that you wouldn’t really be able to have anything connect the top and bottom strap.

For the second style, I can see it working for someone with a smaller set of wings where there is a nice gap in between the base of the wings. This one is more like a sports bra style and the wings that these are suited for might not really be flyable wings but more just aesthetic? 

For other winged hybrids other than birds though, I can see an insect hybrid like a dragonfly or bee would go for the first style just because the wings would be more near the center of the back and all connect

Bat hybrids might be a little more difficult though if they happen to have wings similar to the risemonger. They might have to be a little more innovative than my dopey little designs XD

I hope that helped though! ;v; good luck with your fic!

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X was currently in Demon Realm. He was stuck. "...Fuck." They probably had a succubus Zizzi and Vic there...or demon...or monster or abomination. It doesn't matter.

Soon two figures were walking towards him as they were talking to each other. They sounded so familiar as they walked towards him.

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Can you do and angst where Draco figures out Harry's been cheating on him? With anyone, it doesn't matter. Thank you! (Love your blog btw)

xD oh gosh. That one’s painful. 

It wasn’t hard, honestly. Because Draco was such a smart man in general, he could see the signs. He could pick up the hints and little indicators. But hell, he wished that he hadn’t. Because ignorance was bliss. 

He was rarely home these past few months. That was the biggest sign. Draco knew that Harry’s auror work was demanding. He knew that his lover worked his arse of because of the love he had for saving the world. He was fully aware that Harry also loved being an auror and he enjoyed being out on the field just as much as he loved Draco. Or, at least, used to. 

Because when work started ‘demanding’ that he stayed there ‘till almost four in the morning most nights, and him coming home somewhat bedraggled and definitely not work-focused, Draco knew something was wrong. Aurors don’t fall into bed smelling like other men at five in the morning, just before Draco has to get up for work himself. 

Then the kisses had stopped. Well, no. He was kissed. But the kisses that meant something had stopped. All he received nowadays were chaste, brief, and kisses that spelled ‘sorry, i’m saving these lips for someone else. Later.’ And Draco just took them without a word. Because he was pathetic. He was pathetic, and in love, and was head over heels for a man who didn’t even love him back anymore.

Most days he wondered what he had done wrong. 

Was it his name? Did ‘dating a Malfoy’ finally get to him? Or was it his actions? Was it not good enough? Was he a subpar boyfriend? Did he do something wrong that he hadn’t noticed?

They barely even spoke at home anymore. Draco went to work, then Harry went to work, Then Draco came home, then Harry came home just before Draco had to get up for work again. It had turned into solo dinners for Draco. But he always made sure to leave some food out for Harry when he came back. ANd when he went downstairs the next morning, the food was eaten and the plates washed. It warmed Draco’s heart for a brief second every morning until he he remembered that Harry had only gotten home two hours ago, reeking of cologne neither of them owned.

He was also counting down the days. Harry didn’t seem to notice, and he most likely assumed that Draco was alright with this new ‘work schedule.’ Draco didn’t bring it up at all, partly because he was terrified of what they would say, partly because he didn’t want this dream to end, despite the fact that it had ended already, and neither of them just wanted to bring it up.

So he was waiting. Waiting for the day Harry would finally tell him that he had moved on, and that Draco should move along as well. 

While he waited, he would enjoy what he could. It wouldn’t be long now. 

Draco was used to being on the losing side anyways. 

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ppl didn't want to vote for hillary because obama hasn't done anything to create more jobs, and hillary's policies are similar. some people are so desperate that they're willing to vote for anyone who says they'll do something different. they figure that all the rest doesn't matter as long as the economy gets fixed.

at least trump is going to try new things instead of repeating the policies that haven’t fixed anything

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Another weird argument I keep hearing against the whole Ellie thing is that she is too young to know what she wants. Age doesn't matter at all. Some people figure out what they want in primary school. Some people are still finding out new things about themselves well into middle age.

Okay this one makes me ANGRY.

I came out when I was 14, but if I’m honest with myself I can remember feeling uncomfortable about my strong desire to be the one to ‘protect’ my best friend when I was 11. ELEVEN.

I actually got invited into a radio studio when I was eighteen to talk about queer issues (I used to do a lot of campaigning), and had a HUGE argument with fucking Neil Mitchell because he said, “I’m sorry, but how can you possibly know what you wanted at fourteen?”

I’m sorry, Neil, but who the hell are you to tell me what I do and don’t want? This is the first time you’ve ever met me, and you think you know me better than I do when I’m actually the person living in my body and my head?

His response, “Yeah, well, we’ll talk again when you’re married and thirty, yeah?”



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George Miller actually explained the discontinuity between the original trilogy and MMFR (and its upcoming sequels). Basically, it's because there is no continuity past Mad Max. Road Warrior, Thunderdome, and Fury Road are all legends of a man called Max Rockatansky. He's a legendary hero; his stories are told around campfires and to children as they're tucked in. Like Hercules or Jesus, a semi-mythical figure whose stories may or may not have happened literally, but it doesn't much matter.

I’ve heard this, and I’m not sure if I like it. I know Miller himself said that stuff, but I think I might disagree because it makes Max less of a person and more of a campfire story or something

18376) Whenever I break a fast, I do this thing where the first couple of bites happen really fast, like I have to stuff my mouth full of whatever I've chosen to eat and chew and swallow it before I change my mind. Once that's done, though, I immediately go back to my usual "take a bite, wait a while" method of eating that takes a long time. Because after that first bite, I figure I "ruined" my fast, so it doesn't matter and I can now eat. I'm terrified someone is going to see me do this one of these days.