figural photograph

Sometimes it’s about being in the right place at the right time - here being the only photographer (and right at that moment virtually the only person) at the gala practice Shoma’s coach and manager seem to have improvised at the end of the competition for Shoma Uno and Takahito Mura

Note that light conditions in the practice rink pushed my decidedly not highly professional camera setup to the limit, and there’s only so much I could do in photoshop to improve on it - apologizes for the relatively poor image quality! But it seemed too cute not to share

Shoma Uno during gala practice, 2017.03.12, Coupe du Printemps, Luxembourg

Sometimes I do not get the press. Here is a skater who has dominated the Japanese national ladies’ field for years now, and almost single-handedly kept them relevant in the world medals contention.

And yet, she’s been treated mostly as if she were just conveniently there,  a place-holder between established super-star Mao Asada and her designed heir as the new darling of Japanese Ladies figure skating certainly in terms of marketability Marin Honda

Here is hoping that with the additional support that has been afforded to her, as well as the spotlight that both teammates Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno shone on her after Worlds, her hard work, dedication, and talent! finally get her the recognition she deserves

Satoko Miyahara during the short program practice, 2016.12.09, GPF Marseille, France