figueroa terrace

Thomas Ankersmit - Figueroa Terrace (Touch)

The pulsing constellation that opens Figueroa Terrace is a bit of a red herring. It’s rare that the rest of the album is ever as crowded as those opening three minutes; in fact, for much of the disc, it’s more the quietude of the music that demands the listener’s attention.

Thomas Ankersmit’s 2010 Live in Utrecht was, to these ears, the best album released that year, a saxophone and synthesizer shape-shifter that combined heavy drones and featherweight tones across a gripping 39 minutes. Figueroa Terrace, recorded four years later, sheds the alto saxophone and focuses even more on the small stuff, playing more frequently at the borders of perceptability and working with more subtle means of achieving some of the same effects. 

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