Things that represent/reminded/related  to/of me.

10. Ponies (MLP)- Been a brony since October 2012, ever since been obsessive of ponies. Derpy, Twilight Sparkle & Snowdrop (Fan-made pony) become my top 3 ponies and also had lists of ponies I like. Even had a brony T-shirt. Only few people know I’m into ponies.

9. Music- Since I got my first walkman on my birthday, never stop listening to music.Lordo and Babymetal, my favorite bands as Weird Al Yankovic my favorite singer.

8. Spyro the dragon/Oerba Dia Vanille- I addcuted to his games that he’s my icon, like Mario or Sonic to most people. Not fun of Skylanders. Vanille is my video game crush, had a picture of her on  my wall and figuare of her.

7. Internet- Spend alot if time on it that it become my hobby.

6. Cats/My Cats- I like my cats, have so many photos of them. Best part of the famliy.

5. Backpack- Always have backpack with me, when I got out. It never away friom me.

4.. Britishness- Proud being British, love things British and love landmarks and some buildings like Big Ben, Stonehenge, Leeds Town Hall.

3. Manchester United- Been supporter since 1996, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Sir Bobby Charlton, Vidic & jaap Stam become my idols. It become part of my life. Hate when things gone wrong with them, like not doing well lately. Also big England fan.

2. Superheroes- I’m big geek about Superheroes, love everything (almost) Superheroes. Favorite Superheroes are Superman, Batman, Captain Britain, Union Jack, The flash, Spider man and Hulk. Every week i buy and read comics.

1. Dr Pepper- Everyday always drink Dr Pepper, I know it unheath but so addcuted to it. I’m a Dr Pepper man.