Figosa camera strap

The original Leica strap that came with my MP has started to wear and fray so I started looking for a replacement but I wanted leather this time. Seems, as with all things attached to photography, manufacturers can ramp up the price. Some of the prices I came across for leather camera straps were astronomical.

Then whilst reading Bellamy Hunt’s web site, Japan Camera Hunter, I came across a strap he had bought from Figosa in Italy.

Had a look at their site and liked the look, clean and simple leather, so ordered one. It arrived in a few days and I have to say I like it. Brand new It was a bit stiff but having rubbed it with a soft duster and beeswax it has become beautifully supple and fits the bill perfectly.

If you are in the market for one it will only cost you £22/€25/$34. They also do wrist straps.

Figosa web site.

P.S. I realise there is no protection around the lugs from wear but that doesn’t bother me.

Review: Figosa Adjustable Vintage Leather Camera Strap

Review: Figosa Adjustable Vintage Leather Camera Strap

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Figosa has always made beautiful and modest vintage leather camera straps. But recently, they released adjustable versions. These straps are every big as cool and great as the original version except that now they are adjustable.

And despite the quality of Italian leather, it still doesn’t seem as hardy as some of their competitors from America.


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