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Figment Daily Themes-February 1, 2012
Write an active scene entirely in dialogue. No quotation marks; no he said-she said; no description of action—just the words the characters say. Don’t explicitly tell us what the activity is, but through your characters’ dialogue, make it clear what they’re doing.

Shit. Shit! No….

What happened?

Ah, crap…Shit…!


No,no, no! Its gone!

What’s gone?

Oh my gosh! I had the perfect post.


Yeah, it was perfect. It was a post about the last conversation I had with my ex-boyfriend! It was excruciating and painful… so real! I mean man! It was like just perfect, like the intensity, rhythm and the metaphors! So epic.

You didn’t save it?

…Are you kidding me, would I be this destroyed if I had saved it?

Woah! ok. Settle down, that does sucks.


Can’t you just rewrite it?

No! No… No it just would be the same. I was just so proud of that one. I just wouldn’t do it justice again, so why bother!

But you know what you said so, really you just need to sit down and rewrite it.

Really…really…? Just sit down and write it you say.

Hey. I didn’t delete it, sassy.

I know, sorry… Shit. This is shit.

Shit indeed friend.

I just couldn’t go through it again, I couldn’t relive that again.

Woah, maybe it was fate.

What do you mean?

Dude, I don’t think it would be very healthy to keep that conversation saved on virtual paper somewhere. To have on record, slash, a in public diary entry.

Hm..fate huh?

Yeah, the powers that be are saying “f” that douche bag, he doesn’t deserve anymore of your time, let alone your creativity.


Yeah I’m pretty good.

Ok but, I had this one great line in there about, words traveling through the air as particles, leaving my mouth and entering his ear…


No it gets good, then the words go through the air, travelling into his ear, then like a blender, his brain recontexualizes them and files them under “Irrational, emotional, ex-girlfriend shit”


Is recontextualizes a real word

Yeah! …yeah? Wait, but it got so good, because then his response to that totally supports  my descriptive, yet arty statement!

Yeah, I just looked it up, it’s not a real word.

Are you listening?

That’s so funny, because it totally sounds like a real word, but it not! People totally have used that in meetings here.

Wait…fate, really. The powers that be would really spend time trying to stop me from reliving my pain.

Fate recontextualizes your pain.


Don’t do it.

What do I do then.

Don’t. Do. It. You got better material than that.

Yeah, no more talk of that schmuck.



That was in our conversation, I was like “I’m done!”



Figment Daily Themes-February 2, 2012

Your Daily Theme: Approach a friend or an acquaintance who seems to have some time to spare. Ask them to empty their pockets or purse, and take notes on the origins and significance of everything you see. Then write a short profile of this person based only on their belongings.

Don’t know if I’m doing this one right, but whats right, right? Subjective.

______________’s Purse 

Gold Volcom Wallet - Bought from Jacks Surf Shop

Ultra Pink Highlighter Pink Sunglasses Case (Sticker on case reads “Warrior of Raddness”) with Von Zipper Sunglasses - Case bought at the $1 section of Target!

Ritz Carlton Hand Lotion - From Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, where she was attending a Educational Conference 

PF Changs Pen - PF Changs Restaurant, family dinners every friday night for the last six years. 

Medium Size Tampon - Ladies need this!

Fiberful Fruit Bar - From Trader Joes

Rosebud Lip Balm - Urban Outfitters, uses it everyday!

Drawing of Molly - Drawn by sisters friends daughter, glad she kept it!

Ear Plugs -  Sleeps with them…sometimes. 

Tweezers -

Heart Shaped Rock, Origins Unknown

Based on these items and only these items I deduce the following:

Female, early twenty’s, thrill seeker, who works in the education field. Always on the go, travelling with a pair of ear plugs because you never know when you may need to grab some shut eye on a loud flight to New York. Always prepared to eat on the go, fiber is a must, as well as perfectly shaped eye brows, after all eye brows are the frames to the windows of our minds! A sentimental soul, she carries with her a heart shaped rock and a parchment of paper that has a sketched drawing of herself from a small child, that reminds her to keep that child-like wonder alive. Family is a huge priority in her life, which is why she always keeps her friday nights open for family time at PF.Changs even though she doesn’t really think PF.Changs is all that great. In many ways, she is a warrior of raddness, professional at work, but at any time ready to put on her von zipper sunglasses and hit the slopes.