Holy wow, Link Between Worlds figma ⊟

This beautiful, classic Link figure will be out in Japan this summer, sold in two versions: the regular version includes a sword, shield, Mural Link and some extra face parts, and the GSC Store-exclusive “DX” version with the tornado rod, bomb, rupee, hookshot, and a Maiamai!

Man that was a good game. I’m going to be watching for this on the American GSC store… which is currently tempting me with figma Kazuma Kiryu

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Oh no, figma Phoenix Wright is too good ⊟

Preorders are open on Good Smile Company’s website, and now I have a problem. The problem is that this thing is irresistible and $65. For that, it does come with a mug, evidence papers, a courtroom stand, and multiple faces, including the GSC store-exclusive, and essential, embarrassed face.

I’ve got a lot of toys on my shelf who are being falsely accused of crimes with no recourse, is all I’m saying.

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