OK but if there won’t be a dragon ball z style boss fight at the end of Forces then what’s the point

@celepom and I were both thinking about hypotetical cutscenes and she encouraged me to post this ffhgfmg <3

Let’s start by saying that I love that all these chapters about Tanaka because in my humble opinion, we needed to see more of him because Tanaka is one of the greatest Haikyuu characters, and I’ll tell you why.

Before anyone starts saying shit about my son, let me say that yes, it’s true that he’s not a volleyball genius like some players. No, he’s not a genius like Kageyama or Nishinoya. No, he does not have Hinata’s kind of abilities. No, he doesn’t have his seniors’ experience. But he IS as strong as the others, even stronger (and, to be honest with all of you, seeing him go through all these stuff is killing me).

Tanaka isn’t as skilled as his teammates, yes, but I think that’s what makes him even more endearing. Tanaka is your “normal guy”. That guy who isn’t particularly fast, nor physically strong like Asahi, but he’s that kind of guy who you’ll always be able to count on, even when times are hard, and even when he’s down (Tanaka may have done a lot of mistakes, but he still called for Tsukishima’s toss, and GUYS, THAT TAKES A LOT).

I have deep respect for characters like Tanaka Ryunosuke. He’s the only second year who STAYED when practices were too much. He’s that one character who always always always encourages his teammates. And you know what? It takes a lot to admit to yourself that some of the guys in your team are just on another level, and maybe you’ll never get to be like them. Making some mistakes is normal, but the pressure you go through, especially when you’re at Nationals - I dont’ know you, but I wouldn’t be able to bear that. I’d probably pull a Bokuto, and it’d be understandable, but Tanaka.

Tanaka doesn’t. He doesn’t break down (it’s partly Hinata’s merit). He’s proven to be so strong. And I feel so sorry every single time Tanaka compares himself to others and calls himself mediocre, because he’s actually great. He’s so effing great.

I’m sorry this is gonna be an ENORMOUS RANT but my medication is not being kind to me today and my mood is not that great either, I might even delete this later because I’m sure someone will pick this apart and call me a horrible asshole, hypocrite, or something worse but for now you can read below if you want to read a “silly comic artist” rant for twenty minutes.

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it really bothers me when people were like “kaisoo is dead” or “jongin just ended kaisoo” after he said he and ksoo don’t match well for the eve. Like bro i wanna see the full translation of that because i heard after he said he that he said it’s ksoo who matches the dance better than him. Like wtf also the ji doesn’t wanna marry anyone in exo and ppl were like “lmao not even ksoo kaisoo so dead”. Like wtf the question was asked if he was a GIRL, who would he marry…and for what i know ksoo and ji is a man-to-man relationship so he wouldn’t want to change anything about it. Call me delulu because I’m a shipper but I jusy state whatever my damn intuition told me when I see kaisoo. Also don’t yall see it for yourself, whenever there’s a question that would directly aim toward any of the ship, ji dodged it and avoided it with something else but when it comes to non related ship questions, he always answered it with ksoo mentioned somehow. Don’t you see that it’s so weird when ksoo is always the first person ji mentioned whenever he got asked??? Like member’s habit, it’s ksoo. Any legendary vid he recommended, it’s ksoo. It’s always ksoo hyung this and hyung that. But when he got asked who would he want to marry, he’d say no one or that he wouldn’t match with ksoo for the dance because who the hell would be so dumb to admit that if you’re trying to hide your relationship or feeling to the public. I know for sure sm wouldn’t like it and they would try to separate kaisoo even more in the future and ji would not want that either. Thank you for reading this lil rant and have a good day.