“Why do you still care about her after what she did to you?”

“Because it doesn’t work like that. Giving a shit about someone that you give a shit about, doesn’t just evaporate the second that they fuck up.”

—  the magicians
Winning Myself

“Remind me again why Luna invited the Malfoys?” Harry asked Ginny as he tried not to be blatant with his staring.

“Malfoy is her friend, and she wanted to include him in the wedding party.” Ginny shrugged once, showing that she didn’t understand her fiance’s decision any more than Harry did.

The cluster of people outside of the burrow were preventing Harry from hearing what Malfoy and his father were arguing about, and they were definitely arguing. Malfoy was gesturing wildly with his hands, face red, and anger prominent in his eyes. Lucius was the opposite, the same calm exterior as always, the only hint that the older Malfoy was angry was the hand clenched around the snakehead of his wand.

“Has Malfoy always been so…” Harry trailed off when Malfoy narrowed his eyes, anger heightening.

“Dramatic?” Ginny supplied. “Definitely.”

“I was going to say striking, but yeah, that’s accurate too.”

“But he makes dramatic look good.”

Harry nodded in agreement, wishing that wasn’t the case. Encountering Malfoy in the Ministry was trying enough on his firm denial of any kind of attraction, but seeing him outside of work was causing Harry’s resolve to crack—fissures obvious the more emotion Malfoy released.

“What do you suppose they are arguing about?”

When Ginny didn’t answer, Harry looked at her curiously. There was an uneasy edge to her stance and it concerned him.

“I don’t know, Harry. They’ve been arguing since they got here, and they were late too.”

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When Victor’s really annoyed Yuuri, Yuuri likes to tell him off in Russian as that usually really makes him pay attention. However, considering Yuuri’s still a beginner, it doesn’t always work out. One time, he mixed up his words and instead of calling Victor a ‘unfairly selfish’, he somehow called him a ‘cheese-grater’. Victor ended up crying still… just of laughter on the floor. 

Fights with Draco includes...

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  • Yelling
  • Since both of you are super stubborn
  • Neither of you willing to make a compromise
  • “You just let him touch you!”
  • “I pushed him away!”
  • Draco starts most arguments because of his insecurities
  • Or his jealousy
  • “Why are you being such a-”
  • “Such a what, Y/N?”
  • He closes the space in between you guys
  • His breath is in your face
  • “Say it Y/N.”
  • “No.”
  • Arguing with Draco brings out his bad side
  • You always think: This must be why Potter hates this twat so much
  • Draco looks intimidating when he is pissed 
  • You flinch every time his moves
  • He would never lay a hand on you but you are frightened
  •  If you start the argument or call Draco out on something you will fight until you both are red in the face
  • NO one likes Pissed Ferret mode
  • “You just let Pansy flirt with you!”
  • Swallowing the piece of apple in his mouth he says,
  • “So? It’s not like i kissed her!”
  • The argument doesn’t end until someone breaks
  • Which is usually you
  • Even sometimes him
  • You sit down and put your head in your lap and cry
  • This is where Draco starts to calm down 
  • What have I done?
  • Draco will put you in his lap and kiss you head and say
  • He is sorry
  • How he doesn’t deserve you
  • How he didn’t mean any of the hurtful words that came from his mouth
  • He will cuddle you until you aren’t upset with him
  • He will not leave your side even if you push him away
  • “Love, I’m sorry.”
  • “I’m sorry too. I love you, Dray.”
  • “Love you too.”