UFC 168: Rousey vs. Tate? Well, first off Ronda was a bitch when she coached the Ultimate Fighter. I wanted to really like her but she was such a cunt to everyone I started to like Meisha better because she’s nicer (and prettier) even though Ronda is a much better, tougher fighter (not to take anything away from Tate, she’s still tough as shit). I saw the first round go to Ronda while the second was debatable (some good standup and nice up kicks by Meisha) until Ronda started chucking her around like a rag doll. Can any woman compete with a bronze Olympic Judo medalist? I don’t think so until they become fast enough with their feet to defend take downs and with their hands to counter and pick people apart, like Weidman, St. Pierre, and Silva do (did, holy shit did you see the slow mo replay! My god!). Anyways, the Silva and Hall fights were kind of let downs (I wonder what will happen to Leben, they say the loser gets kicked out of the UFC). Tate vs Rousey was pretty good even though I was rooting for my lil Cupcake to win! Overall, I’m really diggin women’s UFC, hope it continues with more TUF coaches.