So the scrapbook project is coming along. Here is the start of Jared’s. Jensen’s is going to be similar. There is still plenty of time to submit a photo of yourself in your Always Keep Fighting shirts and/or letter(s) to the boys. If you would like to be in the scrapbook simply email what you would like to contribute to Please put the subject line as AKF Scrapbook Project Letters must be submitted by September 1st but pictures can come as late as the 20th.

[120616] Dongjun :: Body to Body @ Daegu

Yongsang News footage of 120616 ZE:A’s Fighting Project in Daegu
Clips of Impact’s performance at 00:23 

[120616] Dongjun :: 별이 되어...(Someday...) @ Daegu
AKF Scrapbooks Project

I am posting this on behalf of a new friend who had a wonderful idea.

The plan is to put together scrapbooks using pictures of everyone in their AKF shirts as well as our heartfelt letters to the boys. You can write a letter to Jared, Jensen or the both of them telling them how you feel.

The goal is to give them these books at NJCon this September.

To participate please reblog this to get the word out, then take a picture of yourself in your Always Keep Fighting shirt, and write a letter (only if you are comfortable of course) to the boys and send it to the email listed blow.

Make sure you put the subject line as AKF Scrapbook


[FANCAM] 120622 ZE:A Fighting Project (Daejeon)
Impact - Moves Like Jagger (Jangmoon)
BTS Support Projects

HEY GUYS! So a really dedicated ARMY, named Shannon Thao, on Instagram just posted a whole list of fan projects to do showing our apologies and undying love for BTS at the remaining Red Bullet concerts in Chicago, Dallas and LA. Click on the document and you can read all about what happened and how to get involved whether you are going or not. Please reblog and share with others on other social media sites to spread the word and let’s team up together to show BTS how much us international fans TRULY love and support them!
Thank you and FIGHTING!

This make me sad

So I was talking to the wonderfully miss Abby who is the person behind the AKF Scrapbook Project I keep posting about, and we only have a total of 12 submissions so far =( This saddens me! Can I ask my followers to share the project with the hashtag AKF Scrapbook Project? We only have until September to get this ready and it would be a shame to give the boys such tiny books when I know so many people have been effect by the Always Keep Fighting campaign and would jump at the chance to have the boys know what they have done for them.

So again here is the info.

If you would like to submit a picture of yourself in your Always Keep Fighting shirt, and a letter to the boys, they will be printed and put into 2 scrapbooks.

One for Jared and one for Jensen. You can write a letter to one or both of them, whatever you want. And we will be printing them and adding them to the books.

To submit your letters and pictures please email them to and put the subject as AKF Scrapbook Project.