I Am Not Peggy

Pairing/Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Peggy Carter (mentioned)

Warnings: Nothing much, swearing, violence, angst

Summary: You are Captain America’s girlfriend and you find that you will always be compared to a certain piece of Steve’s past.
Word Count:
A/N: This was really bad and Steve’s a bit of a dick tbh but I can see where they’re both coming from… this is dedicated to my favourite, the steve to my bucky @sickplanets <3 I am open to do a part two!!!

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breaking, like bones- our messy beginnings like
spattered blood in my mouth and the sky in your stomach /
we, biting on tender cheek, munching on clouds /
like floating on the ocean- like no swimming /
salt grinding our teeth and the blues staining them-
like clothes lines for birds to sit on and wires from electric poles,
carrying everything but current- our hearts with neon lighting,
fighting with porcelain dished to the ground / and the sound of nails
on dry skin killing us, on the nights we tried to breathe / like
my nakedness on yours and yours under the moon /
no flowers to bloom / don’t call here. don’t call here anymore.