If MJ wanted Riley to like Lucas since day one and live happily ever after and that’s that, then these two up there wouldn’t have existed.

And hey, even if Riley’s the lead, and Lucas is who she’s dating at the moment, there’s no way they need to learn anything about perception vs. reality. Nothing at all—I’d say the movie sequence in Ski Lodge of hers was very realistic!



At last the BBC has picked this up! Cheers to my sisters in arms who are kicking arse and taking names internationally. This doco covers a few of the great women in this fast-growing sport of full-contact, armoured medieval battle, including several close friends. Fight on, all!

I love how we’ve basically created this fanonverse for Pokemon Go where Blanche is this nonbinary, sarcastic, gorgeous being and Candela is this fiery, ready-to-fight badass lady-gay and Spark is this super nice nerdy guy who’s really too good for this world. They’re all friends and love each other and look at their teams like their bickering children. Also Blanche and Candela are dating and Spark ships it.


/ ay with eid al-adha coming up which is a very very important day for muslims  i just want to bring up to light smth. if you’re not directly involved with cultures that use henna/mendhi. then you probably shouldnt be putting it on @ all. its not “a temporary tattoo for fun!!” or something you can just do on occasion because it “looks nicer. “ 

its something VERY important to my culture and very traditional. as a Moroccan i hate seeing henna being treated with NO RESPECT and treated as a “free-for-all.” its not. people use it for good luck, celebratory holidays, weddings,festivals , an ancient practice. 

im sick of going through the henna tag anywhere only to find only white photos. shit like this happens. click it. its a fucking link.

im sorry but you cant just nit pick certain things from different cultures and TAKE THEM and apply them to yourself. this is just the same. 

same thing goes for hijabs. its not a “style” or “pretty aesthetic” to wrap a scarf around your head. dont do it lmao

so. psa: be respectful. dont go to walmart and buy those shitty henna kits cuz you wanna look good infront of your friends. 

my culture isnt an aesthetic

New Luke Cage Instagram Photo filled with Defenders Easter Eggs

The official Luke Cage Instagram account released this photo on August 23th showcasing a selection of bootleg ‘DVDs’ filled with Defender’s easter eggs.

  • One image has the headline “Man Walks Out Building Unharmed!!”. 
  • An image of Jessica Jones features the headline “Mysterious Lady Fights Off Attackers”. 
  • A corner image shows Matt Murdock in his early Daredevil disguise.  

How to kick ass all while looking like a classy lady ;)