Guys I’m turning into one of Those.

I almost got in a fight with an old lady at Claire’s about their piercing practices because she’s demonstrably wrong and also Claire’s has shitty piercing practices and shouldn’t be allowed near children, because she tried to use “When we opened Claire’s in 1982″ as a way to shut me down, like that in some way is relevant to what we know of hygiene and proper piercing care now…

I don’t look enough like a soccer mom to have these fights.


SO I WAS WATCHING THE NEW TRAILER, and naturally I wanted to know who was fighting that weblum lady because thats important. So I slowed it down and was like, “HEY, THATS LANCE!” and I was really excited but then I noticed something else.

See this screenshot? It’s the best I could do on my laptop, but wow. That is not the shape of Lance’s bayard. And yes, while I’m not completely certain because of the low quality and the shield in the way, I’m pretty sure! For one, we see the tip of the bayard pointing out of the shield. Lance’s normal gun isn’t that long. The mouth of the gun, where the shots come out, is also narrower than his normal gun. 

If you zoom in, you see a lot more black than white on it too, which isn’t the case with Lance’s orginal bayard form. The shapes of the guns also, really just don’t match. Here’s a pic, just to compare.

And the final kicker, what really sealed the deal for me, is that shadow you see underneath the gun. it has the shape of a a feature found in sniper rifles, I’m not exactly sure of what it’s called. 

TL;DR: So yeah, I’m 90% sure Lance will unlock his bayard. It goes pretty smoothly with how adaptable he is as a character, and I think it could go really well with discovering his Red Lion side this season. Also I’ve been dreaming about sniper Lance since season 1, sue me for being fucking hopeful.

“I hope I deserve it”

Is what Dany days as Jon “verbally” bends the knee. But why exactly?

Dany is a proud woman, and when she’s not, she puts up a facade of being proud. Her neverending list of titles prove it, but it’s not like it’s not right for her to be or that there’s no reason to be - in the contrary, she both needs it and deserves it. She did endure all that she explained to Jon and she did achieve all that her titles means. The fact that so many - me included, at times - don’t like it, is because it’s a tad repetitive, but it’s completely true, and because it’s often put in comparison with Jon who, on the other hand, is extremely humile, and for whose honour Davos himself had to step in - because he doesn’t care. He came to Dragonstone for a diplomatic purpose and that’s what he’d doing, being the honourable, severe son of his adoptive father Ned Stark. All that he did, he did for others, never for himself, fully knowing he’d gain but hatred but for it. And if he doesn’t bend the knee all the times Dany asks him is because he and his men and women in the north have now different matters to take care of, much less “trivial” than a war in the south. Let alone “brag”, he doesn’t even state what he’s done exactly. David has to, in his place. And that’s when he says

“He took a knife in the heart for his people…!”

But Jon sends him a stare and stops him. Why? Because it’s already difficult to believe in dead armies and White Walkers, let alone resurrections.

But Dany is still a tad curious. This man is the North is a ruler of about her age, humile, mysterious. He’s here for a very specific purpose and doesn’t seem to be afraid of her, nor of her dragons. If she wants to kill him, so be it, he’s come simply to serve his people. And that’s how she starting to see him as very similar to her, unengaged in day-to-day personal matters. Because Dany too, for as proud as she is, wants to serve the people.

So she asks Tyrion about it, and he doesn’t give the matter importance. She then asks Jon in person, but they are interrupted.

Then he leaves for the mission beyond the wall. She can see again just how much of a leader. Just like she took Drogon and met the Lannister army in open field personally, so he wouldn’t let his men do something so stupid dangerous without taking part in it himself. He’s again honourable, severe, uninterested. When she arrives to save them, he’s about the take her hand and get away

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But he doesn’t. He lets the other go first while fighting off the wights. Selfless to a fault, so much that he almost loses his life for it, but he manages to return. And she sees his scars. At this point I guess she asks Davos for clarifications and this time, he gives them to her, explanaining that the King in The North did take a knife in the heart for his people.

At this point, to her, he’s the most honourable leader she’s ever met. He’s nothing like the lords and ladies she’s fighting, not even like her now deceased allies. He’s merciful and self-sacrifical. And after weeks spent together she should understand better the situation in the North and what exactly it implied for him to do what he did.

That’s where the “I hope I deserve it” lies. He’s a man she admires, not one of those sheep she either has the win over or threaten. What he did for his people, the kind of things he did, is what she’s like to do when she sits on the iron throne.

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Jon, at the same time, understood her better. What she did, at the cost of one of her children, to save them, is in the same way something he has profound respect for. The North doesn’t like southern rulers because they are not understood by them, it’s two completely different worlds. But this one dared to go north as see with her own two eyes what it is. Jon respects her now. He never had much love for power anyway, he doesn’t want it: if he didn’t bend the knee it’s because of his people most and foremost.

Whether you ship them or not, I think this relationship is beautiful because in this season we slowly see two people come together from opposite sides, backgrounds, experiences, even geographic places, united only by the so hard to find willingness to always put others before themselves. That they love each other is a consequence of this, because they both see this beauty of character in each other, which is indeed firstly in themselves.

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instant gratification 2.5 (m)

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➾ 10.6k 

➾warnings: smut, pregnancy mention (as applies to IG2)

➾jk’s POV of IG2 as heavily requested!

instant gratification 01 | 02

This party sucks. 

His phone screen is dark and it mocks him even as he pastes on a smile for the girl currently cuddling into his side. What was her name again? Ye Eun? Eunha? 

Fuck if he knows.

All he knows is that you’re not replying to his texts, and he needs to get drunk asap before he does something stupid like call you. The girl he currently has his arm around beckons to her friend from a distance away, and Jeongguk tries his best to keep his eyes off her tits in her low cut tube dress as she approaches with a giggle.

“Jeongguk, right?” Girl number 2 sidles up to his unoccupied side and he immediately feels her breasts against his arm. They’re firm to the touch, which either means that they’re entirely fake, or that there’s enough padding in her bra for it to be a bulletproof vest.

Either way, yours feel a million times better.

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I’m shook

- The Shield coming down in shirts like Seth had last year

- Kevin and Sami getting the hell out of there

- Sheasaro coming in thru the crowd

- Finn and Bobby fighting

- RAW ladies bursting into the SD women’s locker room

- Charlotte surrounded by Bayley, Sasha, Alicia, Asuka and Nia

- Alexa punching Charlotte

- Kurt bringing out Braun

- Braun beating up Shinsuke and Shane

- The Shield manhandling Shane Mcmahon

- Samoa Joe saying “We did this to you” at Shane

- Samoa Joe hitting Big E with Francesca the 3rd

-The Shield holding down Shane for Kurt

-Kurt “You think this is bad wait till Sunday”

- Kurt angle slamming Shane

ebonyheartnet  asked:

Muder dad, I have a not so little brother who likes murder strut (and run after small jet-powered children) in 6" heels, but he will not teach me his secrets. 😢 I am a sad bean, because I fall flat on my face if I try anything that's over 3" that isn't a wedge. How did you learn not to face plant?

practice and nazi science, my friend. i don’t recommend the nazi science route though. bad call. 

when you walk in heels, it’s tempting to put your whole foot down at once like you do with flats–or like you would with wedges. there’s a bit of a gentle roll to it, and if you have a single continuous sole, that’s okay.  but actually with heels you want to hit heel first, then toe–you should hear that two-stage click sound as the front and back of your foot impact separately. also, you want to keep your weight really poised; your spine straight but not stiff, and your weight more on your toe than your heel; your heel is going to be wobblier. think of something pulling upwards from the top of your head and between your shoulderblades.  if you can, do heeled boots–weakness in the ankle is what gets people a lot of the time, and even short boots will be more stable. 

if you want that hip sway, walk on a line like you’re on a balance beam. lions do this–they place their paws all along the same axis. stepping into the same centerline will push your hips side to side as you walk. it is indeed very murder-strut-y. 

when you run in heels, you run on tiptoe–your actual heel pretty much never contacts the ground. same with walking on grass–it’s exhausting, but you literally balance on just the balls of your feet so your stiletto doesn’t puncture the ground.  when you kick in heels, you kick stiletto first–otherwise whats even the point of wearing knife shoes. 

beauty is pain. and pain is heels. 

source: drunken shenanigans. so many drunken shenanigans. tony got science involved, and pepper provided expertise. steve is weirdly good at the can-can in heels, just for the record. 

you can’t know this many badass ladies who fight in heels and not have drunken conversations on how exactly they pull it off. they are a source of wonder and mystery, and the drunkvengers are determined to someday discover the secrets of heelfighting.

yall heard of the paladin’s fursonas what they’d be as animals, now get ready for their pets


  • He’s really not a dog guy, and no he’s not a cat dude either. While he was living in his shack he did however find this chill lizard he named God.
    • He’s pretty sure it’s a male lizard???or not but its ok they’re best friends
    • Lance, looking into Keith’s makeshift tank at his shack: dude i think God escaped???? Keith: nah he’s just an outdoor lizard Lance: ????an outdoor???lizard???
  • God is actually several desert lizards that come by to eat the food Keith leaves out but don’t tell him it’d break his heart


  • Pidge loves her dog Bae-Bae!!!!!1!
  • And yes i say her dog bc no one else wanted a dog but Pidge. 
    • Matt was going to school at the Garrison, her mom hates pets and Sam is horribly allergic to dogs.
    • Pidge is spoiled though so he puts up with it. really he just stays in the office all day to avoid her
  • Colleen Holt: sweety r u sure u don’t want something smaller like a dachshund or a yorkie or??? 10 year old Pidge, holding the 30 pound Bull Terrier in her arms: this is the one


  • Had one of those HUGE fluffy Samoyeds he named Marshmallow!
  • He really didn’t want a dog??(he can hardly take care of himself) but his buddy’s dog had a litter and offered her as a puppy and she was so cute and small!!!how could he say no??
    • They neglected to tell him that dogs, do in fact, grow
  • She has a lot of fur, but it’s therapeutic for him to just sit down and brush her outside after work
    • Keith has to brace himself against the door when he comes over bc she will trample him and just lay on you
    • He conveniently forgets to tell Lance this when he visits oops
  • Shiro’s the type of dude that carries his 50 pound dog like a baby around the house
  • This video with Shiro and his dog that is all


  • Big family = plenty of pets
    • Before he wanted to be a pilot, he wanted to be a veterinarian!
  • They had chickens!!! No one wanted to take care of them but Lance and he got along with them really well! He knows all of their names and holds like them his newborn babies
    • when he was sad or his older siblings bullied him he would sneak into the coop at night and talk with them(sometimes he fell asleep with a chicken in his arms)
  • Is the “pet whisper” with everything but their old family cat Mitzi. Mostly bc she bothered the chickens and was the devil incarnate 
    • 8 year old Lance, holding their chicken Rosita in his arms, eyeing Mitzi: the devil is in this house tonight..
  • If they were back on Earth, he would be the Brother Nature dude
    • Lance, feeding the chickens: no need to fight ladies, Everybody Eats!


  • Really loves dogs!! But sadly his moms were those people and wouldn’t let him get one
  • They did settle on a turtle named Benjamin! And he loves him a lot!!!
  • Hunk used to play his guitar to Ben and sing him songs he wrote himself!!
    • When he was told the Garrison didn’t allow pets he legit cried for 3 hours
  • Lance doesn’t really get it, but if he makes Hunk happy that’s a good pet
    • Lance, holding Hunk’s turtle: hey Benji, blink if you think Hunk should sneak out with Lance tonight.*Lance blows on his head so he blinks*: Agreed little buddy, truly benevolent.

Glow is basically gay culture. It has 80′s music, neon lights, badass ladies fake fighting each other in shiny bodysuits and puffy hair for a wrestiling tvshow presented by a guy with glittery eyelids. I love it. The only thing it lacks is lesbians. Just add bunch lesbians in season two please. 


S9, Ep 02: Devil May Care - “You know, I’ve loved this body since the moment I first saw it. You’re the perfect vessel, Dean. You give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas. So go ahead and play hard to get. And I’ll peel off this ‘no demons allowed’ tattoo and blow smoke up your ass.