This is random but they’re been so many gifs on my dash. I can not stress enough how much it really really REALLY really bothers me they made Laurel purposely weaker and less skilled than Ollie when continuously in comic canon she is always the stronger and better fighter of the two. That means they made a decision to strip her of almost all her power. I would be okay if they took away the Cry but left her skills, but they didn’t they also took away her excellent fighting skills. So excellent in fact she helps train the League and is looked up to as one of their most skilled martial artist. They took away so much JUST to make Oliver look stronger because he’s the lead and that is so so upsetting.


There ya go. 9 mixes inspired by an awesome company. I’m a major nerd.

Here’s the links…..

I (Never) Forget you - A Chez Mix

I Am (not) A Real Girl - Penny Mix

Get Hype - RvB Season 13 Hype Mix

Rule #1: Don’t Kill Your Leader - Blue Team Mix 

I Try Not To Think When I’m Sleeping -  A Caboose Mix

I’m Gonna Punch Disaster In The Face - A Lindsay Jones Mix

Do You Want To Fight Me? - RvB Animated Ladies Mix

Up Yours, Sir - A Grif Mix

Chaos and Confusion - A Fake AH Crew Mix

Concerts are such a surreal experience, I mean, you’re singing your favorite songs with a band or singer that means the world to you and you’re literally in the same room as them. I will never stop loving concerts.


Hong Kong flight attendants take Wing Chun classes in order to protect themselves in the close confinement of an airplane.

While I’ve watched Wing Chun employed in street fights and fail, it seems like the perfect martial art to learn when needing to quickly diffuse a physical confrontation.
The speed, up close combat and quick neutralization of Wing Chun is ideal in this particular reason.
Also, when flying from Hong Kong, never complain about not getting ice in your drink of you’ll find yourself on the floor, pissing blood.

you know what i really want?  f/f foe yay.  let’s have some lady arch enemies with sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.  ladies who are way too obsessed with killing each other—like, completely beyond the bounds of practicality.  epic, sprawling rivalries that leave devastation in their wake.  women who hate each other so much, they might as well be in love.

Archetypes | WOMAN KING

And she speaks in a voice that sets men trembling, with eyes painted gold and a throne built on the bones of those who would challenge her rule. Cults of ascetics dance ecstasies in her honour and write her words in blood across their altars. Her body is a holy temple and her power springs from the divine source of her own terrible will. She is not of mortal flesh, they will whisper, as she wheels on her stallion and screams warchants to the heavens, emerging from battle wreathed in the blood and soil of a new kingdom. She rules with iron fists, with the cracking of cathedrals, with the love and the fear of her vast wild armies. She harbours a sword within her unquiet roaring heart, and with it has carved herself a new space, outside of law or nature or humankind. She is the mother of an empire; she is the mother of herself. Watch her rise.


Sorry to blow your minds like this but…yup…that’s the same woman. I honestly had no idea, until today, that the old cigarette smoking woman fro “Kung Fu Hustle” was Yuen Qiu, an actress who starred in a bunch of old school kung fu films, including…

  • Dragon’s Claws
  • Dreadnought
  • Bastard Swordsman
  • Disciples of the 36th Chamber
  • Crazy Shaolin Disciples

i fight because i can: because this is my war too. i can be a hero.


This is Jessica Cox. Jessica was born with no arms and hasn’t used prosthetic limbs since she was 14 years old (she’s now 31).
Jessica is also a registered pilot and a black belt in Taekwondo. On top of all that, she’s learned how to use nunchaku with nothing but her feet.

Now before anyone comments on its effectiveness or how questionable her kata looks…SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY FUCKING ARMS.
She’s overcome any limitations she possibly faced. Some able bodied martial artists will give up when things get too tough. This lady is a black belt. She’s reached a degree of ability some people will never reach. Amazing.