The idea that making a queer character a villain is homophobic is only valid if that’s the only queer representation.

Dream daddy is positively filled with queer characters

Amanda is the only one even hinted at being straight and even that’s iffy.

One evil character doesn’t make the game homophobic you’re just looking for a while reason to tear apart a piece of queer media because you refuse to be happy with anything


Hey there it’s me i just wanted to let u in some mega underrated gifs of Sir Min Yoongi don’t thank me but i do appreciate vegan sweet delicacies including but not limited to sorbet and rice cakes and also payments towards the refunds of my crippling college debt thanks

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You deserve better than me // Shawn Mendes

Request: Can you do an imagine where y/n is curvier than the average girl but you and Shawn are dating and his friends question why he’s with y/n when he can be with anyone he wants and y/n overhears and gets really sad and insecure?


Sydney was a confusing place. Luckily, all I had to do was climb out of a taxi and I was where I needed to be. If I had to drive myself to the arena I surely would have gotten lost. 

I climb the stairs, flashing my pass that Geoff had mailed me, to the security guards and walk inside. Its warm in the foyer area and I unzip my jacket. 

“Y/n!” I turn around and see Geoff walking over to me.

“Hey,” I smile, giving him a hug.

“How was the flight?”

“Was pretty good actually. I fell asleep halfway over and didn’t wake up until we were landing.” I shift my bag onto my other shoulder.

“I can’t believe you agreed to this. Shawn is going to flip.” Geoff chuckles, leading me around the corner and towards backstage. 

“I can’t believe I’m here either. I’m so excited,” Geoff holds the door open for me and I walk past.

“So I haven’t told him you’re here, its a complete surprise.” Geoff smirks and points to a door at the end of the hallway. “Just through there.”

“Thank you so much for this.” I smile at him and Geoff nods before leaving me alone in the hallway. The door shuts and I take a slow breath, hoping to calm myself but instead my nerves just pick up.

I approach the door nervously, my hand about to reach for the handle when a faint voice stops me.

“So are you still dating that girl, whats her name…?” A man’s voice trails off and I stay frozen.

“Y/n?” I hear Shawn respond and my heart flutters.

“Yeah her, are you still with her?” The guy asks and I await Shawn’s response.

“I am,” 

“Really?” He responds right away, a note of almost distaste in his tone.

“What?” Shawn asks, I drop my hand away from the door handle.

“Its just, you know..” He chuckles. Shawn doesn’t.

“No. What is it?” 

“She’s just so, how can I put this nicely… uh, curvy.” I frown, my gaze falling onto my stomach. I wasn’t that curvy. I mean sure, I wasn’t a stick but I also wasn’t severely overweight. 

“Whats wrong with her being curvy?” I hear Shawn defend me and a smile breaks out on my face.

“Oh come on Shawn. You’re Shawn Mendes, a sex icon for girls, you can have anyone you wanted yet you choose her.” The guy laughs and I glare at the door, wishing instead that he was my target instead of the wood. Another laugh joins in.

“I don’t want-” Shawn’s cut off by the guy.

“Mate, when you go to take photos together, she’s so large that you can’t even fit in the photo with her.” They all laugh except Shawn. I’d recognize his laugh anywhere. I bite my lip to distract myself from the sting of their words.

“Shawn, we’re going out tonight after your show, you should come with. I know this really pretty girl I can hook you up with.” The guy was getting on my nerves. First he says harsh words about my figure and now he wants to get Shawn with another girl. Did he not hear Shawn just say he was in a relationship? 

“I’m with Y/n.” Shawn dismisses the subject and I feel the smile form back on my face. As long as I had Shawn, everything was okay.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” The two Australian’s- judging by their accents- laugh. There’s silence.

“Well, I guess,” Shawn finally says and I feel my stomach drop. I step back away from the door until I hit the wall. I couldn’t comprehend what I just heard. I felt dizzy. I could hear my heart thumping. The door opens, distracting me from my thoughts.

I look up and I meet brown eyes full of surprise. I can’t seem to get any words out.

“Y/n?” His voice sounds shaky. I don’t look at him, I can’t. All I can hear is ‘what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her’ on loop inside my head.

“Why aren’t you moving- No way is this the chick? Dude this is Shawn’s girl.” I look behind Shawn to see a dark haired man looking over his shoulder where a second later, another man appears. “She looks better in person as well, not as much-” He gestures to his sides. I had to leave.

Without meeting Shawn’s gaze, I hastily pull the door open and slam it shut behind me. I don’t stick around to see if Shawn’s following. Why would he when he can meet up with the other girl tonight?

I race back past the security guards and practically fly down the stairs. I stop at the base, unsure of which way to go. I’d never been to Sydney before. 

“Y/n!” I turn around. Shawn’s taking the stairs two by a time. Making a quick decision I walk quickly towards the park that’s surrounding the left side of the arena. “Y/n wait, turn around.” 

I ignore him, pretending not to see the wondering eyes from strangers as we were starting to cause a scene. 

“Please, let me explain.” I hear him call, his voice desperate and vulnerable and it stops me.  

I turn on my heels, facing Shawn. “Explain what? That I basically heard you agree to meet up with other girls as long as I didn’t know.” I glare at him. “And thanks for sticking up for me when those guys basically called me fat. Oh wait-” I pause, my searing gaze never wavering. “As long as I didn’t know about it, it won’t hurt me.”

“Baby, Y/n, please,” Shawn pleads, taking a small step forward but I take one back. “I was just agreeing with those guys to shut them up. I have to deal with them- they help out with sound.” 

“You’re Shawn Mendes. You can do whatever you want, fire whoever you want.” I nearly shout, my anger growing.

“Y/n, I haven’t seen you in nearly 2 months. I don’t want to spend our time fighting over something stupid.” Shawn runs a hand through his hair, making the strands fall across his forehead.

“Something stupid?” I ask, my eyes widening.

“Wrong way to put it.” Shawn rushes to say but I’m not listening.

“Calling me fat is stupid now is it?” I sass, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Y/n..” Shawn stresses. “Please can we not do this right now, I missed you and I want to spend the small time we have together happy,”

“Shawn you don’t understand!” I cry, tears welling in my eyes. “What they said hurt! Telling you that I was overweight and you could get someone better, that hurt.”

He wraps his arms around me, pulling me into his chest as their words finally sink in. 

“You deserve better than me,” I sob, gripping his shirt. 

“Y/n, no don’t do this to yourself.” He rubs my back gently, trying to soothe me with words. “You’re beautiful and amazing and I’m so lucky to have you.” he tilts my chin up to meet his eyes, wiping my tears away with his thumb.

“I swear I only said that to shut them up, I’d never want anyone else but you. Ever. Not when I have you waiting at home for me.” He smiles, trying to cheer me up. “Please come back with me, I’ve been writing a song and I want to play it for you, see if you like it.” 

He gives me a hopeful expression.

“Are you still going out tonight?” I ask in a small voice, peering up at him.

He laughs, stopping when he see’s my mortified expression. “Are you kidding me? Why would I go with them when I have you here.” He brings me into a tight hug, squeezing me against his chest until I wheeze.

“Shawn,” I groan, and his arms fall.

He grins sheepishly. “Sorry, I just love you a lot,”

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Costume Party - Jason Todd x Reader

Another one of those short story (at least shorter than I usually write) cause I don’t have much time before work, but still wanted to write something. Hope you’ll like it, especially you @demigodslytherin (I’ll wrote one with this prompt for Draco or Sirius another time ^^) : 

Tiny bit NSFW. 


You weren’t fond of parties, and neither was Jason…So it’s a wonder really, how you two ended up here, at one of the biggest costume party of the year. 

Drunk out of your mind. 

You don’t even agree as to how things actually happened. 

You believe that you got dragged to this party by Dick and Barbara, and he thinks you actually came here on your own will after Bruce said he had invitations to it, but had absolutely no intentions on going because it was full of “the youth of Gotham” and he was getting tired of those “20 years old girls and boys that accosted him to hit on him and flirt shamelessly with him, while he was obviously not interested”…besides, he couldn’t go through the hassle of finding a date for that in time, and had important cases to work on. So you took the invites and went in his place…

You were both right. Bruce gave you, Dick and Babs the invitations, but you and Jason didn’t wanna go, wanting a calm date night instead…But of course, his brother and your best friend wouldn’t hear it and indeed dragged you there with them. You grumbled all the way through, and grumbled some more when you arrived at the place and discovered that it was PACKED with people. Oh and the kind of people you disliked : the rich fuckers of Gotham City that thought they were better than anyone else. Not the rich people like Bruce, who genuinely cared about their city and such…No, their sons and daughters, who were born in wealth and thought that it made them the best. Urrh. You hated those guys so much. Coming from a poor neighborhood, they always were so rude to you ! And the number of time you heard that you were dating Bruce Wayne’s son only for his money…

If any of those assholes told you that tonight, you were gonna loose it. Especially since you really didn’t wanna be here. 

The only good thing about that all ordeal, was the fact that it was a costume party, and you loved getting in a costume. Though that particular night you didn’t have much time to actually prepare anything (again, dragged by Dick and Babs), and ended up in a generic princess disguise you had in your closet, while Jason put on a pirate costume. 

Paparazzis took at least a thousand pictures of you, Jason, Dick and Barbara…”Bruce Wayne’s children out with their girlfriends to the biggest costume ball in Gotham” would be the headline of every newspapers the next day. 

You didn’t get it. It was so uninteresting to know that you guys went there, like, who cared ? Apparently, lots of Gotham folks…They loved the pictures especially, so you made sure to give them a show by making stupid and weird faces on each of them. 

Bruce thought it was the most hilarious thing ever, how you hated being a public figure so much…but he also thought it was very cute that you would endure it because you loved his son. He liked you. You and your sass. Also, you were of a calm nature, so he thought it was perfect for Jason, you were able to tame him down most of the time. 

But tonight ? Oh tonight, things went downhill pretty fast, and the first thought you had was : “Oh man, B’s gonna be so disappointed in me !”. Of course, he wasn’t, but you sure weren’t the one that would “tame Jason down” that night. Oh no. You usually never drunk, but because you were so mad about being dragged to this party, you accepted the vodka Dick handed to you and…Oh you were gone so fast.  

It took you and your boyfriend less than an hour to get angry drunk. 

“Angry drunk” was how Dick would call you whenever you got drunk, because it happened rarely, and it happened only when something was displeasing you.

You had made it clear all the way from the Manor to here, you did not want to come, but alright, to make your friends happy…

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oh but does lilia talk to yuuri who is falling apart bc they just can't have a baby... and she knows, she knows

OH BOY SO, considering the tone of your ask you might already know this, but I headcanon Lilia being infertile (A fact which she only discovers after years of her and Yakov trying to conceive a child). I know that it might be overplayed, the idea that a strong female character is defined by her ability to have children and is therefore Less Than Human if she can’t, but that’s not how I see it with Lilia. 

I think Lilia wanted to have a child because she wanted Yakov to have a child. I think she watched him for all those years with the kids he coached, knowing that he would make an amazing father–and knowing that the world needed more fathers like Yakov Feltsman. I think that Lilia’s sense of self-worth is very closely linked to her ability to command control of a situation, and also her proficiency in any given task. I think that discovering that she couldn’t have children, didn’t even have the choice to have one, really bothered her and continues to bother her to this day.

So yeah. I can definitely imagine a conversation on the subject between Yuuri and Lilia. Possibly not because either of them really instigated the conversation–Yuuri would be too shy or intimidated, and Lilia isn’t…good with emotions–but because Lilia, for all her flaws, can tell when someone is hurting–especially when that hurt is being broadcast so loud that it can be heard for miles in every direction.

I think it probably starts because Yuuri does something like asks to stay late in the studio, or stays on the ice long after everyone has left, even Viktor. Maybe it even starts because she notices some distance between them, between Yuuri and Viktor who love each other more than anything else in the entire world, and for a moment can see cracks that look just like what began the wide, gaping fissure that would become of her and Yakov’s marriage. 

“He’s doing his best,” she probably says to Yuuri, standing straight-backed and cross-armed as she watches him dance or skate. “For someone who can’t understand what it’s like, he’s doing his best.”

Yuuri stares at her for a moment, and she sees the exact moment he chooses not to bullshit her, and just accepts the fact that she knows what’s going on, and has for awhile. 

“I know,” he says then. “He–he’s trying. And he’s upset too, so I shouldn’t be acting like I’m the only one affected, but…”

“It feels like a personal failure,” Lilia says, nodding. “I know. I wish I could tell you that it stops feeling that way.”

Yuuri bites his lip, looks down at his hands, adjusts his cuff. “I didn’t know that you…”

“You wouldn’t,” Lilia says. “Yakov and I…had stopped. By the time Vitya came to train with us. And we kept our private lives private, so it’s unlikely he would have known even if he’d arrived years earlier.”

He nods, slowly, contemplatively. “Vitya and I aren’t very good at that, are we? Keeping things private.”

“You’re not,” Lilia says, not unkindly. “But you’re young, and you aren’t constrained by the…conservatism that Yakov and I were in our youth. You’re free to show your happiness. And your sadness.”

“Has everyone noticed?” Yuuri sighs, and Lilia sees his deeply-ingrained sense of shame crawl across his face–the consequence of growing up in the society he grew up in, Lilia supposes. It can be refreshing. Viktor has no shame at all.

“I don’t think it’s as noticeable to someone who doesn’t understand what’s happening,” Lilia says. “And the others are so young. They may just think you aren’t feeling well.”

Yuuri clears his throat. “I–um…they put me on some pills…after…um, it’s just to make sure that–everything…” He presses a hand to his mouth, stares at a spot over her shoulder as his eyes go wet. “I can’t…”

“Ah,” says Lilia. It’s worse than she thought. “When did it happen?”

Yuuri drops his hand, swallows hard. “June,” he whispers. “I wasn’t very far along. Ten–um, ten weeks at the most. My hormones aren’t, um, going back to normal though, so they…I’m taking something for it.”

Lilia, who has never been good with emotion, knows that saying, “it’s not your fault,” is the last thing someone wants to hear, but she says it anyway. Because perhaps it’s what he needs to hear.

“Vitya thinks it’s his fault,” Yuuri mumbles.

“Sperm can often be the cause for infertility,” Lilia says. “Low sperm count or weak sperm–”

“You can pour as much water into a cup as you want,” Yuuri mutters. “But it won’t hold any of it, if it’s cracked.” He raises his eyes, and Lilia wishes she didn’t understand the emotion in them–wishes with every fiber of her being that it wasn’t an expression she hadn’t seen in the mirror every morning for years. “I was pregnant. I’m not, anymore. That doesn’t–that doesn’t have anything to do with Viktor.”

“Then let him mourn with you,” Lilia says. “Mourn together and then, when you’ve regained your strength, try again. Gold medalists don’t quit when they fall, Yuuri Katsuki.”

Yuuri’s mouth opens, a look of gentle incredulity which then softens into confusion, and then consideration. He tugs at the shirt over his stomach, another gesture Lilia remembers well from being a much younger woman, and then murmurs, “Thank you, Madam Baranovskaya.” 

“I’ll leave you,” Lilia says, because she can tell he wants to be alone–but he would never say it to her.

“Thank you,” he says again, even softer.

In the morning, Viktor calls both himself and Yuuri in sick.

“What does he expect me to do with their students?” Yakov roars to the rafters of his office. “If that boy is playing hookie–”

“Katsuki had a miscarriage recently, did you know?” Lilia says, cutting off his tirade at the bud. She’s always found his temper to be deeply tiresome.

Yakov stares at her, slack-jawed. “No, I didn’t,” he mumbles after a moment.

“I told them to take the day off,” Lilia tells him then. “They need to mourn, Yasha. They weren’t mourning. We both know what happens when you don’t mourn.”

Yakov sighs, and taps a pen on the desk, and stares at a picture frame that has been face-down on his desk for years, but has never been moved.

“Yes,” he says. “We do.”

Cúpula Recomienda: Por una rosa

¿Quién dijo que las princesas tenían que esperar a ser rescatadas?
¿Quién dijo que las princesas eran cobardes?
¿Quién dijo que las princesas lloraban?
¿Quién dijo que las princesas no podían domar a La Bestia?

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— Benito Taibo/Javier Ruescas/Laura Gallego.